Trump in turmoil: October 2017

August 31, 2017

Donald Trump’s presidency with its feuds, battles, scandals, successes, failures, set-backs and unscripted twitter storms seems more like a range-war and a major outbreak in hostilities is set to occur in October 2017.

Donald Trump’s birth charttrumptrump-astrodynes

Uranus – the planet of unconventional actions, extreme views, radical moves, bizarre thinking and shock tactics – is an astrological hot-spot in his chart.

It’s in house 10, has a high astrodyne score and is conjunction the Sun and opposition the Moon.

It marks for eccentric, non-conformist behavior.

Uranus is the planet of sudden change and unexpected events. It’s the marker for change-agents, like Stephen Bannon, who come, stay awhile and then depart as suddenly as they arrive; and for allies who become enemies and opponents who become supporters.

With Uranus you can always expect the unexpected.

The Moon-Uranus opposition aspect is the worst aspect in Trump’s chart and for many years progressed Uranus in house 10 (his business activity) has been opposition (separation) birth chart Moon at 21 Sagittarius 12 in house 4 (his home life and real estate interests) causing these life-matters to separate.

Then on November 6, 2016 Uranus brought sudden, unexpected change when he was elected US President but with progressed Uranus at 21 Gemini 16 in house 10 (his job as President, popularity and reputation) opposition birth chart Moon at 21 Sagittarius 12 in house 4 (his later life) his presidency has been a series of shocks, scandals and controversies.

The progressed chart

The progressed chart is a reference point.

Its function is to map the cause of whatever condition currently exists in your life or what is likely to be attracted at a specified time in the future.

This cause is not the chart.

It’s the not-conscious thought-cell activity taking place in your unconscious mind so the progressed Uranus-birth chart Moon opposition (separation) aspect in Trump’s chart has its psychological correlate and it’s jam-packed with discordant desire that’s intent on tearing his life apart.

Timing when major events can occur

Major events directly related to the progressed Uranus-birth chart Moon opposition aspect can only occur when it receives stimulation from other astrological events and in December 2016 major progressed Moon in house 12 moved to form parallel aspects with progressed Uranus and birth chart Moon.

This stimulation reached peak power on June 21, 2017 and finishes on November 8, 2017.

Then in February 2017 progressed Moon moved to form a parallel aspect with birthchart Uranus. 

The stimulation it provides reached peak power on July 29 2017 and finishes on December 9, 2017.

Then on June 28, 2017 progressed Moon in house 12 moved to form a semisquare aspect with birth chart Uranus. It reached peak power on July 24 and significantly increased the stimulation to the progressed Uranus-birthchart Moon opposition aspect. It ended on August 19.

Donald Trump’s chart progressed to October 20, 2017


On September 24, 2017 progressed Moon in house 12 moves to form a semisquare aspect with progressed Uranus and a sesquisquare aspect with birth chart Moon and this stimulation to the progressed Uranus-birth chart Moon opposition aspect will bring major change into Trump’s life as events involving human agencies occur with cataclysmic suddenness. 

The stimulation reaches peak power on October 20 and ends November 15.

From September 24 to November 15 there are many transit – timing – hits to the Uranus-Moon opposition aspect.

So, events pertaining to the aspect can occur on almost any day – especially from October 3 to October 15 and on October 19/20/21 and November 3/4.

Who’s involved?

Uranus events always involve a human agency and with Uranus in house 10 they directly involve and impact on the White House and Trump’s honor and reputation.

Uranus is cusp ruler of house 6 (his employees/appointees) and house 7 (foreign powers, in particular Russia and open enemies, in particular North Korea).

The Moon is in house 4 (natural disasters) and is co-ruler of house 11 (Congress and Senate).

The Moon rules his relations with the common people and his mind and Uranus is the planet of high nervous tension.

So, the progressed Uranus-birth chart Moon opposition aspect indicates that his thinking is being impaired by high nervous tension.

Uranus causes the cells of the brain and nervous system to fire electrical  impulses at a very rapid pace and this is affecting his mental activity making his thinking erratic, unstable, extreme, and unreasonable.

So Trump’s mental health will be a key issue as events unfold in October.

The not-conscious thought-cell activity mapped by the progressed Uranus-birth chart Moon opposition aspect is in a very high state of activity.

It’s at a tipping-point and will demonstrate an event whenever it can overcome the resistance offered by environment.

Just remember that Uranus – the planet of startling revelations, sudden developments, extremism, social discontentment and protests – is very inclined to spring the unexpected so any new developments will take you by surprise.

Astrology is not an exact science in the sense it permits precise prediction and Uranus is a very unpredictable planet.

But the progressed Uranus-birth chart Moon opposition aspect has already developed an event trend-line and those scheduled to occur in late September and October 2017, under this major Moon stimulation, will be further developments of situations that were originally set in motion earlier in the year.

These events include...

