Donald Trump’s forecast for 2018

The first year of Donald Trump’s presidency, contrary to his trumpet blowing, was not a grand success. And judging by his end-of-year approval rating 3 out of 5 Americans gave him the thumbs down.

In December 2017 Congress did pass his tax reform legislation but prior to that it was all blunders, missteps, setbacks and failures.

In his chart progressed Saturn – planet of loss and struggle – was conjunction progressed Midheaven – his honor and public standing – in house 12 (disappointment) and Saturn kept dumping discord all year.

His approval rating stayed lower than low; the White House was in disarray; Congress failed to pass his promised health care reforms; and the FBI investigation into collusion with Russia was a major distraction.

You will have noticed that he’s completely wrapped up in his own self-importance. It’s a feeling that streams in from his not-conscious mind and he can’t stop the feeling. He can’t admit fault or failure so when things go wrong he shifts the blame. It’s a habit he developed as a child and has never outgrown.

Politically he’s a right-wing extremist (Sun-Saturn-Uranus) and extremists are divisive figures. He’s adored by some and loathed by others.

His showmanship (Leo), simple 3 word slogans and charisma (Uranus) won him the White House but in the Age of Aquarius politics is all about persuasion (Pluto).

Throwing your positional power about won’t get legislation passed.

What happened in 2017 was just his character doing its thing and his character won’t change. He’ll continue to express extreme views, support extremists, fan the flames of racial prejudice, rattle the bars of convention, make lots of money, protect his own interests, advocate making America great, attack critics, throw tantrums and wonder why he’s not getting the adoration and admiration he craves. Even his changeable (Gemini) tendencies will stay the same.

Donald Trumps birth chartChart data is: June 14, 1946 at 10.54am EST - 73W48; 40N41 Birth chart storylines

The dominant Sun signifies a gigantic sense of self-importance and an insatiable appetite for power, respect and admiration.

Gemini his Sun-sign is a champion chatterbox and he can't stop talking (and tweeting) about his achievements, intelligence and superior (Sun) intellect.

And with the Sun in the third decanate of Gemini he’s very self-centered due to his overreliance on the power of thought and a deficit of religious feeling. So he's in it for himself and has to convince his voter-base otherwise.

The Sun is opposition the Moon and this high-discord (separation) aspect attracts a barrage of criticism that dents his self-esteem.

But Mars – planet of aggressive action – conciliates the Sun-Moon opposition and provides him with a feel-good way of appeasing the significance abuse. He goes on the attack (Mars).

It gives him pleasure to abuse and disparage those who criticize him. It’s a childish not-conscious habit that fails to address the real problem – his ineffective power behavior that attracts the scorn and ridicule.

Mercury – planet of controversy – doesn’t play a lead role in his life, but Uranus – Mercury’s upper-octave expression – does.

Trump is an extremist and when he makes radical policy change the controversy, disputation and outrage that erupts is extreme.

He avoids the criticism by basking in the praise and support coming from like-minded associates and Fox News.

There are many right-wing extremists like Trump and to win the White House he had to convince them that he could remedy their discontentment.

Their key issues are money, jobs, economic survival and national pride. And if he doesn’t deliver on these issues they’ll boot him out in 2020.

But before then he has to make it through 2018.

Trump’s forecast for 2018

Trump’s future must emerge from his current state of play.

But his progressed chart does provide otherwise unknowable information in regard to what’s likely to occur and major changes are scheduled in 2018.

Progressed Mars square birth chart Mercury – the high-discord aspect that saw him stir up strife, make controversial decisions and attack opponents via angry twitter feeds – ended in December 2017.

So, in 2018, with the volume of aggressive Mars energy surging through his mind significantly reduced his impulsive need to vent anger, tweet abuse and attack opponents is somewhat off the boil.

And with progressed Venus – planet of friendship, affection, mirth, charm and social fun – involved in two high-powered, high-harmony progressions the vulgar, insensitive President is more inclined to express the kinder, softer side of his nature.

He may even moderate some of his more extreme tendencies.

But Uranus – planet of extremism, disruption and sudden, unexpected events – is very active and its influence in 2018 will be striking.

Donald Trump’s chart progressed to December 31, 2018

Trump and the Russia probe

House 12 is the data-point for secret activity, hidden agendas, collusion, the FBI, criminal activity and secret enemies.

And Trump, with Mars and Pluto in house 12 and the Sun (Leo) its cusp ruler, has a very active secret life and powerful secret enemies who can do him a great deal of harm.

The FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election began in July 2016.

At this time in Trump’s chart progressed Mercury in house 12 – was conjunction birth chart Pluto – planet of criminal conduct, illegal activities and corruption.

