Mars in 2022: Here’s what you need to know

In 2022 five in-sky Mars conjunctions are fueling the astral atmosphere with aggressive energy and human actors here on Earth are fired up on anger, hostility, revenge, hatred, construction, destruction and haste. Bloodstreams are surging with adrenaline and testosterone.

Mars is the planet of conflict, war and animosity and these Mars conjunctions will trigger a record surge of disputation, provocation, aggressive force, violence, competitive rivalry and strife.

In 2022 Mars spells trouble. The astral weather is red hot. Here on Earth there’s a mountain of conflict and armies are on high alert. The threat of war is through the roof. The world is a very dangerous place. It might be time to build a bomb shelter or hire an army of body guards or invest in a bullet proof vest.

Astrology issues a red alert for 2022.

In-sky Mars conjunctions in 2022

March 3: Mars is conjunction Pluto in the sky at 8.43am GMT > start date is February 14 > end date is March 17

April 5: Mars is conjunction Saturn in the sky at 1.51am GMT > start date is March 22 > end date is April 21

May 18: Mars is conjunction Neptune in the sky at 6.33am GMT > start date is May 2 > end date is June 1

May 29: Mars is conjunction Jupiter in the sky at 10.31am GMT > start date is May 8 > end date June 15

August 1: Mars is conjunction Uranus in the sky at 11.33pm GMT > start date is July 14 > end date is August 18

In-sky Mars conjunctions and you

These in-sky Mars conjunctions will have no impact on you personally. They pertain to global events and developments. Active-duty military personnel and people living in conflict zones could find themselves in the line of fire and directly involved.

A progressed aspect involving Mars in your birth chart indicates a potential to experience a Mars event and your local environment defines a personal level of risk and danger: And these in-sky Mars conjunctions forecast acts of violence, terror attacks, accidents and fires involving people who will have a major progressed aspect involving Mars in their birth charts.

In 2018 there were over 27,000,000 Mars souls on active military duty in armies around the world.

The 2022 Mars cycle

On May 30 at 9.19am GMT Mars moves from south to north declination signally the start of a new Mars cycle > end date is May 4, 2024.

With Mars conjunction Jupiter in the chart there’s a major shift in the quality of the Mars vibration. Jupiter solves conflict by arbitration and compromise.  It’s the planet of goodwill.

Mars in the Aquarian Age chart

Mars is the planet of aggressive force, militarism, feuding, strife, the construction industry, manufacturing, the destruction industry, violence, bombs, guns, fires and accidents and in 2022 there are six Mars progressions in the Aquarian Age chart.

Here on Earth nations are squabbling; rivals are competing; war drums are beating; wildfires are burning; forests are razed; and workers using machines and their Mars energy are manufacturing electric cars, smartphones, large-scale green hydrogen production plants, ships, guns, clothing and vaccines.

Mars progressions in the Aquarian Age chart in 2022

Progressed Moon is semisquare birth chart Mars on March 28, 2022 > start date is March 2 > end date is April 23

Progressed Moon is inconjunct progressed Mars on May 31, 2022 > start date is May 4 > end date is June 27

Progressed Sun is parallel birth chart Mars

World leaders, politicians and their military advisors are fired up. They’re furious, feuding, combative and in harm’s way – victims of violence and/or accidents. Manufacturing is a hot political issue.

In 2022 politics is a combat sport defined by strife, conflict and provocation.

Progressed Mercury is parallel birth chart Mars

Mercury and Mars forecast war talk, angry rhetoric, information warfare and a pandemic of hate speech. The press, journalists, writers, academics, scientists and teachers are in strife and there’s hot debate over education and freedom of speech issues. Humanity’s problems need urgent solutions but haste makes mistakes that ignite angry controversy.

In 2022 disputes erupt and the propaganda and disinformation escalates. Governments impose communications blackouts. News channels present their take on what’s going on. Hatred and disinformation are thriving.

