Events report: Mars conjunction Neptune January 1, 2017

The event forecast period was December 15, 2016-January 17, 2017

December 16: China’s People’s Liberation Army-Navy seizes a US underwater drone (Neptune). The US files a formal diplomatic protest.  The drone is returned on December 20.

December 18: At least 49 people in Irkutsk, Russia die after consuming hawthorn-scented bath essence (Neptune) as if it were alcohol (Mars). By January 9 the death toll had risen to 76.

December 19: Twelve people are killed and more than 50 injured in a truck attack (Mars) on a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany. On December 23 the alleged attacker is killed in a shoot-out (Mars) in Milan, Italy.

December 20: US President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jointly ban off-shore oil-drilling (Neptune) in the Arctic Ocean and parts of the Atlantic coast.

An explosion (Mars) at a fireworks market (Mars) in Tultepec, Mexico kills at least 29 people and injuries at least 70 others.

Australia: The federal drug regulator announces that painkillers containing codeine (Neptune) will no longer be available over the counter from 2018, with the risk of addiction (Neptune) and overdose considered too high.

December 23: United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 condemning Israeli settlement of the Palestine territories is passed 14-0 after the US abstains from voting. The measure harshly (Mars) criticises Israeli settlement activity in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

December 24: Israel refuses to accept Resolution 2334 calling it ‘biased and shameful’ and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows to take retaliatory steps.

December 25: Israeli PM Netanyahu summons the US ambassador accusing its closest ally of engineering the December 23 vote – a charge Washington denies (Neptune). 

A Russian Tu-154 military airplane (Neptune), carrying 92 passengers crashes (Mars) into the Black Sea. There are no survivors.

Singer, song-writer and pop icon (Neptune), George Michael, dies age 53.

Movie star (Neptune) Carrie Fisher dies age 60.

December 28: The row (Mars) between the US and Israel escalates when John Kerry says that Israel’s building of settlements on occupied land is jeopardizing Middle East peace. A furious (Mars) Benjamin Netanyahu condemns the speech as ‘biased’, unbalanced and ‘obsessively focused’ on settlements. 

Following a two-and-a-half-year investigation Australian police authorities (Mars) bust an international drug smuggling ring (Neptune). It was the biggest seizure of cocaine (Neptune) in Australia’s history. The 1.1 tonnes of cocaine had a street value of about $360 million.

December 29US President Barack Obama announces a coordinated series of punishments against Russia over hacking allegations, expelling dozens of diplomats and naming intelligence operatives. 35 Russian diplomats are given 72 hours to leave the country. In the US Mars-Neptune conjunction chart Nars and Neptune are in house 5 (diplomats from foreign countries).

The war in Syria: Vladimir Putin says a cease-fire guaranteed by Russia and Turkey has been brokered between the Syrian government and rebel forces. (With Mars conjunction Neptune in the sky this announcement is tinged with exaggerated expectation and uncertainty.)

December 31: Bomb blasts (Mars) targeting a market in central Baghdad kill 28 people and injure over 50.

15 people drown (Neptune), or died in drowning related accidents (Mars-Neptune), in New South Wales, Australia during the Christmas holiday period.

January 1, 2017: 39 people are shot (Mars) and killed in a nightclub massacre in Istanbul with almost 70 wounded. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blames terror groups “trying to create chaos” (Neptune). In Turkey’s Mars-Neptune conjunction chart Mars and Neptune in house 1 (domestic issues).

January 2: A fight-massacre (Mars) in a Brazilian prison, sparked by a dispute over drug routes (Neptune), leaves 56 dead. It was the deadliest prison riot in Brazil since 1992.

January 5The Thai Government says it will prosecute nearly 60,000 drink-drivers (Mars) caught during the New Year period, which claimed 426 lives. Over six days, police found 20,889 motorcyclists under the influence of alcohol (Mars) and 38,168 drink-drivers. Thailand has the second-worst road toll in the world. Only Libya is a more dangerous place to drive.

January 7: At least 43 people are killed when a fuel truck (Neptune) explodes (Mars) in the Syrian town of Azaz, near the border with Turkey.

January 8: A row (Mars) erupts between Meryl Streep (Neptune) and Donald Trump. After receiving a life time achievement award at the Golden Globe Awards (Neptune) Streep criticised the president elect. Trump tweeted that Streep was one of the most over rated actresses in Hollywood. In the US Mars-Neptune conjunction chart Mars and Neptune are in house 5 (film stars).

January 9: East Timor will tear up (Mars) a 2006 oil and gas (Neptune) treaty with Australia that has been the centre of espionage allegations, international arbitration and a diplomatic dispute. In Australia’s Mars-Neptune conjunction chart Mars and Neptune are in house 9 (treaties).

January 13: The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons says they suspect that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and other senior government officials are responsible for the use of chemical weapons (Neptune-Mars) in the Syrian conflict.

January 16: At least 37 people are killed when a Turkish Airlines cargo jet (Neptune) crashes (Mars) near Kyrgyzstan’s Manas International Airport.

January 17: Australia, Malaysia and China announce that the search for the Malaysian airliner (Neptune) that disappeared three years ago with 239 on board has been suspended.

Author: DW Sutton

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