Events report: Mars conjunction Jupiter May 8, 2022

The event forecast period was May 8-June 15, 2022

May 13: The Supreme Court of Canada (Jupiter-house 9) rules that defendants accused of violent crimes (Mars) such as homicide and sexual assault (Mars) can use self-induced extreme intoxication (Mars) as a defense, striking down a federal law supported by women's advocacy groups. The court said a 1995 law (Jupiter-house 9) that prohibits the defense was unconstitutional and violated Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. At issue was whether defendants accused of a violent crime in a criminal court can raise extreme intoxication – known as ‘non-mental disorder automatism’ – as a defense.

May 26: Spain’s lower house of parliament passes a bill (Jupiter) that qualifies all non-consensual sex as rape (Mars).

May 30: European Union leaders agree in principle to cut 90 percent of oil imports (Neptune) from Russia by the end of this year after reaching a compromise deal with Hungary.

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi and counterparts in 10 Pacific Island nations fail (Saturn) to reach consensus (Pluto) at talks on a sweeping security (Saturn) and trade deal (Jupiter) amid concerns the proposal could ‘threaten regional stability’.

Canada’s government (Sun) introduces legislation (Jupiter) to implement a ‘national freeze’ on the sale (Jupiter) and purchase of handguns (Mars) as part of a gun control package that would also limit magazine capacities and ban some toys that look like guns.

May 31: Pope Francis (Jupiter) leads an international prayer service for peace in Ukraine and other places stricken by war (Mars).

June 2: War in Ukraine; Russian forces have taken 70 percent of Severodonetsk; Zelensky says that Russian forces have seized 20% of his country’s territory and that 200,000 children are among the Ukrainians who have been forcefully (Pluto) taken to Russia.

People in Taiwan are taking up arms (Mars) for the first time in their lives (Uranus) as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ratchets up anxiety (Saturn) at the prospect of China making a similar move on the democratic island.

Yemen’s warring parties agree to extend a UN-brokered truce (Jupiter) for another two months under the same terms as the original deal that was due to expire today.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres warns that unless humanity acts now ‘we will not have a liveable planet’ and that the world must cease its ‘senseless and suicidal war (Mars) against nature’. He singled out developed nations and their gluttonous use of the planet’s resources.

Gas prices (Neptune-Jupiter) are soaring around the globe.

June 3: War in Ukraine; Russian forces have advanced deep into Severodonetsk; they’re amassing for an attack on the city of Slovyansk in eastern Ukraine; Ukrainian forces have recaptured around 20 percent of the territory they lost in the eastern region of Luhansk; the Kremlin says Russia will continue its invasion until all its ‘goals’ are met; and the whole world in some way is suffering the impacts of Putin’s war.

African countries are innocent victims of the war in Ukraine. Over 40% of the wheat (Saturn-house 6) consumed in Africa usually comes from Russia and Ukraine but with Ukraine’s Black Sea ports largely blocked for exports since the conflict began a grain shortage (Saturn) could result in famine (Saturn) that affects 1.4 billion people and triggers mass migration. Food prices have shot up (Jupiter) across Africa.

June 5: War in Ukraine; Ukrainian forces counterattack in Severodonetsk regaining a swath of lost ground; and Kyiv saw its worst missile attack (Mars) in weeks.

North Korea test-fires eight short-range ballistic missiles (Mars) towards the sea off its east coast.

At least 50 worshippers are killed including many children as attackers (Mars) target the St Francis Catholic Church (Jupiter) in Nigeria’s southwestern Ondo state.

And at least 49 people are killed and more than 200 injured in an explosion (Mars) at a container storage facility in the town of Sitakunda in Bangladesh.

June 6: South Korea and the US fire eight surface-to-surface missiles (Mars) off South Korea’s east coast, responding to a barrage of short-range ballistic missiles launched by North Korea.

Strife (Mars) erupts in India and an angry row (Mars) erupts between India and the Islamic world – Kuwait, Qatar, Iran and Saudi Arabia – after two senior officials in India’s ruling BJP made controversial comments about the Prophet Mohammad (Jupiter).

June 8: War in Ukraine; in one of the bloodiest battles of the war Russian forces launch a fierce assault (Mars) in Severodonetsk forcing the Ukrainian fighters to pull back to the outskirts of the city; and Moscow claims that 97 percent of the Luhansk region is under Russian control.

June 9: The House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attack (Mars) on the US Capitol holds its first public hearing (Jupiter-house 9) to reveal the findings of its year-long investigation.

World golf (Mars-Jupiter) is in chaos (Neptune) with the PGA Tour announcing a ban (Pluto) on all players who have teed off at the glitzy launch of Greg Norman’s Saudi-backed LIV Invitational Series.

June 12: The war in Ukraine remains the major war in the world today. It’s settling in and developing its own modus operandi.

Author: DW Sutton

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