Astrology in the internet age

Astrology is very old and the beliefs, ideas and theories that represent its knowledge-base were acquired by observation over thousands of years.

It is commonly classified as a set of beliefs or a pseudoscience.

A pseudoscience is a collection of beliefs or practices that are mistakenly regarded as being based on the scientific method. So, in the age of science astrology easily arouses heated controversy.

Astrology has supporters and detractors

It’s safe to say that millions of people around the world believe in astrology. And there are tens of thousands of people who have an active interest in the zodiac signs and planets.

There are well educated people who have never studied the subject and wouldn’t know what a birth chart is who claim astrology is a pseudoscience.

And there are New Age scientists who have never seen a thought or touched an emotion who deny the existence of astrological energies, not because they don’t exist, but because these non-physical energies don't fit in with their concepts of a materialistic, purposeless universe.

The world’s most popular orthodox religions teach that astrology is harmful and many of their followers blindly believe what they are told.

And there are those who have never studied the subject who claim that astrology is nonsensical hogwash.

Alas, very few supporters and none of the detractors have ever bothered to test astrology for themselves.

Astrology and the internet

In the internet age there are many astrology websites parked on the information superhighway.

They’re hosted by individuals or groups who use this amazing technology to peddle a cavalcade of traditional thoughts and ideas.

The words you’re reading on the screen are fascinating, but are they true?

These peddlers of astrological information tend to be unconventional and rebellious.

They’re ruled by the rebel in the sky – Uranus – and unless their mental creativity is restrained by scientifically established data and rules it easily becomes undisciplined and fantastic.

In the age of there’s no regulatory body to control the educational standard of astrologers so you just don’t know who’s presenting mystical nonsense and who’s presenting genuine evidence-based astrology.

So you’re clicking around the information market place searching for credible astrological knowledge.

You’re offered free horoscopes and free daily forecasts but when you dig a little deeper there’s no evidence-based data, no science, no system, no order and no consensus of opinion.

It’s a world where weird ideas and ridiculous assumptions fourish.

In the age of a sublime science-religion has been degraded into internet fortune-telling and you should question the integrity of the fortune-tellers who provide these Sun-sign and other personal astrological forecasts.

Do you really think that the daily sign forecast for any one of the twelve zodiac signs is going to apply to the approximate half a billion people currently on the planet who are born under that sign?

Scientific astrology is not fortune-telling

These fortune-teller type astrologers do scientific astrology harm by giving the public a misleading, false impression of its true function and purpose; and you and the public need to be protected from the frauds, charlatans and quack astrologers who have trivialized a glorious science-religion into a cheap, absurd amusement.

Their irresponsible and unregulated behavior has contributed greatly to the incorrect, yet commonly held, perception that astrology is fortune-telling.

Fortune-telling type astrology implies that you have no power to alter your destiny, that you are not morally responsible for your actions and you have no power to alter unalterable predetermined incidents.

You need to know that scientific astrology is not fortune-telling and it’s certainly not fatalistic.

Author: DW Sutton

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