It reached peak power on August 20, 2016 and ended June 3, 2017.

And progressed Mars – the chief ruler of house 12 – was square birth chart Mercury – planet of talks, phone calls and controversy.

This high-discord aspect reached peak power on May 16, 2016 and ended December 6, 2017.

Then, on August 28, 2016 – within weeks of the FBI’s Russia probe starting – progressed Mars in Trump’s chart moved to form a sextile aspect with birth chart Pluto.

And the FBI investigation has now become an ongoing nightmare for the President.

Progressed Mars sextile birth chart Pluto reaches peak power on March 20, 2018 and ends on October 8, 2019.

But then on October 22, 2019, progressed Mars moves to form a sextile aspect with progressed Pluto so the Russia probe and its ramifications could be plaguing Trump for years.

Mars is the planet of strife, feuds and aggressive force; and Pluto is the planet of groups and coalitions; and progressed Mars sextile birth chart Pluto forecasts disputes and conflicts with special interest groups.

The FBI is a group; the United Nations, European Union and Middle East are groups of countries; and there’s a group of women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct.

Claims of sexual harassment surfaced during the Presidential election and with many high profile powerbrokers now resigning over sexual misconduct allegations some are calling for the President to resign. And three Trump accusers have called for Congress to investigate their claims.

These groups (Pluto) can do Trump a great deal of harm and the most he can hope for is that the harmonious sextile aspect minimizes the damage.

Whatever, when a group threatens Trump he’ll aggressively respond with his own threats, warnings and intimidations (Pluto).

Major events tipping point

Major progressed Moon is sextile progressed Mars on January 22, 2018, conjunction birth chart Pluto on January 24, and conjunction progressed Pluto on March 17 and major events and developments pertaining to the FBI’s Russia probe, sexual harassment allegations and other conflicts involving special interests groups can occur from December 26, 2017 to April 12, 2018.

Finances and Congress

Jupiter – the planet of finances, good-will, optimism and abundance – is involved in three major progressions.

Progressed Jupiter is square birth chart Saturn – planet of disappointment and loss – in house 11 (friends and Congress); progressed Venus – planet of social fun and parties – in house 2 (finances) and co-ruler of house 11 is conjunction birth chart Jupiter; and progressed Sun – planet of power, respect and admiration – is semisquare birth chart Jupiter.

In 2017 progressed Jupiter square birthchart Saturn saw Congress obstructing Trump’s legislative agenda, but things turned fortunate when progressed Venus moved to form a conjunction aspect with birth chart Jupiter.

In December 2017 Congress (house 11) passed Trump’s tax reform legislation; and in 2018 Trump will have fewer failures and more legislative victories.

In his chart Jupiter in house 2 (his finances) is the cusp ruler of house 8 (taxes) so his tax reform package was just his not-conscious desire to make more and more money grabbing what he could for himself.

For Trump and his business associates money is nectar from the gods. It’s the oxygen that that keeps him breathing and he’s banking on his Jupiter progressions to revive America’s financial fortunes, make America great again and immortalize his place in America’s political history.

But with progressed Venus conjunction birth chart Jupiter and progressed Jupiter square (obstacle) birth chart Saturn the signals are mixed.

The Sun is the planet of authority, significance and vitality and on February 2, 2018, progressed Sun in house 1 (his health) moves to form a fiction (semisquare) aspect with birth chart Jupiter in house 2 (finances).

This minor stressor is inclined to attract constant criticism (over his personal finances and the tax reform package), lower his vitality and expand his waistline.

But in his birth chart the Sun is trine (luck) Jupiter so it’s unlikely that this minor Sun-Jupiter discord will alter the fortunate event trend – abundant vitality and wealth – mapped by the high-harmony birth chart aspect.

Major events tipping point

Major progressed Moon is sextile birth chart Jupiter on August 5, 2018; and sextile progressed Venus on August 9. So, very fortunate events pertaining to Trump’s finances and tax reform package (house 8) can occur during July and August 2018 but Saturn could dampen the financial party.

Trump’'s children – Don Jr and Ivanka

Trump’s children – house 5 – play a conspicuous role in his political and business life and they can be a blessing or a curse.

Jupiter (Sagittarius) – the planet of good fortune – is the cusp ruler of house 5; and Saturn (Capricorn is intercepted) – the planet of misfortune – is the co-ruler. And in 2018 both planets are very active by progression.

Progressed Venus is conjunction birth chart Jupiter in house 2 (finances); progressed Jupiter is square (obstacle) birth chart Saturn; and progressed Midheaven is conjunction progressed Saturn in house 12 (secrets and the FBI investigation).

Don Jr has been questioned in Congress about possible collusion with Moscow by his father’s presidential campaign.

