Jupiter conjunction Neptune: April 12, 2022

In 2022, after 2 years of covid restrictions and lockdowns, Jupiter wants to live it up and Neptune wants a break from reality: And from February 11 to June 30, 2022 and September 7 to January 15, 2023 Jupiter is conjunction Neptune in the sky.

In 2022 consumers are cashed-up and the opening of the world economy will trigger exuberant financial activity and business expansion. But in 2021 Saturn square Uranus in the sky triggered a fear of missing out and an epidemic of foolish behavior. House prices went through the roof and now in 2022 they’re heavily overpriced when compared to rent and income and inflation is on the rise.  

In 2021 governments and economic forecasters made their growth forecasts for 2022 but they didn’t know about Jupiter conjunction Neptune in the sky and the special impact it’s going to have on business, finances, investors and share markets. Jupiter’s money is Neptune’s fantasy of choice.

Jupiter is conjunction Neptune in the sky April 12, 2022 at 2.46pm GMT; and during its forecast period – February 11–June 30, 2022 – major events that constitute a merger of their mundane matters are forecast.

Jupiter is the planet of finances, banks, commerce, trade, retail sales, shipping, higher prices, law, legal matters, the courts, judges, arbitration, treaties, long journeys, religion, ethics, advertising and the public expression of opinion.

Neptune is the planet of schemes, exaggeration, utopianism, great expectations, inflation, booms, stocks/shares, investors, corporations, aviation, big pharma, oil, movies, promotion, white collar crime, fraud, slaves, chaos and confusion.

The Jupiter-Neptune in-sky merger is essentially fortunate but it’s operating in an environmental setting where stock and housing markets are over overpriced; inflation is rising; and the gravy train is jam packed with embezzlers, scammers, con artists and imposters who are out to make easy money. 

Neptune is a notorious fraudster. It makes a living by conning people and in 2022 its swindlers and scammers are chasing their financial utopias. They’re going to make a packet as easy wealth dreamers succumb to the lure of easy riches and are fleeced by smooth talking tricky trappers.

Jupiter conjunction Neptune in 2022 can reimagine new laws and old religions and promote benevolence, philanthropy, generosity and charity. But a boom in fantasy thinking, religious mysticism, white collar crime, money laundering, illegal money making and faking it is more likely.  

In 2022 Jupiter promises hot economic growth. Consumers are on a spending spree and investors are on an investment spree. The rich are getting richer. But rising wages, rising prices for goods and services, rapidly rising inflation and an asset price bubble are ‘good-time’ problems that central banks and governments will have to deal with. Boom times inevitably bust – it’s just a matter of when and why.

Jupiter conjunction Neptune forecasts turbocharged optimism; a spending splurge; visionary financial schemes; spectacular commercial expansion; major trade deals; fanciful extravagance; rapidly rising (drug and oil) prices; booming stock-share prices; investor exuberance; galloping inflation; interest rate hikes; an end to cheap money; drama in the courts; new laws regulating the big corporations like Facebook and Google; breath-taking corporate/airline mergers; the signing of treaties; large scale corporate deception; gigantic swindles; Ponzi schemes; and/or ever rising levels of uncertainty. There’s an abundance of drama and exaggeration.

Major Jupiter-Neptune events will occur when either Jupiter or Neptune is activated in the Sun, Mars or Jupiter cycles especially from April 26 to May 5 when progressed Jupiter is semisextile Neptune in the Jupiter cycle – two weeks after their in-sky conjunction is at peak power on April 12, 2022.

On April 5 – six days before the in-sky Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is at peak power – an in-sky Mars-Saturn conjunction is at peak power > end date is April 21 > and Saturn – planet of constraint and real-estate – will take measures to try and cool down the over-heating financial activity.

On May 2 – three weeks after the in-sky Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is at peak power – an in-sky Mars-Neptune conjunction starts > peak power date is May 18 > and Mars is likely to escalate Neptune’s galloping inflation.

On May 8 – four weeks after the in-sky Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is at peak power – an in-sky Mars-Jupiter conjunction starts > peak power date is May 29 > and Mars is inclined to add more heat to the surging financial-business activity and rising prices.

And on May 25 – six weeks after the in-sky Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is at peak power – a new (short 233 day) Jupiter cycle starts > end date is January 13, 2023. And with Jupiter conjunction Moon, Mars and Neptune in the chart Jupiter’s spending splurge is inclined to trigger strife, rising prices and high inflation throughout the cycles forecast period. 

It’s safe to conclude that the in-sky Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (and the in-sky Mars-Jupiter, Mars-Neptune conjunctions) from February 11 to June 30, 2022 forecasts a short episode in global affairs that is not quite normal.

A chart constructed for April 12, 2022 at 2.46pm GMT that is set for a country’s time, time zone and administrative capital’s geo-coordinates reveals the department of mundane life that the Jupiter-Neptune energy-event will directly impact.  

Note that the influence of the Jupiter-Neptune in-sky conjunction is strictly global and it will not impact you personally; and that there will be a one or two month delay in reporting some of the mundane events it parents.

The next Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in the sky will occur March 24, 2035 at 4.37pm GMT.


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