Events report: Mars conjunction Uranus February 13, 2019

Events forecast period was January 22—March 8, 2019

January 23: Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, declares himself interim president and acting leader of Venezuela. The US, Brazil, Colombia and Peru recognize Guaidó as Venezuela’s legitimate president. There have been mass protests (Uranus-Pluto) against President Nicolás Maduro (Pluto) who has resided over hyperinflation, power cuts and shortages of basic items (Saturn). Maduro broke off diplomatic relations with the US giving American diplomats 72 hours to leave the country. The diplomats were told to stay. The Venezuelan military (Mars) remain loyal to Maduro.

January 27: In Honduras thousands of anti-government protestors (Uranus) take to the streets in the capital, Tegucigalpa, demanding the resignation of President Juan Orlando Hernández. 

In France the red scarves (Mars) take to the streets to protest against the disruption and violence caused by the yellow shirts (Venus).

January 28: Washington declares a state of emergency (Mars) over a measles outbreak (Mars).  In Clark County health officials have identified 34 cases since January 1.  Mars was conjunction Uranus in house 5 (children) of America’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart.

January 30: In Venezuela anti-Maduro protestors (Uranus) take to the streets. The nation’s highest court (house 9) froze the bank accounts (house 2) and imposes a travel ban on self-declared interim president Juan Guaidó.  Guaidó holds secret talks with the military (Mars). 

February 2: Russian President Vladimir Putin suspends Russia’s involvement in the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and will now start developing new missiles (Mars) in response to America’s decision to withdraw from the Cold-War-era treaty.

Thousands of protesters (Uranus) take to the streets of Venezuela's capital Caracas in support of President Nicolás Maduro and his self-proclaimed interim successor Juan Guaidó.  Venezuelan Air Force general Francisco Yanez (Mars) denounces the ‘dictatorship’ of Maduro and becomes the first high-ranking general to publicly support Guaidó.

Yellow-vest protesters (Uranus) in France stage another round of demonstrations against the cost of living and President Emmanuel Macron’s policies. The protests focused on the police (Mars) use of rubber bullets.

Racism-row (Mars-Uranus) in America: Republican and Democrat leaders call the resignation  of Virginian Governor Ralph Northam after a 1984 yearbook surfaces apparently featuring Northam with one person wearing blackface and another wearing Ku Klux Klan attire.

Egyptian archaeologists (Uranus) uncover a Pharaonic tomb containing 50 mummies south of Cairo. Officials at the site in Minya said the chambers, which were cut out of rock, belonged to a middle-class family who probably lived during the Ptolemaic period, from the fourth century BC to just before the birth of Jesus.

February 5: In Afghanistan over 40 people are killed by the Taliban in three separate attacks (Mars); and in Paris, France a fire (Mars) in an apartment block kills ten and leaves 30 injured.

France’s Yellow Vest protest movement (Uranus) joins ranks with a major union (Uranus) in a day of nationwide protests (Uranus) over taxes and buying power. 

February 7: Sierra Leone declares a national emergency (Mars) over sexual and gender-based violence (Mars) after recorded cases of rape and assault (Mars) doubled over the last year.

February 8: Diplomatic tensions between Australia and Thailand escalate over the detainment of Bahraini soccer player (Mars), Hakeem Ali Mohamed al-Araibi, who now lives in Melbourne; France recalls its ambassador to Italy — a remarkable diplomatic split between neighbors and European Union allies — over what it describes as ‘repeated, baseless’ attacks (Mars) by Italian political leaders against France; and a fire (Mars) at the training centre of Rio de Janeiro football club Flamengo kills 10 people, including junior footballers, and injures at least three others.

February 9: US-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian forces (Mars) launch a final push to defeat the Islamic State group in the last tiny pocket the extremists (Uranus) hold in eastern Syria.

For the 13th consecutive weekend yellow-vest protests (Uranus) are held in France. Violent clashes (Mars) broke out in front of the National Assembly and French police (Mars) responded with tear gas.

February 10: Tens of thousands of right-wing party supporters in Madrid protest (Uranus) against the Spanish government’s plan to ease tension in the Catalonia region; and in Haiti at least four people have been killed and dozens injured in four days of anti-government protests (Uranus) in the capital Port-au-Prince and other cities.

February 11: In a surprise, unexpected development (Uranus) the Thai Government decides to free (Uranus) Australian footballer Hakeem al-Araibi (Mars) who will return to Australia within 24 hours.

At least 99 people die after drinking toxic alcohol (Mars) in India’s two neighboring states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

February 12: Anti-government demonstrations (Uranus) continue in Haiti for the sixth day. All 78 inmates of a prison in southern Haiti escape (Uranus) while police were distracted by a protest.

In Australia MP’s pass a landmark bill with an opposition amendment making it easier for sick refugees (Uranus) to be treated in the country. This is the first time in decades (Uranus) a government has lost a vote on its own legislation in the lower house. Mars was conjunction Uranus in the sky (and in house 10 – the government – of Australia’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart).

