America, your banks are in for a hard time

In the age of atheistic materialism the economic theory of life proposes that you’re here to make money and only feel better when you’re making lots of it. When you’re not, your psychological wellbeing spirals downward, just like the stock market whenever there’s a financial/banking crisis.

This economic theory of life is now so powerful it’s been integrated into the biological theories. It goes like this.

Humanity simply represents a group of people all behaving to satisfy their material wants and needs; and because these wants and needs are infinite they can never be satisfied. Their acquisition (Saturn) requires more and more money (Jupiter) and this incessant desire, which easily turns to greed (Saturn), must be allowed to fulfill itself no matter the cost. For the economist, greed is not only good, it’s essential for a healthy, prosperous economy.

But it’s a misguided theory based on flawed perceptions and high regard for one of the worst components of humanity’s multi-desire mental landscape.

The misguided souls promoting it and the misguided souls pursuing it are all behaving badly and bad behavior always has a bad outcome.

The desire to acquire is an offshoot of the security urge and your security behavior is just your self-preservation instinct doing its thing. It has you working and earning money in order to acquire basic food and shelter and taking safeguard measures to prevent poverty, disease and loss. And when you’re successful you keep your mental demons – fear, anxiety and despair – at bay.

According to economists financial loss strikes at the core of human existence which is why the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in America on March 10, 2023 sent shock waves around the world.

It was frightening news that scared people including the financial regulators who moved fast to contain the damage. Measures that normally took months to judge and evaluate were assessed and implemented in days.

The US government took emergency steps designed to prevent more instability among banks assuring clients of Silicon Valley Bank that they will be able to recover all of their money quickly.

And the US Treasury Department, Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation assured bank customers that the US banking system was sound and announced steps designed to protect bank customers and prevent more bank runs.

At the same time – on the international stage – a serious problem involving the Swiss bank Credit Suisse had financial world (Jupiter) in a state of nervous jitters (Mercury) with talk (Mercury) of a growing global bank crisis (Jupiter).

In response central banks in England, Japan, Canada, Europe, America and Switzerland took co-ordinated action to boost the flow of US dollars through the global financial system announcing that it was an ‘important backstop to ease strains in global funding markets’ and to lessen the impact on the supply of credit to households and businesses.

The seriousness of the financial situation duplicated the discord of its astrological parent – progressed Mercury square birth chart Jupiter in the Aquarian Age chart.

Moves to contain the impending crisis were super swift (Mars) because money and the economy are ‘at the core of human existence’ and in the past the authorities and financial regulators moved to slow. In March 2023 their hasty decisions were designed to establish market stability, ease the nervous jitters and prevent more bank failures. Time will tell.

Astrology, financial matters and banks

Jupiter is the planet of capitalism, finances, commerce, profits, prosperity, banking and bankers.

Banks are ruled by house 2 and Taurus; bank accounts are ruled by house 2; and house 2, Jupiter and Saturn in a country’s chart script its financial fortunes.

Jupiter and Saturn are the business-financial planets. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Saturn is the planet of economy. Jupiter desires wealth and prosperity and Saturn desires to keep it and prevent its loss. 

In charge of the show are human actors who run the banks, regulate the banks and use the banks and whenever there’s a bank-financial crisis it’s a human problem caused by actors behaving badly and making mistakes.

What happens, nationally, is chiefly determined by the harmonious and discordant progressions involving Jupiter, Saturn and the planet or planets in house 2 in a nation’s chart; and internationally by their harmonious and discordant progressions in the Aquarian Age chart.

Harmonious progressions involving all the financial markers forecast a period of financial growth and expansion; and discordant progressions indicate when a period of financial difficulty and misfortune is inclined to occur.

Whenever a major bank-financial crisis occurs those in charge identify its cause, take steps to remedy the situation and introduce financial regulations intended to prevent its re-occurrence, but if the financial regulators perceive the problem and its solution incorrectly they mess-up and set the scene for further difficulties.

America’s chart progressed to March 10, 2023

Chart data is July 4, 1776 at 2.14.35am LMT Philadelphia, Pa (39N57: 75W09)

Sun, Venus and Jupiter are in house 2 (banks and financial institutions). Jupiter there explains the country’s wealth but every now and then, when Sun, Venus and/or Jupiter is involved in a discordant progression, it’s prone to experience financial difficulties and/or a banking-financial crisis. 

