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In 2023 there are over 8 billion human souls on planet Earth struggling to survive and find their way; and 193 member states of the United Nations with their own unique, structurally different political, social and economic systems. God’s Great Evolutionary Plan which showcases diversity is in overdrive. 

One hundred and forty-two years earlier in 1881 the vernal equinox backed into the third decanate of Aquarius signaling the start of the Age of Aquarius and heralding the commencement of an approximate 716 year decanate phase showcasing a trend scripted by the constellation Cetus.

Cetus is the 4th largest constellation and was first catalogued by Ptolemy in the early 2nd century. It is easy to recognize as it resembles the outline of a whale or sea monster.

In Greek mythology Cetus – a whale-like sea monster – was sent by the sea god Poseidon to terrorize and wreak havoc on the kingdom of ancient Aethiopia as retribution for the boastful behavior of its queen, Cassiopeia.  

It was a crisis situation for the country and to find a solution King Cepheus consulted an oracle who instructed him to sacrifice his daughter Andromeda to the sea monster and he had her chained to a rock for Cetus to kill.

Fortunately, before the depraved sacrifice took place, Perseus – knight errant of the zodiac and the personification of enlightenment – who had just slain and beheaded the serpent-haired monster Medusa – the personification of greed and selfishness – flew by on the winged horse, Pegasus, and saved Princess Andromeda just as Cetus was rising from the water to devour her.

The myth goes that when Perseus showed Cetus the fearsome face of Medusa the sea-monster turned to stone although classical sources say he killed Cetus with his magical sword. Whatever, Perseus and Andromeda fell in love and married.

Today in 2023 Cetus – symbol of discord, terror and havoc – is back terrorizing humanity with repressive dictators, ultra-conservative stone-age thinkers, dangerous know-it-alls who don’t know what they’re talking about, aggressive militarism, racial prejudice and atheistic materialism. It’s wrecking havoc by exploiting the weak and fostering gender and education inequality.

The human soul (aka Princess Andromeda) is being sacrificed on the rock of materialism, fear and brutal discord. The world seriously needs a modern Perseus to enlighten humanity with liberating spiritual truths.

In 2023 the Sun section of the Age of Aquarius showcases imperialism, great powers, a battle for dominance, authoritarianism, big power politics, governance, militarism, patriotism, nationalism and egomania.

In 2023 the Pluto period of the Aquarian Age showcases groups, division, polarization, mass surveillance, inversion, disinformation, coercion and thuggery. Democracy is under threat; personal opinion cancels truth; biological atheism erases true religion; DNA is worshipped; and the legions of light are locked in a no-holds barred battle with the forces of darkness that are intent on stealing your soul and switching off the spiritual lights.

As the curtain rises on 2023 Cetus and Lower-Pluto are wrecking havoc. The world stumbles along. Humanity is beset with terrifying problems. Religion, science and affluence have not provided the mental and spiritual security you seek. Chances are your life isn’t that fantastic; your individuality has been submerged; and you’ve been reduced to a statistic in a vast impersonal world.

A problem is a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful that needs to be dealt with and overcome and in 2023 the problems include climate change, the war in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis, inflation, debt distress, the European energy crisis, food insecurity, economic uncertainty, the prospect of recession, racism, disinformation, the erasure of truth and the threat of nuclear conflict.

Millions of climate and violence migrants are seeking safe havens.

Economics has big problems. It’s grounded in self-interest but in the Age of Aquarius it has to embrace altruism, humanity, wellbeing and shared interest. It has to address the advantages of cooperation, agreeableness, sharing and kindness, and the disadvantages of ruthless competition, greedy grabbing and the problems caused by income inequality and wealth disparity.

Economic growth (Jupiter) is a good thing. It fosters more jobs, more money and more consumption and it’s closely measured and monitored, but it doesn’t mean equal wellbeing and happiness. Most people are happy with a secure job and income stream, but some want more and more and more.

In 2023 economics is about data measurement and in the age of altruism economists have a problem measuring wellbeing, happiness, life-satisfaction and mental health. They have to measure your intelligence and ability too – what they call your human capital and what you have to offer society – and in a perfect economic world that’s what trained experts would do by applying Hermetic astrology to your birth chart.

In 2023 great minds address global problems and expert forecasters try to predict future trends and developments. Here’s what the planets are saying.

Jupiter: The cost of living crisis

Jupiter (rising prices) conjunction Neptune (inflation) in the sky ends January 15; and in the Aquarian Age chart progressed Mercury is square birth chart Jupiter > peak power date is April 16; and progressed Jupiter is sextile birth chart Venus > peak power date is August 1.

