Planets in decanates

From an astrological perspective the Sun, Moon and eight planets of our solar system transmit astral vibrations that penetrate the zodiac, a belt of energy that encircles the Earth, to influence life and what goes on here.

Each sign has a unique tone quality or resonance which gives a planet’s vibration a special orientation or mode of expression.

In the ancient past the first astrologers discovered that each zodiac sign was divided into three 10 degree sections, which they called a decanates, and that each section had a distinct influence of its own which was almost as pronounced as that of the sign itself. 

They then pictured the influence of each decanate by its corresponding constellation in the sky.

Each constellated picture contains a coded message that explains in the language of universal symbolism the practical and spiritual teachings of its corresponding decanate.

The decanates are more astrological wisdom from an unknown ancient world.

10 planets X 36 decanates make the world go round

The world’s a very crowded stage. There are currently around 8 billion human souls on planet Earth, each one at a different stage of their evolutionary life-journey.

Each one has a birth chart and their intelligence and ability development is sustained by experience – the events and conditions provided by their local environment.

The very rich and very poor, the farmer in India, the Wall St banker, lawyer, corporate boss, journalist, fashion model, social media celebrity, atheist, astronomer, biologist, IT expert, actor, athlete, writer and criminal all have a birth chart. 

Your mother, father, sister and brother have one too.  As do kings, queens, princess, presidents, religious leaders and social monsters. And your elected politician, local mayor, mechanic, doctor, dentist, librarian and post person has a birth chart that provides them with a blueprint for living.

Their birth charts define a special type of intelligence and ability which is developed through the events and conditions they experience.

The planets in their charts are located by sign and house and form angular relationships called aspects with the other planets. And their charts operate in local environments which ensures great diversity in the type of intelligence and ability that’s being developed.

Here on Earth the astrological skyscape provides the ingredients for the evolution of intelligence and ability and it’s defined by 10 planets, 12 zodiac signs, 36 decanates, 12 birth chart houses and 10 aspects.  

The least number of combinations that these astrological principles can form is 539,370,750 followed by 60 zeros.

If it’s happening on planet Earth there’s an astrological energy operating in a local environment pulling the strings. God’s great astrology code guarantees unlimited diversity.

Planets in decanates

Your birth chart pictures not-conscious desire-urges associated with experience that give your life as a human soul a trajectory. 

These dynamic drivers express in a local environment but they don’t explain the unique path your life journey is inclined to take.

It’s explained by your soul’s polarity and keynote decanates.

Your soul’s polarity has you attracting some events and repelling others and your keynote decanates give you special precepts that constitute soul-deep distinguishing features pertaining to your practical day-to-day living and spiritual potential.

These decanates have keyword descriptions and Hermetic astrology allows you to learn and understand their meaning and influence.

This influence, as a dynamic inner-world astral-force, acts on your local environment to produce events and conditions which can elevate your thoughts and feelings to a spiritual mode of expression influencing your spiritual development.

Your life is not meaningless. It’s not haphazard or mechanical. You’re being trained by experience to fulfill a special function in cosmic society. And your keynote decanates provide valuable information that, when properly understood, fosters your mental, emotional and spiritual development. When acted on and applied in your daily life it ensures a higher level of self-understanding, social usefulness and satisfaction.

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Author: DW Sutton

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