Astrology world in 2023

Mention astrology in 2023 and the first thing people think is zodiac signs and fortune-telling. Astrology world is teeming with fortune-tellers who give free daily Sun-sign forecasts; others who tell fortunes for a fee; and hundreds of websites and podcasters presenting astrological beliefs. Disinformation is rampant.

In 2023 the public has been trained to think that astrology is a form of divination that involves practitioners using charts that display planets, zodiac signs and other celestial objects.

Its basic premise is that people’s lives or earthly events are influence by heavenly bodies — the Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids and constellations. Its central focus is the zodiac signs which correlate with the constellations of the same name.

Ancient astrological concepts and practices mingle with untested new ideas and fortune-tellers seriously use countless asteroids and fixed stars in their predictive work.

If you believe and accept the popular perception of astrology you’ll fall into the same trap that’s blowing up the old-world religions.

In 2023 astrology world is rife with absurd ideas and untested beliefs.

Mystical folly eclipses facts and logic

Mystical information is vague, obscure, suggestive and insinuating. It’s mere fantasy; and in 2023 astrology world is jam-packed with mystical thinkers. It’s a place where the mystical imagination creates a fantasy and logic flies out the window.

Mystical thinkers can’t think scientifically. They don’t have the mental capacity or discipline to learn and understand evidence-based classified data, rules and the function of measurement.

They like the idea of no rules and no system. It gives them the mental freedom to gather information as hunches and feeling impressions. No rules mean no constraints on what their feeling impressions might glean or suggest.

Mystical thinkers view classified data, system and rules as illogical. It’s not logical to have a systematic, rules based procedure for interpreting something that has no clearly defined function or purpose.

In 2023 popular astrology is rife with mystical folly. Does anyone take it seriously? Fortune and misfortune tellers just don’t know the importance of birth chart data. Few people do.

To them a chart is just a sketch with a lot of strange symbols placed in and around it. It can’t be important. It can’t mean anything. Taking a guess at what might happen in the future is fun. If the guess is wrong it doesn’t matter. There’s no serious consequence. Most people know that the future can’t be foretold. They know from personal experience that no one can tell them what tomorrow holds let alone what’s going to occur in six months time.

Buyers beware

In 2023 frauds are common in astrology world. The public has no way of knowing who’s a sincere practitioner and who’s a charlatan. The public practice of astrology has no regulatory oversight – buyers beware. It’s a situation demanding standard educational qualifications.

Fortune-teller type astrologers need regulating. Self-regulation is not in the public’s best interest. Their clients are affected by the things they say and do. They have a duty of care. They should behave in a reasonable way and avoid saying or doing things which may cause psychological or other harm.  And just like any service provider they should be held accountable for their actions.

Astrology teachers have a duty of care to their students.  Teachers must be properly trained and conduct themselves in a way that poses no harm or risk to students.  Any harm caused to a student is a breach of duty by the teacher.

In 2023 the computer programmers develop chart interpretation programs. Their generic interpretations are simple, absurd and meaningless. They do astrology a disservice and their ridiculous programs are used by unscrupulous frauds and incompetents who know nothing about astrology to hoodwink the unsuspecting public.

Astrology’s back to the past revival

Astrology is subject to contemporary change but in 2023 there’s a back to the past revival as believers scrutinize ancient teachings seeking new understanding.

The Mesopotamians recorded their astrological observations for centuries and in the British Museum there’s a set of clay tablets upon which they recorded and correlated happenings here on Earth with what happened in the sky.

These records, called the Enuma Anu-Enlil Series of the Chaldeans, date back to before the conquest of Sargon, about 2,750 BC and they’re now  being examined to gain new astrological insights.

But astrology is a progressive field of study and these ancient texts rather than providing new insights provide a foundation for knowledge building.

Astrology is a pseudoscience and the devil’s work

In 2023 many people consider astrology a pseudoscience or superstition. It’s maligned and ridiculed; and orthodox materialistic science argues that it fails to demonstrate its claims in controlled studies and that there is no theory of astrology or scientifically explained causal mechanism. 

Its proponents are likely to see it as a symbolic language that’s applied to the positions of certain celestial bodies as an art, science or form of divination. They claim the traits and characteristics of the zodiac signs are uncannily accurate. 

In 2023 fundamentalist Christians see astrology and the occult as the devil’s work. Obeying God’s words, as written in the Bible, they recite any number of verses that condemn or warn against astrology, fortune-tellers, mediums, spiritists, divination, sorcery and magic charms. Yet, for ever verse that apparently condemns the practice of astrology another can be found that supports and advocates its use.

Astrology has a credibility problem

In 2023 astrology has a serious credibility problem. It doesn’t have a clearly defined scientific theory or means by which the theory is accomplished. And many of its proponents, realizing the difficulty of finding a scientifically acceptable causal mechanism believe there isn’t one.

Instead they reject the feasibility of applying and validating astrology through scientific testing. They’re happy to believe in a reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence. They refer to the accuracy of their real-life event forecasts to validate astrology and argue that astrology doesn’t need the support of any theory or mechanism. 

But without a causal mechanism there is no way of validating astrology through scientific testing and this means the celestial bodies in the sky are reduced to mystical signs or portents of events.

In 2023 there’s an urgent need for factual astrological information, data measurement, and a theory of astrology that’s grounded in a scientifically valid causal mechanism.

Truthful, genuine astrological knowledge is precious. It needs to be saved and passed on. Hermetic astrology is a data base of pure, unadulterated astrological information. It’s there for you to learn and understand, if you wish.

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