February 13: A suicide attack (Mars-Uranus) in south-eastern Iran kills at least 27 members of the Revolutionary Guards; in Venezuela tens of thousands of Juan Guaidó supporters rally (Uranus) against the government for blocking humanitarian aid from reaching the country; in Belgium three major trade unions (Uranus) hold a national strike (Uranus); in Spain the government fails to get its budget through parliament after Catalan separatists reject  Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s bill when he refused to discuss the region’s right to self-determination (Uranus); and on Mars the mission of NASA’s Opportunity rover (Uranus) comes to an end after the rover stopped communicating in June 2018 due to a Martian dust storm, and attempts to reestablish communications were unsuccessful.

February 14: At least 46 Indian paramilitary police (Mars) are killed in a bomb attack (Mars) by militants on their convoy in Indian-administered Kashmir.

February 15: Donald Trump declares a state of emergency (Mars) and says he will use emergency powers to build a wall on the US-Mexico border.

Officials in north-west Nigeria report the discovery of 66 bodies, 22 of them children, killed (Mars) by ‘criminal elements’ and in a surprise development (Uranus) Nigeria’s presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for February 16 are postponed till February 23.

Spain’s PM, Pedro Sanchez, after failing to get his government’s budget approved, calls a snap election (Mars-Uranus) to be held April 28.

Five people are killed and five are injured when a gunman (Mars) opens fire (Mars) at an industrial park in Aurora, Illinois.

February 16: India-Pakistan relations – following the deadliest attack (February 14) on Indian forces in decades India imposes a swathe of economic sanctions on Pakistan including revoking Most Favored Nation trading status raising customs duty to 200%. At least 46 paramilitary police (Mars) died in the attack, carried out by the militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad, and India has said it will ensure the ‘complete isolation’ (Uranus) of Pakistan.

The former archbishop of Washington, Theodore McCarrick, is defrocked after being found guilty of two historical sexual abuse allegations (Mars).  He is the most senior Catholic figure to lose his priestly rights in modern times (Uranus).

February 18: Tensions escalate in Kashmir when nine people, including four Indian soldiers and a policeman (Mars), are killed in a gun battle. Mars was conjunction Uranus in the sky.

A group of Americans is arrested in Haiti as anti-government protests (Uranus) enter their eleventh day.

In Britain seven Labour Party MPs resign from the party, forming a new independent (Uranus) group, in protest (Uranus) at Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and ‘institutional anti-Semitism’ within the party. It was the biggest split (Pluto) in UK politics in 37 years. (Progressed ascendant in Britain’s Aquarian Age chart was inconjunct birth chart Pluto and sesquisquare birth chart Neptune – planet of chaos.)

February 19: Thousands of people across France protest (Uranus) against a spate of anti-Semitic attacks (Mars-Uranus).

February 20: A fast-moving fire (Mars) sweeps through a historic district of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, killing at least 69 people.

February 21: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro orders the closing of the border with Brazil as a row (Mars) over foreign humanitarian aid continues; and in Spain a general strike (Uranus) organized by unions of pro-independence workers and students blocks major highways, train tracks and roads across the north eastern region.

February 22: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir declares a year-long state of emergency (Mars), dissolves his Cabinet and sacks all state governors amid ongoing anti-government protests (Uranus).

Venezuelan National Guard troops open fire (Mars) on a group of indigenous Pemon protesters (Uranus) that attempt to block a military convoy heading to the Brazil-Venezuelan border. At least 2 people are killed and 14 wounded. Rival concerts are held either side of the Venezuelan-Colombia border. Juan Guaidó unexpectedly turns up (Uranus) at the Venezuela Aid Live in Cucuta and was greeted by the presidents of Colombia, Chile and Paraguay.

Thousands of people across Algeria protest (Uranus) President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s plans to run for a fifth term. Police (Mars) fire tear gas to block a march on the presidential palace.

February 23: In Venezuela four people are killed and hundreds injured when violence (Mars) breaks out between civilians and Maduro loyalists.  At least two aid trucks went up in flames (Mars). Maduro breaks off diplomatic ties with neighboring Columbia.

At least 133 people die and around 200 are hospitalized (since February 21) after drinking tainted liquor (Mars) in two separate incidents in India’s remote north-east.

February 24: In Nigeria as many as 39 people have died in election-related violence since Saturday’s poll.

February 26: India launches air strikes against Kashmiri militants in Pakistani territory in a major escalation of tensions between the two countries. Pakistan scrambles fighter planes in response. (Progressed Mars was parallel progressed Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart.)

February 27: Pakistan shoots down two Indian Air Force jets in a major escalation of the Kashmir conflict (Mars). Pakistan earlier said it had hit Indian targets, a day after India struck militants in Pakistan. (Progressed Mars was parallel progressed Pluto in house 7 (war) in both countries Aquarian Age charts.)

February 28: The UN Security Council rejects rival resolutions on Venezuela by the U.S. and Russia, with Russia and China vetoing (Pluto) the U.S. call for new elections and Moscow’s proposal failing to win sufficient support. (Progressed Mars was parallel progressed Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart.)

March 1: Tens of thousands of anti-government protestors (Uranus) in Algeria take to the streets angry (Mars) at 81-year-old President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s plan to seek a fifth term in office. Protestors threw rocks, the police fired tear gas.


Author: DW Sutton

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