Mars conjunction Uranus: August 1, 2022

Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Uranus on July 14, 2022. It reaches peak power August 1 at 11.52pm GMT, stimulates progressed Mars parallel birth chart Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart (peak power date is April 13, 2023), signals extreme risk, gets a red alert warning and forecasts major global events that bear the signatures of Mars and Uranus. Its event forecast period ends August 18, 2022.  

Mars is planet of strife, conflict, violence, war, rows, missiles, bombs, explosions, guns, shootings, banditry, brutality, revenge, anger, hate, provocation, recklessness, sex, alcohol, gambling, fires and accidents. It’s aggressive, antagonistic, belligerent, harsh, fierce, hasty and reckless.

Mars rules the army, navy, police, firefighters, emergency service workers, industrial workers, athletes, doctors and surgeons.

Uranus is the planet of radical developments. discontentment, civil disorder, disturbances, rebellions, revolutions, independence, strikes, protests, demonstrations, shocks, sudden cataclysmic change, racial tensions, exposé, reform, electricity, invention and technology. It’s extreme, disruptive, rebellious, unreasonable, bizarre, weird, unpredictable and inventive.

Uranus rules libertarians, progressive thinkers, radical change-agents, reformers, revolutionaries, extremists, whistle blowers, technologists and the LGBTQI community. It has an anti-corruption agenda.

This in-sky Mars-Uranus conjunction is in Taurus, the sign ruling banks and money, and Uranus has some influence over cryptocurrencies.

It’s a very dangerous energy event with the level of danger increased by Saturn – the planet of fear, national self-interest, security, loss, hardship, suffering, shortages, economy and work – square (high-discord frustration-conflict) Mars and Uranus.

Mars conjunction Uranus forecasts war, conflict, disputation, freedom fighting, extremist violence, missile lunches, explosions, suicide bombings, shootings, escalating dissatisfaction, radical action, violent unrest, explosive situations, violent change, sudden disturbances, rebellions, revolutions,  protests, demonstrations, trigger happy policing, racial tensions/violence, gun reform, disruption, an energy crisis, energy shocks, power outages, extreme heat, accidents, train crashes, fires, wildfires and sensational exposés.  

We stress that it does not herald inevitable events. It defines an energy-event that impacts current circumstance and up’s the potential for events of the Mars-Uranus type to occur. And its influence is strictly global. It will have no direct influence on you personally.

Prepare for anything

The only thing you can predict with Uranus is unpredictability. Unexpected conflict and unrest is set to erupt suddenly with unpredictable consequences.

Mars conjunction Uranus scripts Chapter 5 in the Russia-Ukraine war. Russia is very inclined to respond to energy events involving Uranus so you can expect sudden-unexpected-extreme developments. Putin has threatened nuclear war and its risk today is higher than at any time since the height of the Cold War.

Russia and China are best friends. China is getting increasingly aggressive and very reckless. It’s out to get Taiwan and dominate South East Asia. It’s building military bases in the South China Sea; and its next door neighbor, Missile man Kim, keeps firing rockets.

There’s a global energy crisis so prepare for big shocks – electricity supply disruptions and sudden blackouts. A crypto-catastrophe and major ransomware attacks, cyberattacks and data breaches are likely.

The fighting in the conflict-zones will escalate. There’s conflict and civil-war in Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Chad, Colombia, DR Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kashmir, Libya, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and South Sudan, Syria, Thailand and Turkey.

A brokered cease-fire between the Saudis and Houthi rebels in Yemen is set to expire on August 2.

There are ongoing protest movements in America, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Chile, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Sudan, Thailand and Venezuela.

Extreme danger time zone: July 19–August 12 2022

Mars conjunction Uranus reaches peak power August 1 and around this time it’s under constant stimulation from progressed aspects in the Sun and Mars cycles and other Mars events in the sky.

On July 19 progressed Mars parallel Saturn in the Mars cycle starts > peak power date is July 24; on July 20 progressed Mars is semisquare Neptune in the Mars cycle; on July 25 progressed Sun parallel Mars in the Sun cycle starts > peak power date is July 29; on July 28 Mars is parallel Saturn in the sky; on July 29 progressed Mars is conjunction Uranus in the Mars cycle and progressed Mars parallel Mercury in the Mars cycle starts > peak power date is August 4; and on July 30 progressed Mars parallel Uranus in the Mars cycle starts > peak power date is August 5.

On August 2 progressed Mars is semisquare Mars in the Mars cycle; on August 3 progressed Sun is opposition Mars in the Sun cycle; on August 4 progressed Sun is square Uranus in the Sun cycle; on August 7 Mars is square Saturn in the sky and progressed Sun parallel Uranus in the Sun cycle starts > peak power date is August 10; on August 9 Mars is parallel Uranus in the sky; and on August 12 progressed Mars is square Saturn and sextile Neptune in the Mars cycle.

Mars conjunction Uranus around the globe

This in-sky Mars-Uranus conjunction forecasts one or two major events of global-international significance and an event of national importance for individual countries.

The house position of Mars and Uranus in a country’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart is the chart’s hot spot. It indicates the mundane matters and people that are primarily influencing and being influenced by the strife, conflict, disruption, unrest, unexpected developments and sudden change.

Gambia, Liberia, Mali and Senegal have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 1 (the people, and their health and welfare).

Brazil has it in house 2 (finances, bank and the real).

America, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Peru and Venezuela have it in house 3 (transportation, roads, rail, local traffic, communications, postal service and relations with neighboring countries).

America has a plague of mass shootings; gun reform is on the agenda, and a decision to overturn Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court is expected in late June/early July. 

America’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart 

Chart data is August 1, 2022 at 7.52pm EDT (38N53; 77W01)

Mars is cusp ruler of house 10 (the administration) and Uranus is cusp ruler of house 1 (the people). Saturn (conservatism, fear and loss) is in house 1.

Mexico and Cuba have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 4 (land, cities, buildings, homes, housing projects, farms, farming, weather events and natural disasters).

New Zealand has it in house 6 (labor, workers, employees, army, navy, police, food, food supply, restaurants, illness and small animals).

Australia and Japan have it in house 8 (taxes, tariffs, debt, the cabinet of the prime minister and death) > it could be in house 7 in Australia’s chart.

China, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand have it in house 9 (trade, shipping, the courts, religion, constitution, internet, social media, aviation and tourism).

Afghanistan, India, Myanmar, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have it in house 10 (the administration, government leaders, business, prominent persons and international standing).

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine and Yemen have it in house 11 (parliament). The strife, conflict and radical developments involve parliament with angry parliamentarians taking extreme action.

Russia’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart

Chart data is August 2, 2022 at 2.52am MSK (55N45; 37E37)

And Algeria, Britain, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Libya, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa, Spain and Zimbabwe have Mars and Uranus in house 12 (behind the scenes secret activity, back-room deals, secret enemies, crime, criminals, prisons, hospitals, spies, spying, smuggling, refugees, displaced persons and disappointment).

Progressed Mars conjunction birth chart Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart – the next big thing – starts September 19, 2022 > peak power date is January 27, 2024 > end date is June 6, 2025.

The next Mars-Uranus conjunction occurs July 15, 2024 at 2.05pm GMT.


Author: DW Sutton

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