Hermetic teachings#2

Hermetic astrology teaches that your experiences before human birth built your character and give general trends to the ten dynamic urges mapped by the planets in your birth chart.

It teaches that these dynamic urges are composed of thought-cells and that your birth chart does not map thought-cell desires for special human events.

It teaches that the planets in your birth chart map ten different types of raw mental energies, each associated with a department of life; but the details of your life, as it is woven from those raw energies, is determined by your experiences after birth.

Hermetic astrology teaches that your birth chart has a more important function to perform than to act as a divinatory instrument to be assessed using extrasensory perception.

It teaches that your birth chart affords a map of your soul’s thought-cells and thought structures when you were born and indicates the amount and kind of energy these groups of thought-cells will receive from the planets during specific periods of your life.

Hermetic astrology does not deal with foreordained events, but with the activity of character factors as these are apt to be influenced by releases of planetary energy (progressed aspects) at different times in your life.

The planet’s positions in your birth chart do not cause you to possess the characteristics they indicate. Instead, their positions indicate the direction in which their energies are flowing and combining with other planetary currents.

The sum total of these energy streams and their convergences form an inner-plane energy-pattern and you were born when the stream of astral energy that’s depicted in your birth chart closely resembled the thought-cell organization of your soul.

A pattern of steel is quite rigid and a similar pattern of rubber is more elastic and Hermetic astrology teaches that astrological patterns mapped by birth charts seem to be of the elastic variety.

They chart streams of astral energy and souls cannot be born into human form if their own thought structure is at too wide a variance with the pattern; but when proper physical (genetic) conditions are present there is enough elasticity to this flowing astral pattern that some souls can be born and live whose thought-cell organization varies from it in considerable detail.

Actual observation of people with almost identical birth charts confirms that astrological energy patterns have considerable elasticity.

Perhaps souls born at the same moment have had rather similar pre-human life experiences. But if the birth chart represents an elastic energy pattern rather than one of rigid steel, the details of these pre-human life experiences will not be identical.

Observation of the lives of people with practically identical birth charts shows that frequently the environments into which they are born differ greatly.

Whether you consider your soul’s thought-cell organization, as mapped by your birth chart, and its vibratory rates that are associated with the genes, or the genes of the physical cell, your indicated character traits at birth are not specialized but merely of given types.

Hermetic astrology teaches that human souls, and there are now over 8 billion experiencing human life, while undergoing schooling experiences in lower forms of life have not had experiences which in many respects were identical.

These experiences have been of the Sun type, the Mercury type, the Moon type and each of the other planetary types, and they have been brought together in certain intensities of harmony and discord, and relate to specific departments of life. But they have not been human experiences.

They have not been experiences in politics, in supervising or in driving a bus. They have not been experiences as a computer operator, teacher or waiter; and people are not born with the ability to follow any of these vocations.

But the Sun experiences may have been sufficiently extensive that given the proper human environment they are easily developed into political ability or supervisory skills.

The Moon experiences may have been numerous enough and intense enough that given the proper human environment they are easily developed into the ability to grow vegetables or raise chickens.

And the Mercury experiences may have made sufficient impress on the soul that given a proper human environment they are easily developed into skills needed by a call-center operator, waiter or writer.

Hermetic astrology teaches that the nature of a soul’s pre-human life experiences can’t make human experiences with telephones, radios, websites, airplanes, movies, computers, schools and restaurants inevitable.

It teaches that your pre-human life experiences may have fitted you for numerous or few human experiences providing your physical environment easily affords them. But the same pre-human life experiences to a person born two hundred years ago would have worked out in terms of other specific things that had the same planetary and house rulership.

Can one say that lower forms of life have experiences with unconventional sexual conduct? It would be difficult to define them, and yet pre-human life experiences can give such strong urges in this direction that when a soul is born into human form they are attracted strongly towards such behavior.

Yet, both the sex urge (Mars) and the individualistic urge (Uranus) are so unspecific as to detail that they can express characteristically through a variety of other specific events which most environments readily afford.

Hermetic astrology teaches that whether the things and life-matters affected by any planet are influenced fortunately or unfortunately depends upon the environment and the desires of the planet’s thought-cells.

It teaches that the desires of any planet at birth, whether harmonious or discordant as indicated by its aspects, are only raw thought-cell trends which are molded into a specific pattern by the impacts the thought-cells receive from the particular environment in which they are compelled to express.

And that these impacts give them the habit-system of expressing through the life-matters ruled by the house where the planet is located, and of more commonly expressing through one specific event ruled by this house rather than other events ruled by it. And they also modify its harmony and discord.

Author: Elbert Benjamine

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