2023 showcases financial difficulties. A new high-discord Jupiter cycle that starts January 13 forecasts a financial reckoning.

Mercury opposition Moon and square Jupiter in the chart indicates that over optimism and misguided hope drive financial policy with the cost of living going up, wages going down and social unrest rife.

Rising prices presage rising inflation and economists dread inflation. It’s an increase in the prices of goods and services brought about by rapid growth in money supply, increased demand, excess consumer spending, shortages and/or global supply chain problems that push up production costs.

Higher prices and inflation affect consumer spending, change the way the economy and business operates and impact the property market.

In 2023 Jupiter, the planet that scripts at least 50% of the good news stories, is forecasting financial problems and adverse financial trends.

Mars: Conflict, violence and war

Seven major Mars progressions in the Aquarian Age chart are fuelling humanity with high-octane aggressive energy; and 108 aspects in the Mars cycle will script and time hundreds of newsworthy Mars (war, violence, strife, conflict, accident and fire) events throughout the year.

2023 showcases progressed Mars conjunction birth chart Saturn > peak power date is January 27, 2024. The risks and dangers are coming thick and fast.

From June 10 to August 11, 2023 progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Mars and birth chart Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart will time major events (aggressive security measures) mapped by this progression.

In 2023 Mars and Saturn regularly write the news headlines. They’re engaged in land/territorial conflicts (Taiwan). They’re spewing vile thoughts and thoughtless opinion; and bombs, explosions, guns, out-of-control anger, reckless impulse, speed, accidents and fires are killing large numbers of people.

In 2023 factories manufacture weapons and low emission products as nations and politicians bicker, argue, fight and feud and everyone interferes in everyone else’s business.

In 2023 Mars showcases strife, conflict, destruction and resilience.

Saturn: The climate crisis and coal

Saturn square Uranus in the sky ends January 24; and in the Aquarian Age chart progressed Mars is conjunction birth chart Saturn.

Climate change is a grim reality. It’s all about global warming. It creates the conditions for more natural disasters, bigger storms, thunderstorms, lightning strikes, floods, cyclones, damaging winds, droughts and wildfires.

The most effective way to address the problem is to decrease carbon emissions from burning coal – the most polluting fossil fuel. But the transition from dirty to clean energy suffers setbacks as the demand for energy increases and people need electricity right now. And coal (Saturn) does the trick.  

Global warming puts the pressure on meteorologists. Their job is to forecast extreme weather events (Saturn-Uranus) and provide advice and it’s a risky business. Are you prepared for the consequences of climate change: an unlivable home, power outages and days without fresh food or water?

In 2023 severe climate change is unstoppable. Extreme weather events are hurting farmers and ruining people’s lives. They’re wrecking economic havoc and stressing out the insurance industry (Saturn-house 8). Storms and floods are the most costly weather events. Their damage bills cost governments billions.

In 2023 Saturn forecasts recession and some countries are already there. Recession means reduced business activity, higher unemployment and reduced government revenue and taxes. Will recession bring down inflation?

In 2023 Saturn’s fears and insecurities have nations engaged in an arms race; millions of elderly Baby Boomers require nursing by young-age carers; hard far-right political leaders are inflicting social harm; and you’re living with security threats, reality checks and covid waves.

In 2023 Saturn showcases loss – millions of people will lose everything.

Uranus: Electricity, racism, ingenuity and invention

Saturn square Uranus ends January 24; and in the Aquarian Age chart progressed Venus (women and peace moves) is trine (luck) progressed Uranus > peak power date is March 18; progressed Mars (war and manufacturing) is parallel birth chart Uranus > peak power date is April 13; and progressed Mercury (science, education and press) is sextile (opportunity) birth chart Uranus > peak power date is June 7.

From August 15 to October 4 and November 9 to December 28 progressed Moon square progressed and birth chart Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart will time major events mapped by all these Uranus progressions.

In the 2012 Uranus cycle chart Uranus is conjunction Moon – planet of the common, everyday people –and starting in March 2023 seven Uranus progressions keep the chart active throughout the year.

2023 showcases Uranus. It’s the planet of diversity, change, freedom, personal liberty, democratic rights, individualism, extremism, racism, radical action, dissent, unrest, disruption, strikes, uprisings, technology, ingenuity, artificial intelligence, virtual reality devices, robot dogs, electric cars and electricity.

In 2023 there’s a global electricity price crisis. Households, businesses and industries are hurting as power prices (Jupiter) skyrocket. And Jupiter’s cost of living crisis will trigger widespread dissent, unrest, strikes and protests (over cost of living and wages) throughout the year.

