Saturn and Uranus do battle for Aquarius

Mundane – global – astrology is a body of scientific knowledge that explains the principles that regulate and govern the evolutionary processes of life on Earth. It’s grounded in natural law and its knowledge of natural cycles is the key to making sense of our world.

On January 19, 1881 the passing of the equinox from Pisces back to Aquarius heralded big evolutionary change. That’s when the astral and electromagnetic forces influencing life on Earth shifted from an emotional, fanciful, I believe motivation to an intellectual, scientific, I know motivation.

Aquarius is the sign of knowledge. It acquires information and pursues truth through meticulous, investigative research. Politically it’s into democracy and is socially progressive. It champions democratic freedoms, equality, education for all, human rights and respect for difference.

Its best quality is altruism – the highest form of wisdom – and its worst is argumentation – not the application of reason to support an idea, action or theory but mischievous opposition for the sake of debate which creates friction and conflict.

Aquarius has two rulers – Saturn and Uranus – and its symbol is two wavy lines that denote two serpents traveling in opposite directions. And Saturn – its conservative, conventional ruler – and Uranus – its progressive, unconventional ruler – travel diametrically opposed courses.

Saturn is the planet of orthodoxy, conservative values, fundamentalism, rear vision thinking and tradition. Its back to the past mindset resists progressive change and bucks the tide of progress.

Uranus is the planet of modernity, progressive values, independent thinking, originality, reverse logic and occult insight. Its liberal, forward looking mindset advocates progressive change and reform.

And in 2023 you’re witnessing a cosmic battle of stupendous proportions as Saturn and Uranus do battle for Aquarius.

Politics is a war-zone

From 1881 to approximately 2188 the Sun section of the Aquarian Age brings politics and governance into prominence and Saturn and Uranus are locking horns on the political battlefield.

The discovery of Pluto in 1930 set the scene for division and in 2023 the world is politically divided as two vastly different political ideologies strive for dominance.

One democracy is a type of government in which political representatives are elected by the eligible citizens of a nation or state. It offers rule of law, respect for human rights, free expression, press freedom and freedom of dissent.

The other authoritarian dictatorship is a type of government in which a single person or party has absolute power. Citizens must strictly obey the ruling authority. They can participate in elections but the controlling authority ensures it will win. Human rights and freedom of speech and dissent are suppressed and citizens are often persecuted for unethical reasons.

Democracy bears the hallmarks of Aquarius and Uranus and authoritarian dictatorship is strictly Saturn and Lower-Pluto.

On the national stage multi-party democracies are divided and polarized into two major political camps. The right-wing conservative political-social position (Saturn) and the left-wing progressive liberal-moral credo (Uranus) are the two chief default options.

The conservative crowd that’s conventional, fearful, distrustful of change, orthodox, self-interest motivated and supportive of the status-quo votes for limited government, individualism, traditionalism and in America and Australia limited federal intervention in relation to states.

The liberal mob that’s forward thinking, socially conscious, distrustful of the customary, restless for change, unconventional and supportive of the social status of minorities votes for individual rights, liberty, consent of the governed, political equality and equality before the law.

Saturn restricts, fears the unknown, resists change, turns back the hands of time and puts the brakes on progress. Uranus liberates, embraces change, makes reform and celebrates diversity and in response to voter trends nations experience periods of conservative or progressive socio-economic development.

Politically Saturn is into business, private enterprise, personal initiative, building walls and staying safe and Uranus is into worker’s welfare, government ownership, opening doors, humanitarianism and reducing suffering.

Politically Uranus works to free people from the bondage imposed by want, fear and authoritarianism. It champions freedom of expression and freedom of religion. Economically it advocates material comfort for all and policies that conduce towards freedom from want. And it’s well aware that Saturn’s fear makes people irrational and stupid.

In recent years as progressive liberalism has trended upward Saturn has become increasingly hard-line.

In 2023 social conservatism (Saturn) describes conservative stances on socio-cultural issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, and school prayer as opposed to what is termed social (cultural) liberalism (Uranus).

It’s in the political sphere that rights are won, maintained and defended and recent events reveal that no right is guaranteed.

Saturn transits Aquarius: December 2020-March 3023

The perils of old world religion and new age materialism

Change, which can be progressive or regressive, takes place in response to new knowledge and cultural sentiment; but in 2023 old world religious beliefs are clashing  with new age knowledge and the pathway to the glorious freedoms and truths promised by Aquarius is paved with pitfalls.

The peril is most pronounced in the religious-philosophical sphere and that’s where Saturn and Uranus are fighting a do or die battle.

That’s because religious teachings form the pattern of human conduct and Aquarian Age religious teachings will determine if Aquarian Age knowledge will be used to benefit humanity or enable the few to subjugate and exploit the many.

Aquarian Age religious teachings will determine if the selfishness of Saturn or the humanitarian spirit of Uranus will prevail.

And in 2023 Aquarius is shackled with Piscean age religious beliefs; a Church that imposes, dictates and curtails personal liberty; and a vengeful God that inflicts divine retribution if you’re a non-believing sinner.

The religious agenda runs on fear (Saturn) and Uranus seems powerless to liberate humanity from the mental slavery fear imposes. Its amazing discoveries, original thinking and occult insights have had no impact on the world’s religions.

In the age of liberation information Saturn’s materialistic philosophy that’s based on the belief that nothing exists except matter and its movements and modifications has reduced your life to a genetic lottery. It’s canceled God, the soul and a post biological future.

In 2023 Uranus is not having a liberating influence on Saturn’s Piscean age religious teachings or its new age biological theory of life.

No one knows who will win

In 2023 Saturn’s restrictive conservatism and Uranus’s technological and scientific advancement are scripting humanity’s story.

Uranus boasts scientific knowledge and reckons that AI and intelligent machines are going to save you. But its technologies only discover scientific facts that limit your life to the material plane.

The religion of technology preaches big-tech’s worldview. Millions of followers worship smart devices, interactive electronic gadgets, computer games and genetic engineering. Technology is revolutionizing life and death but Uranus has done nothing to liberate people from their fears.

In 2023 Saturn’s greed and selfishness traps people in a poverty mindset that’s focused on economic survival, safety, climate change and a fear of death, disease and weapons of mass destruction.

Saturn kills the joy and makes it very difficult to have an enjoyable life.

In 2023 self-interest destroys any desire to cooperate (Pluto).

In 2023 conservatism, customary thinking, personal advantage and selfishness conflict with liberalism, progressive reform, liberty and humanitarianism as Saturn and Uranus do battle for Aquarius.

And no one knows who will win and how the story will end.



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