The Age of Aquarius in 2022

In the very knowledgeable Aquarian Age the correct answer to the question: ‘Where are we going?’ is ‘No idea’. It’s a cosmic calamity.

In 2022 great thinkers are unable to make sense of what’s going on. Due to the tremendous scope of the phenomena the forces involved seem to be operating blindly without any intelligent direction. Most of humankind stands speechless and immobile, texting on its mobile devices, unable to hazard even a feeble guess as to what’s happening and what the outcome will be.

That’s because it knows nothing about astrology and the astrological script that provides the new Aquarian Age civilization with a blueprint for living. Ignorant of astrology humanity is a victim of its own ignorance.

On November 23, 2021 a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California carrying NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Mission spacecraft in the world’s first full-scale mission to test technology for defending Earth against potential asteroid or comet hazards. Saturn’s basic safety urge is flying at a very high altitude.

In 2022 five in-sky Mars conjunctions – in quick succession – and six Mars progressions in the Aquarian Age chart are fuelling a major surge in aggression, push-back, conflict, feuding, angry disagreement, war, strife and killing.

It starts with Mars conjunction Pluto on March 3 and ends with Mars conjunction Uranus on August 1. It’s a very dangerous time. There’s an atmosphere of conflict and high tension. War drums are beating. Mars is sending out red alerts. Russia is very dangerous. Taiwan is the most dangerous place on Earth. Events move fast and the chances of the new cold war escalating into a hot war are very high.

In 2022 Earth is burning; gun owners are trigger happy; there’s widespread destruction, death, shooting and dying; a torrent of vitriol and abuse; an above average number of major accidents and fires; and a surge in construction as Mars builds factories for manufacturing drones, tractors, electric cars, skateboards, sunglasses, DVD’s, microwave ovens and killer robots.

In 2022 women around the world are fighting for their rights. They make up 49.58% of the world’s population and in a culture dominated by male values, some see masculine (Mars) behavior as the key to personal success. Driven by their desire to fit in many imitate their male associates. They drink, behave aggressively, tote guns and get tattoos, quite unaware that the person they’re imitating is a self-ignorant, psychological wreck.

In 2022 there about 61.5 million more males than females!

On July 11, 2022 progressed Mars parallel birthchart Venus in the Aquarian Age chart is at peak power.

In 2022 progressed Mars is parallel birth chart Mercury

It’s the age of information, disinformation, conspiracy theories and ridiculous nonsense; and Lower-Pluto’s cohorts have launched a campaign to discredit science. It’s just another attempt to disrupt humanity’s glorious Aquarian Age potential. It’s destined to fail, but in 2022 too many people still prefer unverified beliefs to the knowledge provided by science.

In 2022 Mercury is keeping the channels of communication open. Its journalists report the news and keep you informed but a record number are in prison.

In 2022 humankind fumbles towards truth. History is rectified and rewritten and social media is fueling a global boom in bonkers beliefs. Young Aquarian Age minds are being shaped by misinformation, propaganda, fake materialistic science and erroneous religious teachings.

In 2022 an epidemic of ‘I know everything’ generates disagreement and intolerance. It’s easy to live in a thought world where you have no exposure to diverse, alternative opinions; and an online world where there’s trolling, abuse, ostracization and cancellation.

In 2022 democracy is in retreat

Democracy, with all its faults, is the best political system for the Aquarian Age. But in the Pluto period government ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ is in retreat and under threat around the world.

In 2022 it’s a theory that democracy is a force for good. It’s a theory that stable freedom-respecting democracies are much less likely to go to war and harbor terrorists and are generally easier to trade with and more inclined to cooperate when solving shared problems.

It’s a theory that autocratic regimes like China and Russia pose a threat to global stability (Taurus) and prosperity (Jupiter): And in response to China’s expanding power and assertiveness, countries in 2022 are overhauling their foreign and defense policies.

In 2022 Jupiter is conjunction Neptune in the sky

Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions forecast major financial events and developments. They occur every 12 years – the last was in December 2009.

With Neptune in the Neptune cycle very active in late 2021 rising inflation gained media attention and had commentators speculating.

On April 12, 2022 Jupiter is conjunction Neptune in the sky and its four and a half month timeframe – February 11 to June 30 – forecasts a period when a rapid escalation of market value is likely to occur.

The in-sky Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will turbocharge the dash for cash. Investors are exuberant and stock markets are rising. There’s a worldwide spending splurge. Housing prices, food prices and oil prices are rising. And rapidly rising prices sets the scene for rapidly rising inflation and an asset price bubble. It’s a Neptune thing and governments will have to navigate Neptune’s overblown exaggeration and confusion as they deal with the problem.

