Mars conjunction Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart

For months, probably years, the storm clouds gathered and on September 19, 2022 the perfect astrological storm arrived when progressed Mars in the Aquarian Age chart moved to form a conjunction aspect with birth chart Saturn.

Its peak power date is January 27, 2024 and its end date is June 6, 2025.

Mars conjunction Saturn is a high-discord astrological event forecasting red flag alerts, strife, conflict, rage, insecurity, fear, rear-vision thinking, conservatism and economy. And it’s similar to Mars parallel Saturn which over the past five years scripted the covid-19 pandemic, the climate change emergency, storms, floods and droughts, the rise in ultranationalism and Neo-conservatism, and the war in Ukraine.

But there’s a noteworthy difference. The parallel aspect gave the Mars-Saturn energy-mix an imprecise-divertible focus and the conjunction aspect will concentrate the energy. It will focus humanity’s attention on taking swift, aggressive action to solve problems that threaten its welfare and security.

Mars conjunction Saturn will increase the levels of aggression and insecurity in the astral atmosphere. It joins six other Mars progressions that are already influencing global affairs and with the environmental setting here on Earth changing fast each new major progression in the Aquarian Age chart takes us into unchartered waters.

In September 2022 the international situation is precarious and unsettled. The war in Ukraine, China-Taiwan tensions, the risk of nuclear conflict, the climate emergency, the energy crisis, economic uncertainty, food insecurity, hunger, disease and the harsh consequences of destructive weather events represent major problems that humanity has to somehow deal with, solve and manage.

And Mars conjunction Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart will supply good energies – initiative, enterprise, resilience, foresight, planning, efficiency and persistence – that humanity on both an international and national level can tap into and apply in its efforts to overcome them.  

But with the world irrevocably divided (Pluto) into democracies and autocracies; and countries divided politically and socially (Saturn and Uranus), it seems that finding and implementing successful collaborative solutions to a long list of very serious problems is an impossible ask.

Mars conjunction Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart is fraught with danger. It forecasts war, conflict, bitter rivalry, dangerous miscalculations, energy insecurity crises, economic warfare, recession, disastrous mistakes, a plague of stone-age thinking, rising levels of hate, brutality, fear, insecurity, grief and loss, a tsunami of displaced people fleeing violence and seeking resettlement, surging poverty and suffering, food insecurity, hunger, starvation, disease, climate disasters, destructive weather events, floods, droughts, crop failures and destructive deforestation.

June 8, 2022: The World Bank warns that a (global) recession will be hard to avoid with the war in Ukraine creating the ‘perfect storm’.

Economists will tell you that rising prices and weak economic growth is a toxic combination. In 2022 China’s economy is beset by problems and economies are tanking: Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Ecuador and Turkey to name a few. The global debt crisis that’s been coming for years is likely to arrive in 2023. Saturn forecasts debt defaults and recession/depression.

Saturn is the planet of selfishness, conservatism, orthodoxy and the ultra-orthodox. And in 2023-24 debt burdened countries driven by self-interest are helping themselves and ignoring the suffering of those around them; and those who adhere to conservative values and ultra-orthodox beliefs and customs are putting the brakes on progress.

Mars conjunction Saturn forecasts a cold-hard-reality-check

It puts the focus on the real-life consequences of climate change – perilous summers, deadly heatwaves perilous winters, freezing cold, red weather warnings, monster storms and destructive floods – and the need for urgent climate action. And coal (Saturn).

A coal-fired power station burns coal to generate electricity and there are about 8,500 coal-fired power plants worldwide. Climate change (aka global warming) is demanding a transition to renewable sources of energy and the phasing out of coal but Mars conjunction Saturn forecasts a turning back to coal and dirty fossil fuels.

It puts the spotlight on farming, farmers and the droughts, extreme temperatures and flooding rains that affect their crop planting and the world’s food supply. Farmers in the war zones will struggle to get their grains to global markets. A food-hunger emergency is forecast. It takes a world to feed a world and it’s done by trade (Jupiter).

Mars and Saturn will fuel disease outbreaks: Covid-19, HIV, TB, malaria, dengue fever, ebola, influenza, monkeypox and rare and new viral diseases. In 2023 you’re living with covid but outbreaks of new highly transmissible covid variants of unknown severity will occur. Mars and Saturn forecast epidemics/pandemics.

Major aspects like Mars conjunction Saturn herald big events and big change. It will provoke selfishness, nationalism, aggressive–hate-driven–conservatism, a plague of destruction, and a global crisis of depression, anxiety and chronic misery. If climate change doesn’t get you poverty will. People have to be educated to know that Saturn’s selfishness and greed are very bad.

