The zodiac’s story

The quest to discover astrological knowledge began in the distant past and the first astrologers left their priceless life-data inscribed in the constellations where it could not be altered, rewritten or deleted by human vandals. Safely secured in the sky it could not be destroyed by the enemies of the light.

Over time unsubstantiated beliefs and untested notions were added to the original knowledge and in the Age of Aquarius astrology’s knowledge-base was finally investigated and scientifically tested to verify its validity.

It took thousands of years and the arrival of the Age of Aquarius for basic astrological information to seep into the public consciousness and become part of societal culture.

During the 1930s a campaign was launched to make the public sign conscious and now most people are aware of the zodiac signs in particular their Sun sign – the sign in which the Sun was located when they were born.

But best-selling books published then and now that describe the zodiac signs in terms of static, uniform behavior were never going to be useful. It’s a woeful situation that continues to haunt astrology-world in the 21st century.

Today most people know their Sun sign and some know their Moon sign and ascendant sign but that’s the extent of their astrological knowledge. They don’t know what this information signifies or what it means. They don’t know its personal relevance. It’s akin to saying ‘I have blonde hair and brown eyes’ so if you know your Sun sign you don’t know much.

The facts of the zodiac are available but those who voluntarily accept responsibility for their dissemination have failed in their duty so the information remains largely unknown. There’s a lot of work to be done in educating the public in regard to the science of astrology and the zodiac signs.

The zodiac

The zodiac is a belt of energy that encircles the Earth. It has 12 equal segments called signs – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces – which possess peculiar vibratory rates. They express in human life as well defined attitude-motivations, qualities and lifestyles. 

The function of the zodiac is to (1) give your soul an astral-psychological structure which replicates in your physical structure influencing personal experience in regard to mental and physical health; and (2) give the dynamic psychological urges ruled by the planets an attitude-motivation defined by behavior traits, qualities, likes and dislikes.

Your birth chart provides you with an astro-identity. The 12 zodiac signs are placed around the chart. They impart a peculiar quality to the planets located in them. A planet’s sign location gives its desire-urge a special mode of expression.

So it’s not a matter knowing your Sun, Moon or ascendant sign. It’s about knowing their harmony or discord scores and your potential to develop a constructive-effective or destructive-ineffective attitude-motivation.

In the very smart 21st-century many people are sign conscious – they’re aware of their Sun, Moon or ascendant sign – but that isn’t astrology. Some are chart conscious but the progressed chart remains a no-knowledge zone.

Humanity remains in ignorance of scientific astrology and the science of the soul and stars. It’s the great science that explains life and answers impossible questions that you’ve been told can’t be answered.

Your life is a very uncertain. It’s a high-risk venture. Your current moment is the result of many previous moments. Not knowing who you are and how you can take control of your life, health and happiness is an unwanted calamity. But Hermetic astrology and your birth chart change all that.

Hermetic astrology provides the science of the zodiac signs and encourages you to assess the energy relationship between the signs and planets in your birth chart. 

The zodiac is embedded in your soul and your birth chart’s keynote sign profile defines your character, temperament, disposition, behavior traits, qualities, likes and dislikes. And this is valuable information that you need to know about and learn.

Author: DW Sutton

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