Trump has great faith (Jupiter) in his children and there’s no doubt that he taught them his beliefs and ethical values (Jupiter) but in 2018 the messages coming from Jupiter and Saturn are decidedly mixed.

Major events tipping point

Major progressed Moon is parallel progressed Saturn on August 1, 2018 and sextile progressed Jupiter on August 5 and Trump’s life can be affected by events involving his children in July and August 2018.

Social fun and women

Trump is surrounded by women: his wife, ex-wives, daughters, female employees, ex-employees and those he has sexually harassed.

In his chart Venus – planet of loved ones and women – is in house 11 (friends) and Trump has benefitted greatly from the advice and influence of male and female friends. But with Venus conjunction Saturn – planet of loss – bitter disappointment can see warm and friendly relations turn icy cold.

In 2018 Venus – the planet of gratuities – is very active by progression.

Progressed Venus is conjunction birth chart Jupiter, parallel progressed Jupiter and trine birth chart Uranus.

Progressed Venus conjunction birthchart Jupiter reaches peak power and harmony on June 14, 2018; and progressed Venus trine (luck) birth chart Uranus reaches peak power and harmony on November 16, 2018.

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction is all about having a jolly good time socializing and making money. It stimulates his urge to have fun with friends, play around, make money and engage in self-indulgent extravagance. He’ll be playing a lot of golf.

It will also influence his appetite. Venus has a sweet tooth and Jupiter can’t say no to second helpings so his waistline is sure to expand. Playing more rounds of golf won’t help.

Major events tipping point

Major progressed Moon is sextile birth chart Jupiter on August 5, 2018; sextile progressed Venus on August 9; and sextile birth chart Uranus on August 16.

It’s safe to say – with the planets aligned in harmony – that the period from July 20 to September 11, 2018 will be the best of Trump’s presidency with very fortunate events involving his finances, business activity, approval rating, friends and social life set to occur.

Trump can expect the unexpected

Progressed Venus trine birth chart Uranus is all about sudden emotional attachments and affectional overtures by new acquaintances.

It could stimulate his love affair with Vladimir Putin and Russia (Uranus and house 7) which wouldn’t go down well with US voters.

It does forecast the forming and breaking of new friendships (birth chart Venus is in house 11) and is more inclined to relate to his private life.

But Uranus – planet of rugged individualism, extremism, unconventional behavior, unexpected events, startling exposés, reform, sudden change, protests and demonstrations – plays a very prominent role in Donald Trump’s life and it’s very active in 2018.

Progressed Venus is trine birth chart Uranus; progressed Uranus is opposition birthchart Moon; and progressed MC is semisquare birth chart Uranus.

Birthchart and progressed Uranus are in house 10 (Trump’s business interests and reputation) and Uranus is cusp ruler of house 7 (partners, Melania, foreign affairs, Vladimir Putin, Russia, foreign policy and international relations) and house 6 (employees).

Ex employees like Stephen Bannon and Omarosa Manigault Newman may become friends (house 11) enemies (house 7) or secret enemies (house 12).

Uranus in house 10 marks for sudden changes affecting his career, public life and reputation and the change often involves the actions and influence of a human agency ruled by houses 6 or 7.

Progressed Uranus opposition birth chart Moon forecasts public disapproval and fluctuating relations with the common, everyday, people.

And progressed Midheaven semisquare birth chart Uranus forecasts constant criticism and reputational damage due to his extreme views and unorthodox behavior.

Uranus is notorious for attracting unusual people, estrangement and tumultuous change and a strong progression involving this highly disruptive planet can divide the life bringing one chapter to an end and opening up a completely new one.

Uranus desires change, disturbs the status quo, attracts new acquaintances, brings old acquaintances back from the past and then repels the new and the old.

And with Uranus in house 10 the events related to all these Uranus progressions are bound to get wide publicity so you’re sure to be surprised, shocked and startled by the antics of the US president in 2018.

Public approval and popularity

From day one Trump’s approval rating has been low.

It’s a house 10/Midheaven issue and with Uranus in house 10 he’s just too extreme and unconventional for the average Joe.

Progressed Uranus opposition birth chart Moon forecasts a poor public approval rating; and during 2017, with progressed Saturn conjunction progressed Midheaven, it was the lowest of all the modern day Presidents.

But Venus is the cusp ruler (Taurus) of house 10 and in 2018 progressed Venus conjunction birth chart Jupiter and progressed Venus trine birth chart Uranus could see a sudden reversal in his popularity.

It’s really a Uranus issue but there’s a problem – you just can’t tell what this unpredictable planet is going to do.

The tide of public opinion (Moon) could swing in his favor or it could swing violently against him.

