Your birth chart

Your birth chart is calculated for your time, date and place of birth.

It’s an image of the planets and zodiac signs.

The planets are located by sign and house and form angular relationships (aspects) with the other planets.

The zodiac signs are divided into three sub-sections called decanates and the planets by their sign, decanate and house locations and aspects are providing you with powerful self-information.

Your chart is a map of your character as it exists at the time of your birth; and this means that the planets, aspects, signs and houses have their psychological correlates with your not-conscious soul mind.

The chart allows you to learn about your not-conscious mental world – the dynamic precursor realm that’s in charge of your life experience.

Your birth chart is a self-knowledge provider

Your birth was not a meaningless accident.

You were born in the right place at the right time so your being here is not a fortuitous event.

You have skills and abilities and a mental life that is uniquely yours.

You have a birth chart and it’s a tell-all self-information provider.

Your birth chart is a self-knowledge provider and it wants to share its knowledge with you.

It allows you to investigate your not-conscious soul-mind and to learn which parts of your character are interested in what.

The chart allows you to link conscious thoughts and feelings and specified behavior traits and events with their not-conscious character factors.

Your birth chart is a self-development resource

Your birth chart, plus your conditioning by experience, plus your current circumstances explain how you got to be who you are today.

It’s a blueprint for living and a self-development resource.

It’s a personal reference that you can use to manage your health, mental wellbeing and happiness.

It details personal data that you can use to enhance your mental, emotional and spiritual development.

The chart invites you to become proactively involved in your own life and self- development by making use of the information provided by your life experience and astrology code.

Your birth chart

Your birth chart is very special and you’re the only person to have this very special chart.

You and your chart are one and the extraordinary information it provides allows you to unlock the mystery that is you.

It defines your mindset – the established set of attitudes your mind or soul expresses.

It allows you to examine and assess the thought-content of your soul.

It profiles your character – your natural skills and abilities – and the events and conditions that your character is predisposed to attract and experience.

Your life experience has two starting points.

One is your birth chart and the other is your local environment – the place where you live, work and play.

But it’s important to understand that the astro-data displayed in your chart does not specify precise events.

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