Saturn is the planet of shortages – labor shortages. Mars is the planet of manufacturing – a shortage of manufactured goods. But there won’t be a shortage of violence, hate, revenge, cruelty, torture and inhumane treatment.

In 2023-24 humanity is fighting battles on many fronts. Astrology won’t tell you how long the battles will last or who will win. It just provides the energies that human actors can use when causing and solving problems.

Humanity tries to learn from its mistakes. It makes change and introduces protection measures, but it’s not good at solving hard problems. In 2023-24 Mars conjunction Saturn is going to test its metal. More than anything people just want to feel safe (Saturn). Resilience (Mars) keeps the show on the road. When your life crumbles you have to rebuild – one brick at a time.

And your potential to experience violence, struggle and despair is relative. It all depends on where you live and your personal circumstances.

Backstory: Dangerous moments

The Cold War started March 12, 1947. Two years later in March 1949 progressed Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart moved to form a high-discord square aspect with birth chart Sun and progressed Mars moved to form a square aspect with birth chart and progressed Pluto. It was a very dangerous moment.

But a direct military conflict (Mars) never broke out. Instead an ideological war involving communism and democracy and a new age of superpowers emerged. The world got divided as like minded countries united. Security alliances (Saturn) were built and Aquarian Age knowledge and technology gave birth to the nuclear age and the enormous destructive power of nuclear weapons.

Then in March 1981 progressed Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart moved to form a fortunate (luck) trine aspect with birth chart Mars. It reached peak power February 13, 1989 and ended October 3, 1997 and on December 3, 1989 – ten months after it reached peak power – Mikhail Gorbachev and George W Bush at the Malta Summit declared the Cold War over. Bush said: ‘The biggest thing that has happened in the world in my life, in our lives, is this: By the grace of God, America won the Cold War.’

But in 2023-24 Mars and Saturn are back forecasting a new cold war in an environmental setting defined by aggressive security measures and military build-ups. An iron (Mars) curtain is likely to descend with Saturn’s fear the only thing standing in the way of disaster.

The Mars-Saturn conundrum: Hot war-cold war

Mars forecasts a hot war, Saturn forecasts a cold war, and together they sign for disastrous miscalculation.

Mars views war as the best way to defeat its enemy, but war is a contest with winners and losers and 2023 the fear of nuclear war has Saturn terrified and doing all it can to prevent disastrous conflict.

In 2022 the war talk is loud and constant but it’s been 75 years since the last big war. Countries have large highly trained armies ready to fight, but popular opinion isn’t keen on war. It’s not seen as a noble activity anymore: The killing and destruction is not glorious and losing is very painful.

In 2022 China is ambitious for territory, military dominance, economic power and technological supremacy. It’s the master of threats, coercive control, provocation and military intimidation (Mars-Pluto).

Mars conjunction Saturn is requesting people to come to their senses and not go to war. It’s telling them that they need to get educated about the destructive power of nuclear weapons; and that talk and dialogue (Mercury) is the civilized way to resolve differences (but only if you’re talking to a person who is sane and rational).

Critical event phases

Mars-Saturn critical events phases occur in July 2023 when progressed Moon forms a sesquisquare aspect with progressed Mars (July 7) and a sesquisquare aspect with birth chart Saturn (July 17).

And in July 2024 when progressed Moon forms a trine aspect with birth chart Saturn (July 24) and a trine aspect with progressed Mars (August 2).

Aquarius promises a thousand years of peace and harmony and an end to the suffering but with Mars, Saturn (and Pluto) currently tightening their grip on the world the fulfilment of that promise is a long way off.  

Mars conjunction Saturn around the globe

The house location of the Mars-Saturn conjunction in a specified nation’s Aquarian Age chart is a critical data point.

Japan and Australia have it in house 3 (roads, railways, transport, communications, postal service, newspapers and neighboring countries [China]).

China, Indonesia and South and North Korea have it in house 4 (territories, [Taiwan], farming, mining, weather events and natural disasters).

India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have it in house 5 (recreation, entertainment, movies, sport, gambling, stockmarket, children, teenagers and schools).

Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan have it in house 6 (food, sickness, labor, working conditions, public servants, police and army).

Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Turkey and South Africa have it in house 7 (war, disputes, relations with foreign powers, marriage and divorce).

Britain, France, Germany etc have it in house 8 (debt, borrowed money, loans to other countries, taxes, pensions, death and death rate).

Brazil has it in house 9 (trade, import-export, law matters, the courts, religion, radio, television and internet).  

And America, Canada and Argentina have it in house 10 (the governing administration, political and other leaders, international standing and business).


A PDF of Mars conjunction Saturn in 2023-24 is available here – Global astrology

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