Donald Trump, hush money and Stormy Daniels

Every now and then an unprecedented event occurs and a report on March 31, 2023 that a Manhattan grand jury had voted to indict Donald Trump scored 11 out of 10 on the shock index. It was a history making moment – a former president would face criminal charges – and a new experience for America so no one knew what to do or what it meant.

March 31, 2023 was not a good day for Donald Trump. News of his indictment was a horrible experience and then…

Leading lights in the GOP, whose eyes probably popped out of their heads on hearing the news, hit the airwaves spinning their version of the event; newspaper editors and opinion writers gave their views; and legal experts educated the public and explained how events would likely unfold.

With crazy thinking running riot Donald Trump’s campaign team organized a whip around. It sent out a fundraising email asking his supporters to donate $47 or more to help cover his legal costs; and Stormy Daniels – the woman Donald Trump wishes he had never met – was doing a roaring online trade selling #Teamstormy T-shits and dog chew toys that look like Trump.

It’s likely that the family and friends of those killed in the Nashville school shooting on March 27 gave the Earth shaking news a big miss; that serious thinkers around the globe didn’t know whether to laugh or cry; and people in Ukraine, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Mozambique had other things on their minds.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump was born in New York on June 14, 1946. He’s a baby zoomer who came to shock and disrupt and you might ask: Was the world ready for Donald Trump and did he make America a better place?

Donald Trump’s birth chart

Chart data is June 14, 1946 at 10.54am EST (40N41; 77W48 – Queens, New York)

His chart’s astrodyne report

His birth chart depicts his evolutionary backstory and pictures the thought-structure of his not-conscious soul-mind when he was born. What’s indicated was civilized and made human by his early life conditioning.

His prominent planets – the Sun, Moon, Uranus and Venus – mark for powerful desire-urges that were formed and developed prior to his human birth.

They indicate that his developmental journey was defined by exercising authority and being obeyed (Sun); domesticity, family life and contact with others (Moon); breaking with precedent and making marked departures from established custom (Uranus); and companionship and socializing (Venus).

The dominant Sun indicates that he would quickly learn that power and authority and being obeyed gave him certain advantages – he could do and get what he wants.

The planets by their house locations associate his thought-cell desires with life-matters and he went where his strongest urges took him. He experienced celebrity and politics (Sun), a family life (Moon), business success, fame, honor and dishonor (house 10), money and wealth (Jupiter), unexpected shocks and sudden changes (Uranus) and social fun and women (Venus).

With Mars (strife and conflict) and Pluto (coercion and crime) in house 12 (secret, covert activity) he is inclined to act furtively and use threats and intimidation (Pluto) to keep his clandestine activities hushed up; and with Mars conjunction ascendant he energetically works, and can use aggressive force, to keep his secret (sex) life a secret.

The Sun is cusp ruler of house 12 and its conjunction Uranus – the exposé planet – in house 10 so his big secrets, that can adversely affect his honor and reputation and wipe out his political aspirations, can be unexpectedly revealed. Uranus has a reputation for overturning chariots and political careers.

This Sun-Uranus conjunction explains his super-sized sense of self-importance. It indicates that he was going to make his mark and do things that made him stick out from the crowd.

Uranus is all about disruption, unconventional-weird behavior, magnetic oratory that can sway and overwhelm mere mortals, and saying and doing things that shock and surprise. But its individualistic thought-cell activity is notorious for attracting sudden, unexpected changes of fortune and estrangement. 

Donald Trump is a showman who was born to shock and surprise and the shocks and surprises are sure to keep coming. With Mars conjunction the ascendant his life is a grand adventure and he could end up anywhere. Mars is in house 12 (prison) and with Mars and Pluto, the cusp rulers of house 4 (his later life), in house 12 he has a birth chart predisposition to end up behind bars.

Natural law affirms that the major events in his life are inclined to occur when their birth chart markers are activated by progression.

April 4, 2023: Donald Trump is arrested and charged with 34 felony accounts of falsifying business records. Prosecutors accuse him of violating election laws by paying Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal through a scheme to suppress their accounts of sexual encounters with him. He pleads not guilty.

His chart progressed to April 4, 2023

His progressed chart on April 4, 2023 reveals what thought-cells were actively working to demonstrate events and his arrest was a house 7 event and his arraignment/court appearance before Judge Juan Merchan (Jupiter) was a house 9 event.  

