Prince Harry#2

Note: Harry didn’t write the book. It was ghost written by JR Moehringer an American novelist and journalist with Harry named as the author.

His chart progressed to January 10, 2023

Chart data is September 15, 1984 at 4.20pm GDT (51N32; 00W12)

Progressed Mercury (his urge to tell his story) at 9 Scorpio 22 in house 9 (books, publishing and television interviews) was semisextile birth chart Uranus (sensational revelations) in house 11 at 9 Sagittarius 53; and progressed Venus at 4 Sagittarius 31 – the cusp ruler of house 4 (his father) in house 10 (his public standing) – was square (obstacle) birth chart Mercury in house 8 (royalties) at 5 Virgo 12.

Birth chart Mercury in the achievement decanate of Virgo – Bootes – is prominent. It’s trine Jupiter, square Uranus and trine Neptune.

Progressed Sun (his desire for significance) at 00 Scorpio 43 in house 9 was conjunction Pluto (coercion, compulsion and television) at 00 Scorpio 33.

Birth chart Sun in the renunciation decanate of Virgo – Corona Borealis – is non-prominent and square (obstacle) Mars (conflict) – the cusp ruler of house 3 (his brother, William).

Birth chart Moon (his mind/mentality) in the mastership decanate of Taurus – Auriga – is in house 4 (his father) and opposition (separation) Saturn and Midheaven.

The Moon, his dominant planet, is a notorious gossip and in 2023 the Aquarian Age world has an insatiable appetite for gossip, the more salacious the better. (Citing British sales figures for January 10 the publishers of ‘Spare’ announced that the intimate memoir became the UK’s fastest selling non-fiction book ever selling 400,000 copies across hardback, e-book and audio formats.)

His chart’s astrodyne report

Family feuding

Elder brother William’s chart progressed to January 10, 2023

Chart data is June 21, 1982 at 9.03pm GDT (51N32; 00W12)

Progressed Sun (his desire for significance and respect) at 8 Leo 48 in house 7 (enmity) was sextile birth chart Mars (conflict) at 9 Libra 12 – the cusp ruler of house 3 (his brother, Harry) in house 9 (Spare); and sesquisquare (agitation) progressed Neptune (drama, exaggeration and pretence) at 24 Sagittarius 36R in house 12 (self-undoing, secrets and disppointment).

The Sun (his sense of self-importance) in Canis Minor – the moods decanate of Cancer – dominates his chart. It’s conjunction Moon – planet of gossip and notoriety – in Canis Minor and  square (obstacle) Mars (Harry) and trine Jupiter, opposition Neptune and trine Pluto.

Progressed Mars (strife, conflict and Harry) is parallel birth chart Midheaven (his reputation) > peak power date is July 2025.

His chart’s astrodyne report

Dad's chart progressed to January 10, 2023

Chart data is November 14, 1948 at 9.14am GMT (51N30; 00W10)

Progressed Jupiter at 16 Capricorn 35 – the intercepted ruler of house 5 (Harry) and cusp ruler of house 9 (Spare) in house 6 – was square (obstacle) birth chart Venus (loved ones) at 16 Libra 23 in house 4 (latter life events); and inconjunct progressed Pluto (coercion) at 15 Leo 33R – the cusp ruler of house 5 (Harry and William) – in house 1 (his health and wellbeing).

Mars (strife and conflict) and Jupiter (hope and forgiveness) are in house 5 (the kids) and progressed Mars at 18 Aquarius 22 in house 7 (Camilla) was conjunction progressed Mercury (controversy) at 19 Aquarius 15R > its peak power date is August 21, 2023.

Moon (his mind/mentality) in house 10 (his reputation) is in Lepus – the determination decanate of Taurus. It dominates his chart and is opposition Mercury and square ascendant. Saturn at 5 Virgo 16 in house 2 (his personal finances) intercepts the Moon-Mercury opposition providing him with practical, sober relief from the high discord gossip, controversy and mental conflict. 

Sun in Corona Australis – the attainment decanate of Scorpio – is his weakest planet. (Sun was his mother’s weakest planet too.)

Progressed ascendant (him) has moved to form high discord square aspects with Jupiter (his children) and Uranus (his wife) so the family tensions won’t be going away anytime soon. In fact they’re likely to get much worse.

King Charles' chart’s astrodyne report

Author: DW Sutton

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