Events report: Mars conjunction Saturn April 2, 2018

The event forecast period was March 14–April 13, 2018 

March 14: The United Kingdom expels 23 Russian diplomats (house 5) and cuts off all top-level ties with Russia following a military-grade nerve agent attack which Prime Minister Theresa May described as an ‘unlawful use of force (Mars) by the Russian state against the United Kingdom’. Ms May announced the potential freezing (Saturn) of Russian state assets that pose a security threat (Saturn), new laws (house 9) to counter hostile (Mars) state activity and said British ministers and royals would not attend the football World Cup in Russia later this year.

This deterioration in relations between the two global powers signals the start of a cold-war.

School students throughout the United States demanding the right to be educated in safety (Saturn) participate in a walkout protest against gun violence (Mars).

Toys R Us closes (Saturn) all its stores in the US and UK with a loss (Saturn) of 36,000 jobs.

March 15: The Trump Administration imposes financial (Jupiter) sanctions (Saturn) on 19 Russian nationals, including 12 of those indicted in the Special Counsel Investigation.

March 17: In response to the UK’s decision to expel 23 Russian diplomats Russia expels 23 British diplomats and closes the Consulate-General of the United Kingdom in Saint Petersburg.

March 18/19: The Turkish Army and Free Syrian Army (Mars) seize the Kurdish stronghold of Afrin from the YPG in northern Syria. After raising the Turkish flag above the city centre they bulldoze a statue of the Kurdish legendary figure, Kaveh the Blacksmith, and loot (Mars) the city.

March 21: Civilians and fighters are fleeing out of Harasta, a bomb battered town in Eastern Ghouta. Rebels are preparing to surrender.

Boris Johnson says Vladimir Putin will use the World Cup like Hitler (Mars) used the Olympics to bolster his image escalating tensions between Britain and Russia. Russia is furious.

In response to a scandal involving Facebook Mark Zuckerberg admits the social network ‘made mistakes’ that led to millions of Facebook users having their data exploited by a political consultancy. He describes the privacy scandal engulfing Facebook as a major breach of trust.

March 22: Donald Trump signs a presidential memorandum that will impose tariffs (Saturn) on up $60 billion of imports (house 9) from China sparking fears (Saturn) of a trade war (Mars).

In response Wall Street falls heavily by 724 points – 2.9% (Saturn).

March 24: Scared (Saturn) of gun violence (Mars) huge gun-control rallies sweep America as thousands join ‘March for our Lives’. 

March 25: A fire (Mars) at a shopping mall in Kemenova, Siberia kills at least 64 people with many injured.

March 26: In a response to the poisoning of an ex-spy in Britain more than 20 countries expel more than 100 Russian diplomats. America kicked out 60 diplomats and will close the Russian consulate in Seattle. It was the largest expulsion of Russian intelligence officers in history.

March 28: The governments of China and North Korea both confirm that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met with Chinese President Xi Jingping in Beijing during the past four days.

April 13: Armed bandits (Mars) storm a mining site (Saturn) in the northwestern Nigerian state of Zamfara, killing 26 people, including 16 illegal gold miners.

Author: DW Sutton

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