In 2022 Uranus is reforming the world’s finances

In the Aquarian Age chart Neptune and Pluto are in Taurus and this energy pattern scripted the hunger for ownership that has shaped modern Aquarian Age society. In 2022 progressed Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are also there.

In 2022 Uranus – planet of disruptive change – transits Taurus – the sign of money – and electronic money is replacing cash. People, cities and countries are banking on cryptocurrencies. Coinbase, the largest US crypto exchange, has more than 70 million customers worldwide. It makes you wonder: Will cryptocurrencies make money as we know it obsolete?

Technical glitches plague the cryptocurrency world; Bitcoin is famous for its spectacular gyrations in value; and Uranus is famous for trying out something new and then doing a radical about face, discarding the new for the old that’s tried and trusted.

2022 is all about digital finances, rewiring how the financial system works, the remaking of the digital economy and the weird and wonderful world of decentralized finance. There’s a frenzy of invention as more people spend more time conducting financial transactions online. The basic driver is the same – people just want to make and spend money – and Uranus is inviting them to do it electronically. Uranus transits Taurus till July 7, 2025.

In 2022 Saturn is (still) square Uranus in the sky

Saturn square Uranus indicates that the coronavirus pandemic isn’t quite over and extreme weather events are inflicting hardship and suffering.

In 2022 humanity is in recovery mode; you’re learning to live with covid; and climate change is the major problem. You can ask: Is humankind bringing about its own destruction? Has it signed its own death warrant? Can it save itself and the planet from catastrophic climate change?

Climate change is all about surging temperatures, extreme heatwaves, warming lakes, catastrophic storms, rising greenhouse gas levels, toxic air and soaring energy costs. It was originally called global warming: An id tag that more obviously associates it with Mars and Saturn. They’re the bad guys that invite human actors to be selfish, reckless and short-sighted. India clings onto coal while it suffers climate change disasters.

In 2022 there’s this dream of providing almost 8bn people with education, jobs and comfortable living, but it won’t be achieved if the economy is powered by coal, oil and natural gas.

In 2022 Saturn wants to feel safe. It wants you to be responsible and to cast aside selfishness in favor of the greater good by wearing a protective face mask. And Uranus wants to feel free. It wants you to be who you are and to live your life free from coercive control and political restraint.

In 2022 high-tech governments and policy makers are trying to deal with covid-19, climate change, decarbonization, protectionism, labor standards, economic efficiency, shortages, inflation and national security. You can only hope that your leader is up to the task. How much damage did covid-19 really do?

In 2022 space missions are blasting off; the sky is jam-packed with space junk; life is a collision sport; the four day work week is coming; assisted dying is changing how people think about death; and you can go to an exclusive university and take a degree in corruption and how to be a thug-dictator.

In 2022 traditional Saturn is conflicting with progressive Uranus; climate migrants are on the move; statelessness is a growing worldwide problem; good people live with death threats; and disgruntled young folk are rebelling. The world they’ve inherited is a horrible mess. Their only hope lies in drastic change and more and more are responding to the high-frequency altruistic vibrations of Aquarius.

In 2022 selfish, physical (genetic) achievement is glorified and admired. The viewing audience worships the sports star whose success is measured in home runs, gold medals and grand slam victories. The real stars of the greatest show on Earth – the problem solvers, road ahead thinkers, inventors, educators, humanitarian workers, volunteers and those who work tirelessly to tend the sick – rarely get the recognition they so richly deserve. 

In 2022 Jupiter is signing off on massive trade deals; most of the new age religious-spiritual talk is just a lot of old world claptrap; and we’re adjusting to new realities. There’s this yearning for Aquarian Age life to get back to normal – like it was in 2019 – and if fighting, feuding, drinking and violence defined the old normal then it’s charging back in 2022

In 2022 you could be eating insects, lab-grown meat and vertically grown produce as we eat our way to a more sustainable future; and life is good if you’re not a slave, living in poverty, starving, living in terror, a victim of bigotry or being kept awake at night by gunshots.

From February 4 to February 20, 2022 the winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, China.

Human actors are the active agents involved in most events so what happens in 2022 can be traced back to their thoughts, feelings and impulses.

In 2022 humankind can learn from its mistakes. It can learn to plan ahead and heed the warning signs. Aquarian Age knowledge can be used and applied to avoid mishap and to deal with some problems more effectively. 

In 2022 the zodiac flies by and notices that Earth is holding a banner: ‘Rife with conflict, dissension, violence, cruelty, disease, selfishness, inequality, discrimination, bigotry and disinformation – please help’.

Author: DW Sutton

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