And on March 10, 2023 progressed Sun at 17 Pisces 46 and 4S50 in house 11 (Congress) was sesquisquare (agitation triggered by a sudden disturbance) progressed Saturn – planet of failure, fear and loss – at 2 Scorpio 51R in house 6 – start date was April 2022 > peak power date is April 10, 2023 – and parallel birth chart Neptune – planet of inflation and uncertainty – at 4N09 in house 5 (the market) – start date was April 2022 > peak power date is November 29, 2024.

Saturn – the planet of safeguard mechanisms that financial regulators introduce to stabilize uncertainty and prevent bad behavior and problems – is cusp ruler of house 8 (debt and investors) and Neptune is the planet of exaggeration, drama, crazy imaginings and market chaos.  

But house 2 had been under heavy stress long before it manifested as the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in March 2023.

In September 2011 progressed Mercury in house 10 (business) had moved to form a sesquisquare aspect with birth chart Jupiter in house 2 (finances). It reached peak power in August 2013 and inclined the administration and financial regulators to make unwise decisions. It ends on April 19, 2023.

And in January 2022 progressed Venus in house 12 (self-undoing and secrets) moved to form a high discord opposition (separation) aspect with progressed Saturn in house 6 (labor). It reached peak power in December 2022 and ends October 29, 2023, but its forecast discord was somewhat scaled down due to the harmony of progressed Saturn trine (luck) birth chart Venus.

A more serious risk to America’s banks and finances is mapped by progressed Jupiter in house 2 square (obstacle-frustration) birth chart Saturn in house 5. It started in November 2006 and played a role in the multinational financial crisis that occurred between 2007 and 2010 that contributed to the 2007–2008 global financial crisis. It reaches peak power in April 2026.

In 2022 Neptune – the planet of inflation that triggered a rapid rise in interest rates – was under severe stress with progressed ascendant square progressed Neptune. It reached peak power in July 2022 and ends in August 2023; and progressed Mercury in house 10 inconjunct birth chart Neptune – start date was July 2022 > peak power date is May 8, 2024 – forecasts inflation, confusion, vague decision making and market uncertainty. 

These major progressions are currently writing America’s story and when they’re stimulated by a major Moon or minor progression the major national events they script are inclined to occur.

America, your banks are in for a hard time

Throughout 2023 (till June 2024) progressed Moon in America’s chart moves through house 10 (the administration and business) and the discord to house 2 is unrelenting.

On March 18, 2023 progressed Moon inconjunct progressed Neptune started > peak power date is April 12. It stimulates the major ascendant-Neptune square aspect.

On April 6 progressed Moon parallel progressed Venus starts > peak power date is June 26. It stimulates the major Venus-Saturn opposition aspect.

On May 1 progressed Moon sesquisquare birth chart Sun starts > peak power date is May 26. It stimulates the major Sun-Saturn sesquisquare aspect.

On June 21 progressed Moon sesquisquare birth chart Saturn starts > peak power date is July 16. It stimulates all the Saturn progressions and signals a peak in the Sun-Saturn discord > Saturn is the planet of panics, bank runs and recession.

On July 1 progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Jupiter starts > peak power date is July 26. It signals a peak in Jupiter discord that adversely impacts the banks and financial institutions.

On August 15 progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Mars starts – peak power date is September 8. It stimulates progressed Mars parallel progressed Neptune > start date was April 24, 2022 > and forecasts strife, conflict, rows, haste and recklessness.

On August 23 progressed Moon trine birth chart Venus starts > peak power date is September 17; on September 5 progressed Moon trine progressed Saturn starts > peak power date is September 29; and on September 27 progressed Moon sextile progressed Venus starts > peak power date is October 24. This harmonious stimulation to house 2 and Saturn inclines towards the introduction of new financial safeguards and market stability.

And on November 17 progressed Moon trine birth chart Jupiter starts > peak power date is December 11. It’s a fortunate (luck) aspect but progressed Jupiter is square birth chart Saturn.

The current high-discord Jupiter cycle is also playing a role in scripting and timing major financial events and developments; and Jupiter in America’s Jupiter cycle is in house 5 (the stock market).  

So, from April through December 2023 America’s banking and financial sector is under severe stress. Progressed Sun sesquisquare progressed Saturn is pulling the strings. Saturn’s fear, insecurity, loss and despair are pronounced and whether the steps taken by the authorities and financial regulators to manage the damage are successful remains to be seen.

Jupiter’s desire for prosperity and Saturn’s fear of poverty keep the economic wheels turning. Sufficient wealth shields against want, privation and hardship, but all the money in the world won’t buy the answers to life’s important questions or peace of mind. And the mental nirvana promised by fabulous wealth, affluence and permissive acquisition is just a thought mirage created by Neptune’s wishful thinking.

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