Saturn and Uranus – planet of first-time, unprecedented, experiences – are the cusp rulers of house 7 and progressed Uranus (his individualistic thought-cell group and desire for sudden shocks and change) at 21 Gemini 27 in house 10 (his reputation) was opposition birth chart Moon at 21 Sagittarius 12 in house 4; progressed Mercury at 22 Leo 09 in house 12 (self-undoing and disappointment) was sextile progressed Uranus; progressed Venus (Stormy Daniels) at 22 Libra 24 (the expiation decanate) was trine progressed Uranus; and progressed Saturn (his security thought-cell group and desire for loss and suffering) at 3 Leo 25 in house 12 was semisquare birth chart Uranus at 17 Gemini 53.

Mars is the cusp ruler of house 9 and progressed Mars (his aggressive thought-cell group and desire for strife and conflict) at 4S59 was parallel birth chart Jupiter at 5S35 > peak power date is July 2025.

His arrest was timed by transit ascendant at 23N11 parallel progressed Uranus at 23N18 and transit Saturn at 3 Pisces 06 inconjunct birth chart Saturn; and transit Sun at 5N48 and transit Midheaven at 5S26 parallel progressed Mars and birth chart Jupiter. Progressed Mercury at 13N40 parallel birth chart Mars at 13N46 timed his arraignment.

So, while he’s blaming others for his misfortune and claiming to be the victim of a political witch hunt he was responsible for his own arrest and arraignment and whatever the consequences.

Hush money

According to USLEGAL.COM ‘hush money is a bribe given to keep something secret. It can be a bribe to assure silence of the receiver. Hush money can be defined as money paid to a person to keep him/her from telling something against another person. The matter to be kept secret can be some illegal, stigmatic, or shameful behavior, action, or other fact about the person or party who has made the offer.’

A hush money scheme – ruled by Neptune – is not illegal. It may be shady but it’s not a felony and in early November 2016 just prior to the presidential election Donald Trump made a $130,000 hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels to buy her silence. 

But at this time there were no progressions involving Neptune in Trump’s chart so the hush money payment was not a Neptune scheme. Rather, with progressed Mercury – cusp ruler of house 2 (his finances) conjunction progressed Pluto in house 12 (secret deals and criminal activity) – he felt coerced and intimidated and was forced into making the secret payment. The Mercury-Pluto conjunction reached peak power August 20, 2016

The felony (house 12) relates to how the hush money payment (house 2) was recorded (Mercury) in Trump’s accounts and whether he falsified his business records (house 10) by saying the payment was for legal fees (Jupiter) which may violate laws (house 9-Jupiter) about payments that help an election campaign.

On April 4, 2023 progressed Sun in Trump’s chart at 6 Virgo 25 in house 1 was semisextile progressed Neptune at 7 Libra 11 in house 2 (his finances) > peak power date is January 26, 2024; and progressed Mercury at 22 Leo 08 in house 12 (secret deals) was semisquare progressed Neptune.

Stormy Daniels – real name Stephanie Clifford

Stephanie Gregory Clifford aka Stormy Daniels is an American pornographic film actress, scriptwriter and director. She claims to have had a one night sexcapade with Donald Trump in 2006, which he denies, and has over a million followers on Twitter. If you want to learn more type Stormy Daniels into your search engine.

Her chart progressed to April 4, 2023

Chart data from her is March 17, 1979 at 1.10am CST (91W09; 30N27 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Her chart’s astrodyne report

The Moon at 4 Scorpio 56 (her desire for domesticity and notoriety) dominates from house 10. It’s in the second – resourcefulness – decanate of Scorpio and she’s charged up with sexual energy and has a preoccupation with sex and sensual pleasure.

The Moon is square Jupiter (her desire for plenty) in house 7 (marriage) and she’s married three times; sextile and parallel Saturn (her desire for security) in house 9 (legal matters and religion); and parallel Pluto (her desire to cooperate or coerce) in house 10 (her business interests and public standing) and she has a reputation.

Sun is in the third – vicissitudes – decanate of Pisces and her inner need for an exciting life has seen a diversity of experience and lots of change. Sun is trine Jupiter, trine Uranus and square Neptune (her desire for fantasy) in house 12 (disappointment and restriction).

Neptune, the movie planet, is conjunction the ascendant in the third – illumination – decanate of Sagittarius so when she transmutes her base desires for animal pleasure into something more worthwhile she’ll soar to spiritual heights. (Donald Trump has his Moon here and its conjunction her Neptune). Ascendant square Sun in house 3 (her thinking) – her dominant aspect – indicates a major self-esteem problem.

And Mercury is in the first – activity – decanate of Aries so she’s a trail blazer and pioneer but needs to keep the lid on a destructive impulse to seek payback and revenge. Mercury (her desire to think and communicate) in house 3 is opposition the Midheaven-Pluto conjunction so she’s mentally conflicted by her reputation and public persona.

