War, Hermetic astrology and Vladimir Putin

In the Age of Aquarius war is a calamity. It’s abhorrent; a thing of evil that ultimately defeats its own aims leaving only waste and devastation. New age weapons inflict horrendous damage and destruction.

War has its correspondence in the sky and the birth chart.

Mars is the planet of conflict. The energies it receives from the Sun are transformed into a vibration that in human thought express as aggression and human actors bring the harsh-aggressive Mars vibration to life. They fight. Social contact is a recipe for conflict, disagreement and dissension.

The strength or power of Mars in your birth chart reveals your backstory in terms of strife, conflict and energized effort. Its sign position aligns your aggressive urge with an attitude-motivation; and its house position indicates the department of life – the life matters, activities and people – where you’ll experience strife, conflict and energized effort.

Your relations with the public and the attitude of those you meet in public are a house 7 life-matter. It indicates your life story in terms of events involving partners, open enemies, competitors, opposition and law suits.

Mars is the planet of war and military activity.

In a global chart house 7 rules foreign countries and war but the conflict it defines is usually the result of long-term disagreement and animosity: A set of circumstances that eventually erupts into war in response to the cumulative buildup of Mars energy in various cycle charts and major conjunctions in the sky.

The third decanate of Libra

Due to its alliance with house 7 Libra is associated with war and the third decanate is pictured by the constellation Lupus, a wolf being put to death by the spear of Centaurus. This wolf depicts the spirit of war.

It pictures a tendency for some people born with this decanate prominent in their charts to express cruel and ruthless predatory interests – a lust for war, blood, pillage and destruction. They’re driven by avarice and greed and grab every opportunity to further their own selfish interests by placing others at a disadvantage.

But the constellated picture – a wolf being put to death by the spear of Centaurus – reveals that those who live by deceit, cunning and depravity, who repress the rights and freedoms of others and whose harsh brutality inflicts terrible harm are inexorably doomed to final expiation.

It seems that those born with this decanate prominent who turn their energies to cunning exploitation, heartless cruelty and malevolent destruction, are doomed to pay a dreadful penalty. This observation gives the decanate its keyword: Expiation.

Hermetic astrology teaches that where the thoughts and desires find no sympathy and no consideration for the wellbeing of others, even though the intelligence and body are human the soul is that of a wolf; and Vladimir Putin has the third decanate of Libra prominent in his birth chart.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin was born October 7, 1952. A birth time of 9.30am – supposedly from his ‘official Soviet birth certificate’ – is rated dirty data.

But data provided by his birth date reveals that the Sun – in the second decanate of Libra – is conjunction Mercury, Saturn and Neptune and Mercury is in the third decanate of Libra – Lupus.

The Sun and Saturn – in the second decanate of Libra – are in close conjunction and selfish Saturn is as cold as ice. And Madeline Albright – the US Secretary of State from 1997 to 2001 – after meeting Putin noted: ‘Putin is small and pale, so cold as to be almost reptilian.’

Uranus – planet of freedom – is square the Sun, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury and from 1982 progressed Uranus – the progressive ruler of Aquarius – has been square (high-discord obstacle) birth chart Saturn – planet of self-interest, greed and cunning.

Neptune at 21 Libra 10 is conjunction Mercury at (approximately) 23 Libra 20 in Lupus and in 2022 progressed Neptune at 23 Libra 26 is conjunction Mercury and progressed Saturn in Lupus at 7S30 is parallel progressed Neptune.

We conclude that a dreadful fate awaits Vladimir Putin.

In spiritual astrology the text pertaining to Lupus states: ‘It is impossible for a man (or woman) to injure another without himself (or herself) being injured, or for a man (or woman) to benefit another without himself (or herself) being truly benefited.’

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Author: DW Sutton

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