Afghanistan’s earthquake disaster

June 22, 2022: In the early hours a 5.9 magnitude earthquake rocks Afghanistan’s Paktika and Khost provinces. Within 24 hours the death toll had climbed to over 1,000 with more than 1,500 others injured.

Afghanistan’s Aquarian Age chart progressed to June 22, 2022

Chart data is January 20, 1881 at 12.56.42am AFT (69E12; 34N31)

Progressed Saturn (loss, hardship and suffering) at 7 Taurus 58 – the cusp ruler of house 4 (earthquakes) – in house 7 is opposition birth chart ascendant (the people and their welfare). And progressed Moon at 22 Scorpio 05 in house 1 is inconjunct birth chart Saturn at 22 Aries 45 in house 6.

The earthquake event the Saturn aspect mapped was timed by transit ascendant conjunction birth chart Saturn.

Venus is in house 4 and progressed Venus at 9 Taurus 30 in house 7 (other countries) is trine (luck) progressed Uranus at 9 Virgo 53 in house 10; and progressed Jupiter at 13 Taurus 51 in house 7 is sextile birth chart Venus so help is on its way.

Progressed ascendant at 3 Aries 49 in house 5 (children) is square birth chart Mars in house 2 (finances); and progressed Mercury at 24N50 and 11 Cancer 55 – the cusp ruler of house 8 (death) in house 9 – is parallel birth chart Mars at 23S58 and semisquare birth chart Pluto at 26 Taurus 29R.

Progressed Saturn moved to form an opposition aspect with birth chart ascendant in September 2010 which explains the suffering the country has endured in recent years. It reached peak power in September 2019 and ends in March 2029.

The chart’s astrodyne report

Author: DW Sutton

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