Donald Trump’s forecast for 2019

On November 6, 2018 Donald Trump experienced big change.

With progressed Venus trine birth chart Uranus and progressed Uranus opposition birth chart Moon in his chart the Democrats won control of the US Congress. Uranus – the planet of change – delivered the politically unqualified President a huge shock.

In 2019 the Democrat Congress, Robert Mueller, Russia, the Republican Senate, China, Saudi Arabia, refugees and the media will all feature in Donald Trump’s crisis driven life story.

Donald Trump’s chart progressed to December 31, 2019

Chart Data is: June 14, 1946 at 10.54am EDT (73W48; 40N41)

Dancing with Congress

Chances are the Democrat Congress (house 11) will give Trump hell during 2019.

With progressed Uranus in house 10 opposition birth chart Moon – the planet of rhythm and co-ruler of house 11 (Cancer intercepted) – he dances to an extreme (far-right) drum beat that is out of time and out of step with the Democrat’s (center-left) tempo.

So, there’s no harmony, no consensus and no working together. The Democrats will keep treading on the President’s toes. They have an agenda and they’re going to launch investigations into every aspect of Trump’s life and presidency.

And with Venus – the cusp ruler of house 10 – conjunction Saturn in house 11 Nancy Pelosi (Venus) will play the lead role in the events that unfold. She’s far more politically astute than Trump and will be a big thorn in the President’s side.

Progressed Venus conjunction birth chart Jupiter in Trump’s chart ends May 31, 2019 but progressed Sun semisquare birth chart Jupiter – the cusp ruler of house 8 (tax matters) –reaches peak power on February 21, 2019 so the Democrats will be after his tax returns and he’ll do everything he can to stop them.

Progressed Venus is trine birth chart Uranus but this harmonious aspect hasn’t brought Trump much pleasure and enjoyment. Unpredictable Uranus just keeps serving up a smorgasbord of shocks and surprises. It doesn’t finish till November 2, 2019 so there are more big surprises in store for the shocking President in 2019.

And progressed Jupiter square birth chart Saturn – the planet of tariffs and cusp ruler of house 7 (foreign powers) – doesn’t end till January 2022 so it will continue to frustrate his desire to build a great wall (Saturn) and address America’s growing trade deficit.

The Mueller Inquiry

Its findings will be released sometime in 2019. Trump has convinced his voter base that it’s a witch-hunt; and there’s constant speculation regarding whether he will, or won’t, sack Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

It’s a secret (house 12) inquiry and in Trump’s chart the Sun – cusp ruler of house 12 – is conjunction Uranus – the planet of exposé and startling revelations in house 10. Throughout the investigation Uranus has been very active and while two significant Uranus progressions end in 2019 the planet of disruption remains active.

So, Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election could give Trump a horrible shock. It’s likely to give the attention seeking president more attention that he ever dreamed of – for all the wrong reasons.

Trade-warring with China

With progressed Jupiter (trade) square birth chart Saturn (tariffs) and progressed Mars (war) – the cusp ruler of house 9 (trade) – sextile birth chart Pluto Trump imposed tariffs (Saturn) on goods imported from China and started a trade war.

It’s now an international issue with deep concerns regarding its impact on the world economy.

Progressed Jupiter square birth chart Saturn doesn’t favor a successful outcome but the long term consequences of the trade warring (house 9) are difficult to judge from Trump’s chart. But on May 5, 2019 progressed Mars moves to form a semisquare aspect with birth chart Mars which doesn’t favor success in a trade dispute.

Progressed Mars semisquare birth chart Mars

Mars is the planet of strife, feuding, offensive behavior, hasty action and energized effort; and this adverse progression gives Trump’s aggressive urge a big boost.

Mars is in house 12 (Trump’s secret life and secret enemies) and is the cusp ruler of house 9 (trade, the Supreme Court, constitution and legal matters) and house 4 (the White House – his base of operations).

With birth chart Mars conjunction the ascendant Trump views his life (and presidency) as an emergency situation where opponents and enemies have to be attacked, abused, humiliated and defeated.

But reckless aggression can have dangerous consequences. Anger and rage stimulate the flow of adrenalin, contract the veins and raise the blood pressure. His body is 73 years old on June 14, 1919. It’s experienced a lot of wear and tear so health problems and surgical operations can occur.

This Mars progression reaches peak power on November 17, 2020 so it’s easy to predict that Donald Trump is going to do a lot of fighting and feuding in 2019. But that’s just his life trend as defined by his birth chart.

Stoking anger, hate and division

America is angry, divided and running on hate. It’s a domestic situation that bears the hallmarks of Mars and Pluto.

It’s not a sudden occurrence – it’s been brewing for years – but Donald Trump was the catalyst who, by being who he is, ignited the explosive anger, stoked the hate and escalated the dangerous division.

