If it’s in your birth chart you’ve got it

As a child of the universe the planets and zodiac signs have endowed you with their qualities and attributes. They’re specified by your birth time and depicted in your birth chart.

Your chart takes you on a journey to yourself and allows you to conduct a background check to discover how you got to be who you are.

It’s a personal ready-reference that reveals what you have in your character.

If there’s determination and persistence in your birth chart you’ve got it; if there’s enthusiasm and zest you’ve got it; and if there’s practicality and pragmatism you’ve got it.

If there’s struggle you’ll have it; if there’s reckless impulse you’ll have it; and if there’s luck and good fortune you’ll have it.

You’ll have the qualities and behavior traits indicated by your Sun sign; and the personality traits indicated by your ascendant sign.

If there’s kindness, loyalty and devotion you’ll have it; and if there’s deceit, imposture and skullduggery you’ll have it.

If the water element is powerful you’ll be emotional and sensitive; and if the movable quality is strong you’ll be a pioneer.

If there’s a predominance of planets on the east side of your chart you’ll shape events and mold circumstance; and if the majority are on the west side you’ll be shaped by circumstance and the actions of others.

And if more planets are above the horizon you’ll receive adequate notice and recognition; and if the majority are below the horizon you won’t.

If it’s in your birth chart you’ve got it

If the Sun is prominent indicating a conspicuous desire for power and significance you’ve got it.

If Saturn has above average power indicating a prominent desire for safety and security you’ve got it.

If Mercury is discordant indicating misguided decision making you’ve got it.

If there’s a conjunction aspect indicating a conspicuous character trait you’ve got it; if there’s a trine aspect indicating a lucky break you’ve got it; and if there’s a sextile aspect indicating an opportunity you’ve got it.

If there’s an opposition aspect indicating a distressful separation you’ve got it; if there’s a square aspect indicating an obstacle is frustrating what you want to do you’ve got it; and if there’s a semisquare aspect indicating annoying friction and criticism you’ve got it.

If Mars is in house 6 you’ve got strife and conflict with work mates; and if Saturn is in house 7 you’ve got loss through marriage and difficult relations with partners.

Whatever is in your birth chart you’ve got it.

The Sun indicates you’ve got a power urge, a sense of self-importance, a need to attain significance and be somebody, and a desire for approval.

The Moon indicates you’ve got a desire for a home and family life, nurturing instincts, and your own mind or mentality.

Mercury indicates you’ve got intellectual ability, an impulse to learn, and a desire to think, form opinions, talk and express yourself.

Venus indicates you’ve got an urge to socialize and have fun, a sweet side, and a desire to give and receive affection.

Mars indicates you’ve got aggressive impulses, an urge to fight, a competitive instinct and a desire for sex, adventure and excitement.

Jupiter indicates you’ve got a religious urge, benevolence and goodwill, hope and optimism, a moral compass, and a sense of right and wrong.

Saturn indicates you’re looking out for #1, self-interest motivated, security conscious, protecting yourself, and planning for tomorrow.

Uranus indicates you’ve got originality, a desire to be different, eccentric ideas, unconventional thoughts, and sudden, unexpected life changes.

Neptune indicates you’ve got idealism, starry-eyed romantic impulses, a yen for easy wealth and easy living, and a vivid imagination.

And Pluto indicates you’ve got an urge to join a group or team and work together with others to achieve a common goal; or an urge to dictate, coerce, bully, harass and/or threaten.

Some birth chart indicators like the number of planets above and below the horizon and the number of planets on the east and west sides of your chart can’t be changed but you can change an ineffective attitude mapped by a discordant zodiac sign and you can recondition and change or modify the ineffective thinking and feeling behavior mapped by a discordant planet.  

By mapping your character as it exists at the time of your birth your birth chart allows you to see your true self and to take steps to mend the developmental black spots that as misguided thoughts, feelings and impulses are thwarting your success and undermining your mental, emotional and spiritual development right here and now.

Author: DW Sutton

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