Progressed Saturn conjunction progressed Midheaven doesn’t end till March 2019 so this high-discord aspect will continue to adversely affect his relations with Congress, the FBI and the court of public approval.

Trump’s referendum - the US midterm elections

The US midterm elections are on November 6, 2018 and they’ll be a referendum on Trump and his presidency. The stakes are very high.

If the Democrats gain control of Congress or the Senate they’ll create another obstacle to his legislative agenda, raise the possibility of impeachment, and have control of congressional committees, with the ability to conduct oversight of the administration and issue subpoenas to recalcitrant officials.

So Trump will be out on the campaign trail railing against his opponents, preaching to the converted and trying to enlist new recruits.

All 435 seats in the House of Representative are up for election.

Republicans hold 239 and Democrats 194.

In the Senate the Republicans have a 1 seat majority (51-49) and 33 seats are up for reelection.

Democrat's Doug Jones's unlikely victory in Alabama on Tuesday December 12, 2017 was a big shock.

Back then – in Trump’s chart – progressed Moon was sesquisquare birthchart Moon and semisquare progressed Uranus – planet of shocks – stimulating their high-discord progressed opposition aspect.

The situation in the senate looks like this

The electoral map favors the Republicans.

They’re defending 8 seats and the Democrats are defending 26.

To gain control of the senate the Democrats have to retain the 26 seats they’re defending, which won’t be easy, and win 3 Republican seats.

There are 8 Republican seats in play – Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah and Mississippi – and Trump won most of these (states) by whopping great margins.

The Democrats two top targets are Nevada and Arizona so that leaves one more.

Due to circumstance John McCain’s senate seat may become vacant which means both Arizona seats will be on the 2018 ballot (and Trump won Arizona by just 3.5 points.)

And on November 6, 2018 progressed Moon in Trump’s chart is trine birth chart Moon and sextile progressed Uranus – planet of shocks – stimulating progressed Uranus opposition birth chart Moon and progressed Venus trine (luck) birth chart Uranus.

Unpredictable Uranus is Trump’s wild card

In 2016 sixty-three million Americans discarded the tried and trusted and elected an untried President. And these same voters can easily become dissatisfied and discontent with the new and untried.

Uranus can cause the tide of public opinion to swing back in favor of what was considered banal, stale and unsatisfactory and progressed Venus trine birth chart Uranus in Trump’s chart could do just that.

So, the focus is on Uranus – planet of surprises and sudden shocks.

Shocks can be good or bad and with progressed Uranus opposition birth chart Moon and progressed Venus trine birth chart Uranus the beneficial influence of the harmony (trine aspect) and the detrimental influence of the discord (opposition aspect) is too close to call.

Much depends on how voters respond to Trump’s extremism and tax reform package and he’s walking a tightrope.

He must satisfy his voter-base and if he becomes less extreme (progressed Venus trine birth chart Uranus) he’ll lose their support.

Uranus can cause shifts that occur with cataclysmic suddenness and events during 2018 will make the outcome of the mid-term election more definite.

After all the mood of the voters, as gauged by opinion polls, reveals the direction in which astrological forces are moving and provides crucial data pertaining to any political forecast.

But…that said, major progressed Moon in Trump’s chart was semisquare birth chart Uranus on December 12, 2017 when Doug Jones, the Democrat candidate, caused a big shock when he unexpectedly won the Arizona senate seat and on November 6, 2018 progressed Moon in Trump’s chart will be sextile progressed Uranus.

It’s presumed that fake websites and Russian trolls will be actively interfering in the 2018 midterm elections.

Major events tipping point

Major progressed Moon is sextile birth chart Uranus on August 16, 2018 and sextile progressed Uranus on November 14, 2018.

From July 21 to September 11, 2018 and from October 19 to December 10, 2018 Trump is inclined to attract unexpected shocks and sudden change.


The US constitution (house 9) defines impeachment at the federal level and limits impeachment to ‘The President, Vice President, and all civil offices of the United States’ who may be impeached and removed for ‘treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors' (Pluto and house 12).

The crimes can occur before or after taking office.

Impeachment proceedings are brought in the House of Representatives (house 11). A majority of the House must vote for the charges in order to impeach the president.

The proceedings then move to the Senate (house 11) which holds a trial overseen by the chief justice of the Supreme Court (house 9).

Two Presidents - Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton - were successfully impeached by the House of Representatives, but both were later acquitted by the Senate.

Astrologically the key factors are an active Pluto (criminal activity); an active twelfth house (crimes like collusion); and an active eleventh house (the role and influence of Congress). And Trump has all three.

Collusion is a secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy engaged in to deceive others. And conspiracy is a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

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