Moon, Pluto, Jupiter, Midheaven and Neptune have above average power and Mercury and Mars are weakest. When she was born Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were retrograde. Mercury and Jupiter are now direct.

On April 4, 2023, when Donald Trump was arrested and indicted, progressed Sun (Trump) in her chart at 9 Taurus 24 in house 4 was trine (luck) birth chart Saturn at 9 Virgo 19R in house 9 (court cases); progressed Venus at 8 Aries 39 in house 3 was conjunction birth chart Mercury at 8 Aries 10R – the cusp ruler of house 9 in house 3; and progressed Moon at 26 Gemini 25 in house 7 was square birth chart Sun at 26 Pisces 05 and opposition birth chart ascendant at 26 Sagittarius 13.

Progressed Mars at 17 Aries 59 in house 4 was opposition (separation) birth chart Pluto at 18 Libra 20R in house 10 – peak power date is November 8, 2023 > end date is February 2025. It’s a high discord, very dangerous progression. She has enemies and is hated by Trump supporters and is, no doubt, targeted by trolls on social media and in the land of vigilante justice she needs to take heavy-duty safety measures to protect herself from harm.

America’s chart progressed to April 4, 2023

Progressed Sun (Donald Trump) at 17 Pisces 50 and 4S48 in house 11 (Congress) was sesquisquare (disturbing developments) progressed Saturn (conservative politics, loss, anguish and reality-checks) at 2 Scorpio 51R – the cusp ruler of house 9 (courts cases) in house 6; and parallel birth chart Neptune (hush-money scheme) at 4N09 in house 5 > peak power date is November 2024. 

What’s coming up for Donald Trump?

While he pursues his political aspirations he has a long queue of legal cases scheduled so you can fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a very long, wild ride. (Prosecutors in this case asked for a January 2024 start date and the defense attorney suggested the spring of 2024.)

The prosecution team is ruled by house 7 and their actions and capacity do harm put the focus on Saturn and Uranus; and the jury’s verdict is ruled by house 9 – Mars. Legal matters and judges are ruled by Jupiter.

On April 4, 2023 progressed Uranus is opposition birth chart Moon; and progressed Jupiter (legal matters and finances) at 25 Libra 01 (the expiation decanate) is square birth chart Venus at 25 Cancer 44 in house 11 (his friends) > peak power date is March 17, 2027

In May 2023 progressed ascendant sesquisquare birth chart Uranus (sudden shocks, unexpected events, startling revelations and change) starts > peak power date is August 2024.

In August 2023 progressed Venus square birth chart Saturn starts > peak power date is August 2024.

(In December 2023 progressed Mercury square birth chart Midheaven starts > peak power date is June 24. It’s a high discord aspect impacting house 12 and house 10 – his reputation.)

In March 2024 progressed ascendant square progressed Saturn starts > peak power date is September 2025.

(In June 2024 progressed Midheaven conjunction birth chart Pluto in house 12 starts > peak power date is July 2025. It marks for prominent events involving house 10 [his reputation] and house 12.)

In September 2024 progressed Sun semisquare birth chart Saturn starts > peak power date is September 2025.

In April 2024 progressed Mars semisquare birth chart ascendant starts > peak power date is October 2025; and progressed Mercury parallel birth chart Mars starts > peak power date is March 2026.

In March 2025 progressed Venus conjunction Jupiter starts > peak power date is May 2026.

And in April 2025 progressed Mercury conjunction birth chart Mars in house 12 starts > peak power date is October 2025.

A constant stream of Saturn progressions indicates a series of major losses and reality-checks. The house 9-house 12 discord peaks in mid 2025.

What’s coming up for America?

America’s political future must emerge from its current political situation.

In June 2023 progressed Sun parallel progressed Mars (war and gun violence) starts > peak power date is September 2026. It forecasts an escalation in the political strife, feuding and dissension. 

In January 2024 progressed Sun parallel birth chart Saturn starts > peak power date is July 2026. It forecasts loss in the democratic process, economic woes,  (recession), grave fears and ultraconservate trends.

On May 2025 progressed Sun square (conflict and obstruction) birth chart Mars (war and gun violence) starts > peak power date is May 2026. It forecasts a further escalation in the political strife, conflict and acrimony. 

And in September 2025 progressed Sun parallel progressed Neptune starts > peak power date is February 2028; and in October 2026 progressed Sun opposition (separation) birth chart Neptune starts > peak power date is November 2027. They forecast political chaos.

The current cycle of political discord reaches a crisis point in 2026-27.

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