Mars thinks war is the best way to defeat an enemy and Mercury and Mars could re-think the customary response to conflict. War is very destructive. It’s not glorious. It’s no longer a noble activity. It’s a contest – there’s a winner and a loser – and all the combatants suffer big time. Can Mercury make people come to their senses and reject the war option?

In 2022 the threat of war demands sober dialogue. Mercury has to keep the channels of communication open and world leaders have to accept the invitation to talk and discuss differences.

Progressed Mars is parallel birth chart Venus

With so much conflict going on it’s easy to conclude that humans don’t like each other; and Mars parallel Venus puts the focus on violence against women, rape and the sexual abuse of women/girls.   

Mar’s parallel Venus reaches peak power July 11, 2022 and ends in February 2026.

In 2022 socializing is risky. Partying is perilous – you could contract a dangerous virus.

Progressed Mars is parallel birth chart Saturn

This high-discord aspect – witness the devastation caused by destructive weather events and the coronavirus pandemic – commenced in February 2017 and reached peak power August 25, 2020.

Eight months earlier, in January 2020 (with Saturn conjunction Pluto in the sky at peak power), a drastic situation emerged in Wuhan China; and on March 11, 2020 humanity got issued a public health emergency alert. Fear and panic (Saturn) gripped the world and by August 22, 2020 the total global death count due to the coronavirus had surpassed 800,000. The grief and suffering was unbearable.

But there was more to the Mars-Saturn parallel aspect than covid suffering and monster storms. It fueled self-interest, conservative values, global ambitions, insecurities, militarism and the building of bigger weapons and bigger armies. Nation states took aggressive security measures to protect their national interests and aggressive action to enhance their global influence. China’s aggression took center-stage and the military build-ups triggered talk of a new cold-war (Saturn-Mars).

In 2022 Mars parallel Saturn is keeping manufacturing costs low and finding cheaper ways to produce goods; and they’re inviting you to join a tree army and plant a tree.

Progressed Mars parallel birth chart Saturn reached peak power in August 2020 so its influence is on the wane but before it ends in March 2024 progressed Mars, on September 9, 2022, moves to form a conjunction aspect with progressed Saturn.

In 2022 Mars is all about combat, competition, rivalry and aggressive action and Saturn’s guard rails are aimed at preventing conflict. So, can Saturn’s fear contain the Mars’ aggression and keep the world safe? 

In-sky Mars-Saturn aspects in 2022

Mars is conjunction Saturn April 5; parallel Saturn April 6; parallel Saturn July 28; square Saturn August 7; trine Saturn September 28; and trine Saturn November 28.

Progressed Mars is parallel birth chart Uranus

Change is a fact of life and here on Earth the change that Uranus – the change planet – fuels takes place through human actors. Change is desirable; but disruptive change is a recipe for extreme disagreement and conflict.

In 2022 change is a right-left political issue. It’s about making progress in a way that benefits everyone, so it’s seen quite differently by conservatives, liberals and extremists.

The change process should involve commitment to individual dignity, democratic values, limited governance and open markets; but Uranus is a law unto itself and discontentment with the way things are stokes dangerous extremism, violent protesting, popularism, conspiracy theories and bigoted idiocy.

The extreme stuff includes no-platforming enemies and cancelling allies who are seen to transgress and misbehave. Cancel culture could ruin your career and life. In 2022 racism is a global problem. It’s lodged in a bigoted mind.

In 2022 Aquarian Age technology is influencing every area of human life. The metaverse promises an amazing new future. It’s where the self-ignorant will lead the self-ignorant in a search for worthwhile digital world experiences like shopping and entertainment.

In 2022 anything could happen. Uranus progressions are very unpredictable. They mark for jolting shifts in the way we live. Fast, sudden change is on the agenda and you’ll just have to take the change when it comes. You can expect the unexpected. Uranus discards modern lifestyles and returns to simple ways of living. In regard to covid the thrill of freedom could backfire.

