Hermetic teachings#1

Hermetic astrology teaches that natal astrology, when applied to your birth chart, is the science of finding and utilizing your natural potential.

It teaches that your birth chart is a map of your character aka soul and that the data it provides, as reliable self-information, can greatly enhance your chances of reaching your full potential as a human soul.

It teaches your soul exists on an inner-astral-plane and picks up radio fashion the astral radiations the planets broadcast; and that these signals from the sky have their mental equivalents in your not-conscious soul-mind which you can observe in your own thoughts and feelings.

It teaches your soul is attached to your physical body by the psychokinetic power of its thoughts; and that your soul’s thought structure when you were born is a legacy of previous experience saved in memory which gives your life as a self-conscious human soul a trajectory.

Hermetic astrology teaches that the planets in your birth chart do not mark for not-conscious desire-urges seeking specific human events. Rather they map states of consciousness – acquired through experience and organized as thought-cells and thought-structures within your soul – which as unconditioned raw energies have their mode of expression specified by the uniquely human events and conditions that you experience during your childhood.

It teaches that harmonious thought-cell groups mapped by harmonious planets can have their predisposition to attract fortunate events altered by unwise conditioning and that discordant thought-cell groups mapped by discordant planets can have their inclination to attract unfortunate events altered by wise conditioning and that to some extent you have been reconditioned by harmony and discord and by the specific things for which your thought-cells work.

It teaches that these not-conscious thought-cell groups, mapped by the planets in your chart, exert psychokinetic power to influence your thoughts and behavior and demonstrate the events and conditions they desire.

And it teaches that you should closely examine your early-life formative years to learn how the ten dynamic desire-urges that get you going had their modes of expression conditioned by the events and conditions you experienced back then.

Hermetic astrology teaches that the planets in your birth chart by their power, harmony or discord scores reveal the strength and functional status of their corresponding not-conscious desire-urges. And that just as a gene codes for a biological trait a planet in your birth chart codes for a character trait.  You have blue eyes and blond hair and an urge to socialize and have fun.

And it teaches your birth chart does nothing and is the cause of nothing. It’s a reference that provides self-information. It pictures your character as a special type of intelligence and ability and a life journey that as fortunate and unfortunate events sustains your development unless you change what’s indicated.  

It teaches that all your troubles and misfortunes are caused by your unruly, misguided thoughts and actions – not your birth chart – and that the discord markers in your birth chart that identify problem causing thoughts can be changed. It teaches your unwise behavior can reconditioned to express constructively.

Hermetic astrology teaches you had no control over your character development prior to your human birth (as mapped in your birth chart); but now have considerable control over your conditioning by experience and your local environment which facilitates thought-cell activity and events.

It teaches that character development is what you’re here for and the events and conditions you attract and experience are the result of your character acting on and responding to environment.

It teaches your character attracts events and events build your character; and that unfortunate events are the result of unregulated desires, misguided impulses, bad attitudes and destructive behavior that can be modified and changed.

It teaches that your personal opinion regarding your behavior is made subservient to astrological and birth chart facts; and that any change in your thinking signals a change in your character.

And it teaches that you behave at your moral best when you give of your time and talent and contribute your utmost to the common good and that this spiritual motivation requires a clear understanding of what is right and wrong.

Hermetic astrology teaches that the inner-astral-world of astrological energies and the outer-material-world of people, activities and mundane affairs have an equal influence on the life you live.

It teaches that your mental attitude and the skill you employ when doing something are acquired. They are not instinctive. And it teaches that anyone sighting your birth chart cannot tell if you are a fish, cat or human or a male or female soul.

Author: DW Sutton

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