The new Aquarian Age civilization runs on electricity. It keeps the lights on and keeps you warm, cool and connected. You can’t live without it, but 940 million people – that’s 13% of the world – do. They’re energy poor and live in energy poverty. In 2023 Aquarius proclaims they need access to electricity.

In 2023 discrimination on the basis of race or ethnicity is a major global problem. A Pew research survey in February 2022 found that the worst countries for racial quality were Bulgaria, Slovakia, Qatar, South Korea, Israel, Russia, Belarus, Romania, Kazakhstan and Cambodia.

In 2023 humanity is pinning its survival on human ingenuity. It apparently is the best defense against the problems created by human ingenuity. It has to come up with radical new ways to solve the world’s problems. It has to find ways to reduce carbon emissions. It has to make the world safe, secure and liveable.

In 2023 climate change is having disastrous consequences but not solving it will be a catastrophe. So the world’s architects are designing environmentally friendly buildings and governments are relying on inventors to invent technologies to effectively curb carbon emissions and cool the planet.

In 2023 Uranus showcases change and reform – brace yourself for disruption – and you’ll have to learn to live differently and decide the type of world you want to live in now and in the future.

Neptune: Oil, gas and the global energy crisis

There are no significant Neptune progressions in the Aquarian Age chart in 2023 and no aspects in the Neptune cycle but Neptune is conjunction the Sun in the 2023 Sun cycle chart.

Neptune is the planet of oil, gas, inflation, grandiose schemes, corporations, stock holders, fraud, chaos, confusion, aviation, the movie industry, slavery, drugs, the pharmaceutical industry and socialism.

Neptune showcases exaggeration and illusion and the world’s movers and shakers have minds that can play tricks by creating illusions out of wishful thoughts.

In October 2022 the International Energy Agency (IEA) reported the world is facing its first ‘truly global energy crisis’. It was brought about by supply shortages due to an increased demand for oil and gas following the covid pandemic and supply disruptions caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The world needs oil, and an increased supply of oil, so the big oil companies keep drilling but while the war in Ukraine drags on and OPEC keeps its oil supply tight oil prices are likely to remain high.

In 2023 Neptune showcases schemes to address problems like the energy crisis, modern day slavery and corporate power. It forecasts a wave of corporate fraud and scamming as too many people succumb to their desire for easy wealth.

With Neptune conjunction Sun in the upcoming Sun cycle charts – 2023 through 2030 – its influence on global affairs will come into prominence, including its capacity to promise so much and deliver so little.

In 2025 Saturn conjunction Neptune in the sky forecasts major energy supply problems, a scarcity of oil and difficult times for the world’s corporations; and on April 24, 2026 a new (short) Neptune cycle starts.

Pluto: Atheism, groups, the team-spirit and mob mentality

Progressed Mercury is semisquare (friction) progressed Pluto > peak power date is June 16; and progressed Mars is parallel progressed Pluto > end date is July 20, 2025

In 2023 Lower-Pluto proclaims there is no God, no tomorrow, no restraints on abusive behavior and no being held accountable for death and destruction.

So spiritually bankrupt dictators abuse human rights and ethically challenged cybercriminals and data hackers have the most fun.

Pluto showcases groups: The Wagner group, right-wing groups, left-wing groups, climate justice groups, human rights groups, refugee rights groups, religious groups, ransomware groups, hacker groups and organized crime groups.

Pluto showcases the transition to a fossil free future. Cleaner power requires cooperation between rich and poor countries. The team spirit is higher than conservative conformity and rugged individualism. But Africa needs more electricity which at the moment has to come from fossil fuels. Mercury is inviting you to join in the conversation.

In 2023 Lower-Pluto showcases groups, materialistic atheism, thuggery, cybercrime, mass surveillance, disinformation, cancel culture and erasure. Its self-interest, coercion, information warfare and exploitation are common in the halls of learning, science and the houses of parliament, courts, churches, internet and social media.

Pluto’s crowd mentality has become a senseless form of social media mob rule defined by alternative realities and irrational stupidity. Jesus is a vaccine. Human thinking regularly reaches new levels of absurdity. In 2023 too many people have lost all reason. The nuts are everywhere and the historical evidence proves that it’s easy to go bonkers in a crowd. And 8 billion people, each with a different mindset, is a mighty big crowd.

In 2023 humanity has to learn to think factually, collectively and cooperatively.

In 1720 Sir Isaac Newton observed: ‘I can calculate the motions of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.’ One wonders what he thinks about people in 2023.

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