Paul Ryan and the Republican Health Care fiasco

The American Health Care Act of 2017, referred to by the acronym AHCA and nicknamed Trumpcare, Ryancare and Republicare, was a United States Congress bill to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) known as Obamacare.

It was based on a plan first made public by House Republicans on March 6, 2017; passed by the House Budget Committee on March 16; and scheduled for a house vote on March 23.

But by then division (Pluto) amongst House Republicans was signaling disaster and on March 23 the bill was postponed due to a lack of support and slow progress in deal making.

It was rescheduled for March 24, but a couple of hours before the expected vote, Paul Ryan made a sudden visit to the White House and informed Donald Trump that the bill did not have enough votes to pass the House.

Speaker Ryan and President Trump then chose to withdraw the bill rather than go through with a full House vote that would have failed.

For years, congressional Republicans had been saying that they would ‘repeal and replace’ the Affordable Care Act as soon as they were able. And on March 23 Paul Ryan tweeted: ‘For 7 years, we have been promising the American people that we will #RepealandReplace this broken law. Tomorrow, we’re proceeding. Obamacare is broken, and it is failing families.’

He had previously described the Republican replacement bill as a ‘conservative wish list’ that would provide for ‘monumental, exciting conservative reform’ but instead it became a monumental failure.

Paul Ryan’s birthchart progressed to March 24, 2017jpeg-chart


Paul Ryan was born January 29, 1970 at 2.37am CST (89W01; 42N41). (Patrick Watson quotes the birth certificate.)

The chart has a +/- one minute margin of error and there’s a major structural change in the chart within this time-frame.

If he was born before 2.36.40am – 20 seconds before the recorded birth time – Neptune is in house 1 and becomes the chart’s dominant planet. But as things stand...

The Sun – planet of politics, power and the limelight – is the dominant driving force in Paul Ryan’s life.

You could say that thoughts of politics, power, pride, conscientiousness or self-esteem regularly stream into his conscious awareness.

But the Sun is square (obstacle) Jupiter – planet of conceit and indiscretion – and square (obstacle) Saturn – planet of wasted effort and loss – so his power behavior can be ineffective and his self-esteem can take big hits.

Uranus – the planet of sudden, unexpected change – is in house 10 (his career path).

It’s opposition (separation) Mars – the planet of strife – in house 4 (his home life) and trine (luck) the Sun in house 2 (his personal finances.)

So the financial rewards compensate for the unforeseen disruption and strife that define his career and home life.

(Like so many politically ambitious men he has a weak domestic-Moon-urge and little interest in a family life, little contact with the common people and little understanding of their wants and needs.)

Pluto – the planet of drastic events, coercion and groups – is also in house 10.

It’s opposition (separation) Mars – his aggressive urge – and sesquisquare (agitation) Sun – his desire to exercise power and authority – and due to these discordant aspects Pluto has a net discord score of 4.31 discordynes.

House 10 – his career, credit and honor – has a net harmony of 6.89 harmodynes.

On March 24, 2017 when Ryan failed to unify the Republican Party and was forced to withdraw the AHCA bill progressed Sun in his chart at 26 Pisces 29 in house 4 had moved to form a high discord separation (opposition) aspect with progressed Pluto – planet of division and disunity – at 27 Virgo 09R in house 10 (his credit and honor).

This aspect undermined his capacity to exercise power and authority and to unify the group.

And progressed Venus at 9 Aries 04 in house 4 had moved to form a separation (opposition) aspect with birth chart Uranus – planet of unexpected developments in house 10; progressed ascendant (his personal affairs) at 8 Capricorn 35 in house 2 had moved to form a high-discord obstacle (square) aspect with birth chart Uranus in house 10; and progressed Mercury at 20 Pisces 41 in house 4 – the cusp ruler of house 10 – had moved to form a friction (semisquare) aspect with progressed Saturn – planet of loss at 6 Taurus 28 in house 5.

Progressed chart analysis

On March 24, 2017 progressed Uranus and progressed Pluto were in house 10 and there were 19 progressed aspects influencing the house.

Seven were harmonious, 9 were discordant and 3 were neutral.

The best –most harmonious aspect – was progressed Venus parallel birth chart Uranus; and the worst – most discordant – was progressed Sun opposition birth chart Pluto.

House 10 had a total net discord of 23.45 discordynes.

More often than not Jupiter – the planet of abundance and plenty – is a fortunate influence, but in Ryan’s chart it’s square (obstacle) Sun, square (obstacle) Venus and opposition (separation) Saturn.

It’s a discordant influence with a net discord score of 9.44 discordynes.

When Jupiter is discordant that thinking is conceited, over optimistic, wishful, careless and indiscreet so even though progressed MC – at 4 Scorpio 52 in house 11 (Congress) – had moved to form a conjunction aspect with birth chart Jupiter at 5 Scorpio 15 the astrological good guy failed to provide any last minute help or support.

The message is clear: Before you embark on a monumental task be sure to get the green light from your major progressions.

Author: DW Sutton

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