Aquarius and the Russia-Ukraine war

Russia and Ukraine were founding members of the Soviet Union. It fell apart in 1991. In May 2000 Vladimir Putin became president of Russia and he wants to put the Soviet Union back together. But Ukraine developed pro-western sentiments and in February 2014 a revolution overthrew the pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych. In April 2014 Russia invaded and then annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. Two secessionist regions, the Donetsk People’s Republic and the neighboring Luhansk People’s Republic, broke off from Ukraine. The war continues in the eastern Ukrainian region known as Donbas. The front lines have barely shifted for years.

In Russia’s Aquarian Age chart progressed Mars moved to house 7 (war) in May 2012 and in April 2014 when Russia invaded Crimea  progressed Mars was parallel birth chart Jupiter, semisextile progressed Neptune and sesquisquare (agitation) progressed Midheaven (Putin’s standing on the international stage).

Mars in the Aquarian Age chart

Conflict and military tensions on Earth ebb and flow in response to the Mars progressions in the Aquarian Age chart and in 2014 two harmonious Mars progressions signed for a relatively peaceful state of play.

Then in June 2015 progressed Mars moved to form a parallel aspect with birth chart Pluto (peak power date was December 2018) and since then the volume of Mars energy impacting Earth has steadily increased.

In February 2017 progressed Mars parallel birth chart Saturn started > peak power date was August 2020; in April 2017 progressed Mars parallel progressed Pluto started > peak power date was November 2021; in December 2018 progressed Mars parallel birth chart Venus started > peak power date is July 2022; in September 2019 progressed Mars parallel birth chart Uranus started > peak power date is April 2023; in June 2021 progressed Sun parallel birth chart Mars started; and in October 2021 progressed Mercury parallel birth chart Mars started > peak power date is February 2026.

In 2022, with 7 Mars progressions in the Aquarian Age chart, the inner-plane astral weather was boiling hot, angry and ready to explode.

February 2022

In January 2022, according to Wikipedia, Mars was fuelling 44 ongoing conflicts and as Mars in the sky moved the form a conjunction aspect with Pluto on March 3 the question that students of global astrology were asking was: What conflict was the most likely to erupt into an international flashpoint?

The question could be answered by an authority on global conflicts and it’s highly likely that Ukraine would have been a top contender. And on February 24, 2022 all hell broke loose when Russia invaded Ukraine.

Russia’s Aquarian Age chart progressed to February 24, 2022

Birth chart Mars at 23S58 in house 3 (neighboring country – Ukraine) has progressed to 6N59 in house 7 (war and the international community) and is parallel birth chart Saturn at 6N34 in house 7 (loss through actions taken by other countries); parallel birth chart Uranus at 7N18 in house 11 (Russia’s parliament and friends); and parallel progressed Pluto at 6N55 in house 8 (drastic events involving sanctions, debt and death).

Progressed Sun at 23N01 and progressed Mercury at 24N54 in house 9 (electronic media, television, internet, social media and trade) are parallel birth chart Mars at 23S58 in house 3 (roads, trucks and transportation); and progressed ascendant at 3 Aquarius 36 was semisextile birth chart Mars at 4 Capricorn 03 in house 3.

Mars, planet of strife, is the cusp ruler of house 7 (disputes and conflict) and Mars (and Pluto) are the cusp rulers of house 2 (Russia’s finances, currency, price of goods and services and income stream).

Saturn, planet of loss and hardship, in house 7 is cusp ruler of house 4 (Russia’s land, farmers and natural resources) and house 5 (Russia’s stock market, entertainment, movies, sports sector and sporting teams).

Russia is inflicting horrific damage on Ukraine (house 3) and the international community (house 7) is inflicting massive damage on Russia.

Ukraine’s Aquarian Age chart progressed to February 24, 2022

Due to the locations of their administrative capitals the charts are similar but not the same. In Russia’s chart the Moon is in house 11 (parliament) and in Ukraine’s chart the Moon is in house 12 (restrictions, sorrow, disappointment, hospitals and spies); and in Russia’s chart Jupiter – planet of help and assistance – is in house 6 (work, food, groceries and sickness) and in Ukraine’s chart it’s in house 7 (war and the global community).

Jupiter is cusp ruler of house 3 (Ukraine’s neighbors) and Jupiter is the reason why the international community and Poland and the EU have come to Ukraine’s assistance. Financial help (Jupiter) is coming from all around the world (house 7). Progressed Jupiter in house 8 (other country’s money) is sextile birth chart Venus in house 5 and cusp ruler of house 1 (the Ukrainian people).

The same progressed aspects are operating every countries Aquarian Age chart except for those involving the progressed ascendant and Midheaven.

Mars and Saturn in house 7 of Russia’s chart are the reasons why the international community has labeled Russia a rogue country. It’s a threat to humanity and international security. It’s a pariah and Putin could be the most hated person on the planet.

On February 24, 2022 it seems that the world had an epiphany – an instant understanding that dictator Putin, the imperialist, had to be stopped no matter the cost.

Russia will lose (Saturn) its war in Ukraine. Whether it loses it quickly (Mars) or slowly (Saturn) is just a matter of time. Russia’s defeat will be a major victory for the forces of freedom and liberty (Aquarius and Uranus); but with Mars active in the sky over the coming months brace yourself for conflict and consequence.

Major fast moving change is forecast. Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky on August 1 forecasts cataclysmic change and on September 19 progressed Mars conjunction progressed Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart starts. This high discord energy-event forecasts big struggle as humanity deals with the stress and distress of war, economic hardship, climate change and disease. 

(The Mars cycle is playing a prominent role in the war in Ukraine. In the chart Mars – the planet of war - is conjunction Moon – planet of the common people and civilians. A new Mars cycle commences May 30, 2022 and Mars is conjunction Jupiter and Neptune.)

Russia’s transit Aquarian Age chart February 24, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was mapped and forecast by progressed Mars in house 7 parallel Saturn, Uranus and Pluto and on February 24, 2022 transit Sun at 5 Pisces 29 in house 5 semisquare progressed Mars; transit Venus at 21 Capricorn 51 in house 4 square progressed Mars; transit Mars at 22 Capricorn 28 in house 4 square birth chart Saturn; transit Jupiter at 12 Pisces 41 in house 5 opposition birth chart Uranus; and transit Pluto at 27 Capricorn 39 in house 4 trine progressed Pluto timed the earth-shaking event.


Author: DW Sutton

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