In-sky Mars-Uranus aspects in 2022

Mars is square Uranus March 22; parallel Uranus April 4; conjunction Uranus August 1; and parallel Uranus August 9

Progressed Mars is parallel progressed Pluto

Progressed Mars parallel progressed Pluto reached peak power in November 2021 when US-Russia tensions were higher than high. So, its influence in 2022 is on the wane but the peril it forecasts won’t subside till July 20, 2025.

Mars parallel Pluto is all about big strife, groups, international divisions, drastic situations, military build-ups, diabolical behavior, brutality, hatred, death threats, corruption, online stalking, online bullying, crime, global crime networks, crime gangs, nuclear weapons and living in fear and terror.

Fact check: Nine countries have nuclear weapons: China, France, India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, UK and USA. According to the Federation of American Scientists they possess roughly 13,150 warheads.

Russia and the US own more than 90 percent – Russia 4,310 and US 3,750. In 1986 they had nearly 65,000 nuclear warheads and since then they have dismantled thousands, while China is increasing its stockpile – current estimate is 350 plus. Russia, China, Pakistan, India and North Korea are increasing their stockpiles.

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons was established in 1968. It bans signatories other than the US, Russia, China, UK and France from acquiring nuclear weapons in return for allowing them to pursue peaceful nuclear programs for power generation, overseen by the UN. 

190 countries are currently signed up to the treaty. India, Israel, Pakistan and South Sudan haven’t. North Korea signed the treaty in 1985 but withdrew in 2003. In 2006 it detonated its first nuclear weapon. 

In 2022 the world is divided. The big danger is nuclear war. It’s a perilous situation for humanity. The doomsday clock is seconds away from midnight.

In sky Mars-Pluto aspects in 2022

Mars is parallel Pluto on January 2; parallel Pluto February 23; conjunction Pluto March 3; square Pluto July 2; and parallel Pluto October 14

What’s next?

Progressed Mars conjunction progressed Saturn

The environmental setting on Earth keeps changing so each new Mars progression in the Aquarian Age chart takes us into unchartered waters.

On September 19, 2022 progressed Mars moves to form a conjunction aspect with progressed Saturn. It’s a high-discord energy-event that reaches peak power on January 27, 2024 so its influence will be pronounced throughout 2023. It ends June 6, 2025.

The influence of progressed Mars parallel birth chart Saturn was conspicuous throughout 2020-21 and the influence of Mars conjunction Saturn is somewhat similar. The chief difference is in the nature of the energy-mix. The conjunction is much more concentrated, more focused and more certain of producing events and conditions of the Mars-Saturn type.

Astrology can’t forecast if or when the coronavirus pandemic will end or if variants of the virus will continue to emerge; but if it’s not contained by September 2022 progressed Mars conjunction progressed Saturn will continue the story that progressed Mars parallel birth chart Saturn started in 2020.

Whatever… security, conflict, climate change, economic recovery, manufacturing, public health and preparing for the next pandemic will be the dominant Mars-Saturn issues influencing the global agenda in 2022-23.

Mars conjunction Saturn forecasts a cold-war; aggressive security measures; a new ice age; monster storms; destructive weather events; a war on poverty; escalating anger and rising levels of fear and suffering.

In 2022 frightened refugees living in conflict zones flee the guns and violence; and anger and grief are the real-life consequences of climate change as climate migrants are forced to flee their homes and seek safe havens.

When your life crumbles you have to rebuild – one brick at a time. It’s a long hoe. Resilience keeps the show on the road.

Mars conjunction Saturn transmits an astral vibration that defines an astrological forecast, but discerning how human actors are likely to respond to the energy mix (to produce events) involves an accurate assessment of its quality and the environmental setting in which it will express and in 2022-23 the discord is high and the environmental setting is tense and dangerous.  

In 2022-23 Mars and Saturn are focused on climate change, public health, economic recovery, preventing war and building renewable sources of alternative energy and you’re relying on world leaders to make you feel safe by making the world a safer place to live.


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