Your chart educates you about yourself

Your birth chart is a self-information resource.

It brings you face to face with the core components of your being and allows you to look beneath superficial generalizations to understand the deeper detail and logic of your life and existence.

So, if self-knowledge and self-understanding are on your agenda your birth chart puts you in the picture.

It reveals how the universal astrological energies are expressing on a personal level.

It pictures your personal page in the grand book of nature and connects you to the universe.

The examined life

Philosophers have always stressed the importance of self-knowledge.

It’s the result of self-examination and Socrates claimed: ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’

But you can’t learn about yourself from philosophy, science or theology because they don't know who you are.

There’s no school to teach you about yourself.

The close examination of your mental life and character is the only way you will achieve self-understanding, but it’s a rather haphazard and undisciplined exercise.

What you need is a personal resource that allows you to learn about your true self in a logical and systematic way.


To know means to have knowledge and when you were born you didn’t know you possessed self-consciousness.  

It allows you to know yourself.

You need to know about your character and its qualities, mental resources, aptitudes, attitudes and motivations.

But even with this astounding personal resource your self-knowledge tends to remain vague and superficial.

It doesn’t allow you to know yourself at a soul-deep level.

That requires your birth chart.

Your chart educates you about yourself

Your birth chart presents an opportunity for self discovery.

It’s a self-knowledge provider that’s all about you.

It educates you about yourself.

You should use it to identify your key competencies – the attributes, qualities, skills and abilities that are your astrological heritage.

It provides a psychological profile, an aptitude profile and a health profile.

It allows you to develop a deep understanding of your character and the experiences needed to sustain your development.

It allows you to identify the developmental work needed to improve your current self.

Your chart allows you to identify your unique and special talent.

It’s your God-given gift and reason for being.

And it regularly presents new opportunities for self-learning.

It educates you about yourself and what is best for you.

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