In Trump’s chart, on August 28, 2016 – 3 months before he won the Presidency – progressed Mars moved to form a sextile aspect with birth chart Pluto.

Both planets are in house 12 (clandestine, covert activity) and you might conclude that Trump’s secret political agenda was to divide (Pluto) and conquer (Mars) America.

The sextile aspect is harmonious but Mars and Pluto are discordant planets and Trump has a peculiar knack of turning harmony into discord.

Stoking anger, hate and division is a cunning (Pluto) ploy but it’s just a side issue for Trump. Making money (Jupiter in house 2) is what he lives for. It defines his reason for breathing – nothing else matters.

Trump walks with Lower-Pluto’s friends and associates. Saudi Arabia is one. It’s a world where money is more important than human rights, decency and moral values.

And with Mars and Pluto in house 12 (the intelligence community and FBI) Trump has been feuding with the intelligence community since day 1 of his presidency.

Progressed Mars sextile birth chart Pluto reached peak power on March 20, 2018 and ends October 8, 2019; but then, on October 22, 2019, progressed Mars sextile progressed Pluto starts.

Progressed Mars sextile progressed Pluto

This progression takes over from progressed Mars sextile birth chart Pluto when it finishes. You can view it as phase two of the Mueller investigation and his feuding with the intelligence community.

It reaches peak power June 5, 2021 and sticks around to January, 2023. So the anger, hate, division and feuding are going to stick round too. They’ll be the hallmarks of Trump’s presidency. Mars and Pluto are in house 12 (crime, prison and isolation).

‘Make America Great Again’

With his Moon in Sagittarius Trump is very patriotic and with a dominant Sun he’s a nationalist. So, during his 1916 presidential campaign he trumpeted the novel slogan ‘Make America Great Again’.

The Sun in his birthchart is conjunction Uranus – the planet of extremism; and Mars – the planet of hate – is conjunction his ascendant. These aspects mark for conspicuous character traits defined by feelings of superiority, enmity and animosity. With extreme Uranus involved feelings of white-supremacy and racial hatred easily developed.

You know what he does and doesn’t do to stoke the fires of nationalism and white supremacy. But Trump sees supremacy and greatness in terms of wealth and power. Money is the lens through which he views life and his insatiable desire for personal greatness is a strictly financial enterprise.

And when he concluded that America had lost its position as a great financial power his personal sense of greatness made him feel that he was the only person who could make America great again.

At least America’s booming economy in 2018 saw thousands of folk who live on struggle street get a job.

Progressed Mercury sextile birth chart Jupiter

This upcoming progression starts on October 24, 2019 and reaches peak power on June 16, 2020. So its harmony and fortune will influence the first 6 months of 2020.

Progressed Mercury is in house 12 (secret activity, behind the scenes wheeling and dealing and crime) and birth chart Jupiter – the cusp ruler of house 5 (his children) and house 8 (his tax returns) – is in house 2 (his finances). Birth chart Mercury is in house 11 (Congress).

Mercury is the planet of cerebral activity and Jupiter is the planet of wealth and money so their harmonious (opportunity) sextile progression will turn his thoughts to making more, more, more…money. It also favors improved relations with Congress. And, with discord defining his presidency, this beneficial ray of hope could be a real life saver that arrives just in the nick of time.

Donald Trump in 2019

Donald Trump’s birth chart reveals that the Sun is his dominant planet so his desire for power, control, significance and public notice is his dominant driver. It’s the chief influence on his thoughts, feelings and actions.

He has a ravenous hunger for the limelight, a powerful yearning for praise, a craving for admiration and an insatiable need to be noticed.

His sense of self-importance (Sun) is gigantic. It’s an irrational, emotional driving force. There’s no reasoned intelligence (Mercury) involved – just a powerful urge to show-off and gain attention.

Trump, the teetotaler, is drunk on power – the power to control other people’s lives and to make decisions that influence what they think and do.

His sense of importance gives him the authority to express opinions and viewpoints as if they are facts.

Trump, the Very Important President, detests criticism and disapproval and desperately needs the support and applause of his voter-base. It blindly believes every word he utters or tweets.

You know what Donald Trump is like and he’s not going to change.

The talkative president has yet to learn that silence is golden.

He’s never outgrown his childhood habit of blaming the other person for his misfortunes.

He’s financially successful – that’s all that matters – and he’s oblivious to his ineffective behaviors that keep attracting a mountain of discord into his life. He does what he does and there’s no plan B.

Yet, with all his power and authority he can’t stop the inevitable that’s destined by the planets in his birth chart.

So, for Donald Trump in 2019 we can safely predict more...controversy, heated disagreement, bitter criticism, confrontation, feuding, extremism, self-trumpeting, incoherent rambling, bizarre press conferences, twitter tantrums, rage-tweets, lies, claims of fake news, ugly moments, sleaze, legal nightmares, federal investigations, division, startling developments and big shocks.

Author: DW Sutton

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