Mars cycle: May 30, 2022–May 4, 2024

On May 30, 2022 at 9.19am GMT Mars moves from south to north declination signaling the start of a new Mars cycle and a change in the polarity of the aggressive (Mars) energy impacting Earth. 

Mars is the planet of strife, conflict, disputes, war, soldiers, mechanics, machines, manufacturing, police offices, fires, fire fighters, alcohol, bandits, doctors and surgery.

The cycle’s critical event period is May 27 to June 4. The strife at this time indicates an event trend that will be evident throughout the cycle.

The cycle’s end date is May 4, 2024.

The house position of Mars in a nation’s Mars cycle chart shows the area of mundane life affected by strife, violence, explosions, war, soldiers, police, fires, firefighters, athletics, intoxicants, bandits, doctors, surgery, machines, mechanics and manufacturing.

It indicates where the strife and violence is coming from and where the hazard and risk is located.

This house indicates the starting point from which emanates all the other important (Mars) events that transpire during the life of the chart.

The event trend – whether fortunate or unfortunate – is influenced by the aspects Mars receives from other planets; and the aggressive-Mars energy influences the mundane matters ruled by these planets.

Mars (strife, haste and energized effort) is conjunction Jupiter (finances, law matters and religion); sextile (fortunate opportunity) Moon (the everyday people, family life and food); sextile Sun (leaders, politics and governance); semisquare (unfortunate friction) Uranus (radical change, technology, protests and unrest); and conjunction Neptune (oil, drugs, aviation, corporations and movies).

The outstanding aspect is Mars conjunction Jupiter so the anger and harshness of Mars is somewhat tempered by the benevolence, goodwill and charity of Jupiter and the strife involves the finance sector, the courts and religion. The likelihood of diplomacy resolving conflict is pronounced.  

This set-up is starkly different to the previous high-discord Mars cycle when Mars was conjunction Moon and the strife and violence impacted the everyday people who soaked up the Mars anger like a sponge and were, in some instances, fighting for their lives. Military and police misconduct was widespread and ordinary civilians were at high risk from the guns, bombs and brutality.

Due to the frequency at which progressed Mars forms aspects in its cycle chart the media reports a non-stop stream of strife-conflict events – rows, acts of violence, shootings, accidents and fires with the police, firefighters and soldiers often involved – but the more important Mars events during this Mars cycle will occur when progressed Mars forms an aspect with Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Uranus and Neptune. 

Fact check Mars: ‘Even when harmonious the Mars energy tends to so much force and speed that strife of some kind will always be present in the events he brings to pass.’

Mars cycle charts around the globe

For most countries Mars and Jupiter are in the same house.

No country has Mars in house 1 or house 2.

New Zealand and the Solomon Islands have Mars in house 3 > the strife involves road and rail transportation, travel, communications, postal service, newspapers, rumors and neighboring countries > bitter disagreement with Australia > an upsurge in traffic accidents > a rail accident > aggressive moves by the press > journalists, writers, drivers and letter carriers are at risk

Australia and Japan have Mars in house 4 > the strife is over housing, farming policy, mining projects, the development of natural resources, climate change and weather events > major housing projects > fires and destructive weather events damage and destroy homes, buildings, hotels

China, Taiwan, North and South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam have Mars in house 5 > the strife involves the stock market, entertainment, sport, speculation, children and schools > children, entertainers and athletes are at risk > sexual abuse of children > major school building projects > gambling is a major social problem

India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Afghanistan, Malaysia and Myanmar have Mars in house 6 > the strife over employment, working conditions, sickness, farm produce and the food supply is coming from workers, labor, public servants, police and army > military moves > covid-19 outbreaks > police misconduct > more jobs for the manufacturing sector

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Somalia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Yemen have Mars in house 7 > the strife is triggered by off shore events > aggressive moves by foreign powers and enemies (war) > international disputes > bitter disagreement over marriage and divorce rights

Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Belarus, Sweden, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, South Africa and Zimbabwe have Mars in house 8 > the strife is over foreign debt, higher taxes, government spending, interest rates, pensions, insurance etc  > aggressive borrowing > an upsurge in deaths due to violence, accidents and fires

Russia’s May 2022 Mars cycle chart

Chart data is: May 30, 2022 at 12.19pm MSK (37E35; 55N45)

Mars is 3 minutes into house 8 and a slight difference in the chart’s birth time and birth place coordinates could put it in house 7.

The UK, France, Spain, Austria, Gambia, Burkina Faso, Liberia and Senegal have Mars in house 9 > the strife involves trade, import-export, ships, shipping, aviation, air travel, tourism, the courts, religion, the church, universities, advertising and refugees > shipping accidents and plane crashes > an aggressive attitude towards the treatment of criminals and refugees > an angry response to court decisions > aggressive moves by the Church > violent attacks on religious minorities

Brazil has Mars in house 10 > the strife involves Bolsonaro, his administration, business, business practices and the country’s reputation > aggressive moves by the government > energized business activity > the country’s leaders and prominent people are at risk

The US, Canada, Cuba, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela have Mars in house 11 > the strife involves parliament and parliamentarians > violent scenes in parliament > Congress in the US is in an aggressive mood and preoccupied with war and gun violence > furious disagreement over guns, military activity and change to Roe v Wade

Mexico has Mars in house 12 > the strife is coming from criminals, bandits, smugglers, spies and secret enemies > an upsurge in violent crime > the hospital system and charities are stressed out > bitter disagreement over relief and relief work > riots and fires in prisons

The next Mars cycle starts May 4, 2024 > Mars is close conjunction Neptune, conjunction Moon and trine Pluto. 


Author: DW Sutton

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