February 13, 2017: National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigns

March 24: Health Care repeal is defeated in Congress

May 9: Trump fires FBI Director James Comey

July 18: Attempts to overhaul/repeal Obama Care collapse in the US Senate

July 21: White House Communication's Director Sean Spicer resigns

July 26: US senate passes a bill to impose new sanctions on Russia and bar Trump from easing sanctions without Congress’ approval

July 31: Trump fires Anthony Scaramucci

August 18: Trump fires Stephen Bannon

Then there are the controversies over US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord; the travel ban imposed on people from six mainly Muslim nations; and the ongoing investigation by the FBI into Russian involvement in the 2016 US presidential election including the involvement of Donald Trump Jr. and his secret meeting with a Russian lawyer.

The scandals, startling revelations, resignations and accusations of racism (Uranus) are ongoing.

Trump’s agenda in turmoil

It’s no coincidence that this major Moon stimulation to the Uranus-Moon thought-cell activity will occur as Trump is involved in a major showdown with Congress over:

The funding of the Great Wall with Trump having threatened to shut down the government if Congress doesn’t agree to pay for it

Trump’s tax reform and tax cuts – needs Congressional approval

The US debt ceiling – the money needed to pay bills and the risk of default

Hurricane Harvey – disaster relief funding for Texas and the victims

With progressed Uranus in house 10 opposition (separation) birth chart Moon – the co-ruler of house 11 (Congress); progressed Jupiter (funding) – the cusp ruler (Pisces) of house 8 (taxes and debt) – square (obstacle) birth chart Saturn in house 11 (Congress); and progressed Mars square birth chart Mercury in house 11 Trump’s got massive problems.

And you can’t leave out the actions of dissatisfied employees (Uranus and house 6); or the actions of foreign leaders, open enemies or partners (Uranus and house 7).

Uranus events always involve a human agency.

America’s Libra new Moon chartlibra-new-moon

The Libra lunation chart – October 19, 2017 at 3.12pm EDT, Washington – is a snap-shot of events and developments in the US from then to November 18, 2017 and the chart is a high in discord.

The lunation, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are in house 8 (taxes and debt)

Jupiter – the planet of finances and cusp ruler of house 10 (the President) – is conjunction the lunation

Uranus in house 2 (finances) – the planet of reform, radical action, unexpected developments and protests – is exact opposition the lunation

Saturn in house 11 (Congress) – the planet of conservatism, caution, restraint and fear – is sextile the lunation

Neptune in house 1 (the US people) is the planet of confusion, chaos, bewilderment, fake news and drugs

And Saturn and Uranus – the cusp rulers (Aquarius) of house 1 – form a lucky (trine) aspect

This chart indicates that major events related to house 8 (taxes, debt, government funding and insurance) are timed to occur within 24 hours of October 19.

Discord is currently defining Trump’s presidency

Progressed Mars – the planet of strife and feuds in house 2 (finances and spending) – is square (obstacle) birthchart Mercury – the planet of talk and controversy in house 11 (Congress).

Square aspects sign for obstacles and frustration and Congress is frustrating his agenda.

Trump's angry response has him lashing out (Mars) at Congressional leaders or representatives. It finishes on December 6, 2017.

This Mars-Mercury square aspect has also seen a war or words with North Korea and hate speech in America.

And with progressed Mars sesquisquare (agitation) birth chart MC (publicity and honor) the strife his destructive aggressive behavior ignites is given wide publicity and adversely impacts his reputation.

Mars is cusp ruler of house 9 (tweeting) and his angry tweets are legendary.

Progressed aspects stimulate mental factors mapped by birth chart aspects into activity and progressed Mars square birth chart Mercury is stimulating Mercury square Neptune.

This birth chart aspect marks for unreliable thinking (Mercury) that is stained by fantasy, deception and illusion (Neptune).

And commentators regularly question Trump’s grasp of reality and The Washington Post recently reported that since becoming President he has made over 1,000 false or misleading statements (Neptune).

Progressed Jupiter – the planet of expansion, growth and optimism in house 3 (his private thinking) – is square (obstacle) birthchart Saturn – the planet of loss and constraint in house 11 (Congress) and Congress has been a big obstacle constraining his agenda.

Birth chart Jupiter – the planet of finances – is in house 2 (finances) and the funding required to build the great wall (Saturn) is being stymied by Congress.

Jupiter in his chart is cusp ruler of house 5 (his children) and Saturn is co-ruler of house 5 and cusp ruler of house 6 (his employees) and house 7 (foreign powers) and his son, employees and Russia have all been major problems for the President.

The afflicted Jupiter signs for misguided over-optimism.

The ongoing problems that Trump has with Congress, his employees, the FBI, Russia's meddling in US politics and his son’s involvement in the meddling are mapped by the progressed Uranus-birth chart Moon opposition aspect and the progressed obstacle (square) aspects involving progressed Mars and birth chart Mercury and progressed Jupiter and birthchart Saturn.

And with progressed Mars sesquisquare (agitation) birth chart MC (his reputation and popularity) and progressed MC conjunction progressed Saturn – the planet of loss and failure in house 12 (disappointment) – his approval rating currently stands at 34%.

Author: DW Sutton

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