Events report: Mars conjunction Jupiter January 7, 2018

Event forecast period was December 17, 2017–January 16, 2018

December 17: In Pakistan a suicide bomb and gun attack (Mars) on a Methodist church (Jupiter) kills nine people.

December 23: At least 37 people are feared dead in a fire (Mars) that tore through a shopping mall in the southern Philippine city of Davao.

December 25: The Palestinian Health Ministry reports two more deaths in the violence (Mars) following US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem (Jupiter) as Israel's capital, bringing the total death toll to 12.

December 28: A suicide bombing (Mars) at a Shi‘ite cultural center and news agency in Kabul, Afghanistan, kills 41 people and injures 84 others.

Twelve people are dead in an apartment fire (Mars) in The Bronx area of New York City.

The Oregon Court of Appeals (Jupiter) upholds a $135,000 fine against the Sweet Cakes by Melissa Christian owners for refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

December 28/29: In Iran anti-government demonstrations (Uranus) spread to several major cities. The protests began against rising prices (Jupiter) and have spiraled into a general outcry against clerical rule (Jupiter) and government policies.

December 29: In Egypt nine people are killed in two attacks (Mars) on Coptic Christians (Jupiter) in Helwan district, south of Cairo.

In Mumbai, India a massive late-night fire (Mars) in an upscale restaurant (Jupiter) kills at least 15 people.

December 30: In a judicial setback (Jupiter) for South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma, the country’s top court (Jupiter) has ruled that parliament failed to hold him to account in a scandal over multi-million-dollar upgrades to his home, and must launch proceedings that could remove him from office.

Egypt’s former president Mohammed Morsi is sentenced to three years in prison for insulting (Mars) the judiciary Jupiter).

January 2: Donald Trump feuds (Mars) with Pakistan threatening to stop aid payments (Jupiter. He claims the US has foolishly handed the country $US33 billion (Jupiter) in the past 15 years for ‘nothing but lies and deceit’.

Anti-government protests in Iran continue for the sixth day with the death toll from the violence (Mars) rising to 21.

At least 36 people are killed when a coach bus in Peru is struck (Mars) by a semi-trailer and plunges 80 meters down a cliff.

Two anti-government protestors (Uranus) in Iran are shot dead (Mars).

January 3: A suicide bomber (Mars) attacks a mosque (Jupiter) in Gamboru, Nigeria, killing 11 people.

A new Icelandic law (Jupiter) goes into effect which requires government agencies and companies with more than 24 full-time employees to prove they are paying (Jupiter) men and women equally, as required by existing legislation.

Donald Trump dissolves the voter fraud commission noting the cost (Jupiter) to the public of litigating against lawsuits from states objecting to the voter information being requested.

January 4: Donald Trump’s lawyer says he will try to block (Pluto) publication (Jupiter and house 9) of Fire and Fury (Mars) by journalist Michael Wolff and threatens (Pluto) legal action (Jupiter) against Steve Bannon over ‘defamatory’ (Mars) comments.

The US suspends security aid (Saturn-Jupiter) to Pakistan worth more than $255 million (Jupiter) until Islamabad takes action against the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network (Pluto).

The US places Pakistan on a special watch list for ‘severe violations of religious freedom (Jupiter).

A passenger train crashes (Mars) into a truck in rural South Africa, killing at least 18 people and injuring about 260 others.

US stock markets reach a new high (Jupiter) as the blue chip Dow Jones Industrial Average crosses 25,000 points.

January 5: Michael Wolff’s book (house 9) ‘Fire and Fury’ (Mars) – an exposé (Uranus) on Donald Trump and life at the White House – is published (Jupiter). Trump in a tweetstorm rejects the book as a work if fiction and boasts of his intelligence claiming he is a ‘very stable genius.’ In America’s Mars-Jupiter conjunction chart Mars is the cusp ruler of house 9; progressed Moon in the US chart was inconjunct progressed Jupiter – planet of publishing – and sextile birthchart Saturn – the cusp ruler of house 9; and in Trump’s chart progressed Mars – the cusp ruler of house 9 – was sesquisquare birthchart Midheaven.

January 6: An Iranian oil tanker is ablaze (Mars) in the East China Sea after colliding with a Chinese freight ship (Jupiter). The tanker’s 32 crew members are missing.

January 7: Brazilian soccer star Philippe Coutinho will join Barcelona after Liverpool agreed to sell him for about $244 million (£142 million) (Jupiter) in the third most expensive transfer deal in soccer history.

Sydney, Australia is the hottest city (Mars) on Earth when the temperature in Penrith hits 47.3C (117F) – the hottest temperature since 1939.

January 9: In the first inter-Korean talks in two years at the Panmunjeom-Paju ‘Truce Village (DMZ), both parties agree on the need to ease tensions and hold military talks. North Korea also agrees to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

January 10: Canada files an expansive (Jupiter) complaint with the World Trade Organization (Jupiter) accusing the US of breaking international trade rules (Jupiter). The complaint, amid disputes (Mars) over areas such as dairy, aircraft sales and lumber, challenges the ways that the US investigates products for subsidies and below-cost sales.

January 16: Australia files a trade complaint (Jupiter-Mars) that accuses Canada of placing ‘discriminatory’ rules on the sales of imported wine.


Author: DW Sutton

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