Crunch time for Paul Ryan

October 30, 2017

2017 has been a horrible year for Paul Ryan.

He could be the most unpopular politician in America.

Progressed Sun in his chart has been opposition birth chart Pluto all year.

Ryan’s in charge of Congress and the Republican Congress is not delivering. It’s failing to keep key promises and Ryan is bearing the full brunt of the blame-game.

His approval rating in a July 2017 survey stood at 34%.

Ryan took over as Congressional leader on October 29, 2015 and in January 2017 the Republicans claimed control of both Congress and the Senate but the Congressman from Wisconsin has failed to attain a major achievement.

Now, in November 2017, he presents legislation to rewrite the US tax code and his 19 year Congressional career is on the line.

Defeat in Congress or the Senate could spell disaster and Ryan’s progressed chart is forecasting drastic developments when it comes to his career. It’s crunch time.

Ryan espouses free-market principles and a belief (Neptune) that lower taxes and a streamlined tax code can help businesses, the economy and even the poor and impoverished.

But his tax reforms have become Trump’s tax cuts and what the new tax bill would actually do, whom it could benefit and how much it would cost has become a very messy, complex message.

Paul Ryan’s chart progressed to November 30, 2017

Birth-data: January 29, 1970 at 2.37am CST (89W01; 42N41)

The Sun – planet of politics – is his dominant planet and his desire for power and significance (Sun) drove him to the political arena.

But in November 2017 progressed Sun at 27 Pieces 11 in house 4 is opposition (separation) birthchart Pluto at 27 Virgo 09R in house 10 (his popularity and career) and this high-discord Sun progression is undermining his power and authority.

It’s the progressed chart’s hot-spot.

The aspect reaches power and discord on November 22, 2017 and will end on November 22, 2018.

Its astrodyne score on November 30, 2017 is 31.11 astrodynes and 31.11 discordynes.

Birth chart Sun is square (obstacle) Jupiter and Saturn and sesquisquare (agitation) Pluto; and Pluto is opposition (separation) Mars.

High-discord Sun progressions mark for self-esteem damage.

They undermine the ability to exercise power and control. And high discord Pluto progressions mark for problems with groups, subtle force and coercion.

Coercion, and the intimidation and threats it implies, is a high discord experience.

The Republican Party is a group and Ryan’s problem has been his inability to exercise control and unite the group.

Birth chart Sun is in house 2 (Ryan’s personal finances) so this high discord Sun progression marks for events adversely affecting his financial status.

House 10 discord marks for reputational damage, unpopularity and career problems – career changes and loss of job.

Other progressed aspects

Progressed Mars – planet of strife, haste and energized effort – at 7 Taurus 56 in house 5 is inconjunct (expansion) birth chart Uranus – planet of sudden events, change agents and change – at 8 Libra 40R in house 10.

This aspect activates the birth chart Mars-Uranus opposition and marks for sudden changes to his career.

Ryan is married (house 7) with young children (house 5) but with Mars in house 4 (his home life) opposition (separation) Uranus and Pluto in house 10 (his career) his job and the endless fundraising and travel separates him from his family.

Progressed Venus – at 9 Aries 55 in house 4 – is square (obstacle) progressed ascendant and sextile birth chart Venus. Venus is cusp ruler of house 6 (work) and progressed aspects to house 6 mark for events involving changes to the work he does and his work place.

And progressed MC – his career and reputation – at 5 Scorpio 49 is conjunction (prominence) birthchart Jupiter in house 11 (his friends and supporters).

Accurate start, peak and end dates for MC progressions require a precise birth time and Ryan’s has a +/- one minute margin of error so his MC progression dates won’t be 100% reliable.

Based on the recorded birth time the progressed MC-birth chart Jupiter conjunction was perfect in May, 2017 and will end in May 2018. And he’s had strong support (Jupiter) from the people who matter most in keeping his job: his friends in Congress.

But on August 6, 2017 progressed MC moved to form an opposition (separation) aspect with progressed Saturn – planet of loss – at 6 Taurus 32 in house 5 so the support is fading and the adversity is increasing.

This aspect will reach peak power and discord in September 2018 and end in November 2019.

Progressed aspects do not forecast inevitable events but Ryan’s progressed chart does indicate that his days as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives are numbered.

Progressed Moon aspects

In November 2017 progressed Moon in Ryan’s chart is in house 8 (taxes and tax policy).

It moves to house 9 in July 2018.

On November 5, 2017 progressed Moon is square birth chart Saturn in house 5 and semisquare birth chart MC.

End date for both aspects is December 5.

These Moon progressions activate the progressed MC-progressed Saturn opposition – a critical marker for events involving Ryan’s reputation, popularity and career.

On November 25, 2017 progressed Moon is trine birthchart Mars.

End date is December 26.

This Moon progression activates the progressed Mars-birth chart MC inconjunct aspect.

On January 17/24, 2018 progressed Moon is square progressed and birthchart Jupiter in house 11 (friends and supporters)

In January 2018 progressed Moon moves to form a square aspect with progressed MC and on February 3, 2018 progressed Moon moves to form a square aspect with progressed Saturn.

These Moon progressions reach peak power on February 18 and March 6, 2018 respectively and activate the progressed MC-progressed Saturn opposition – the critical marker for events involving Ryan’s reputation and career.

(Moon progressions have an 8 week time-frame – four weeks before and after the aspect’s peak power date.)

Author: DW Sutton

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