USA: 9/11/2001

September 11, 2001 (aka 9/11): In a terror attack (Mars-Uranus) on America’s civilian population (house 1-Moon) and commercial centre (Jupiter) hijacked planes (Neptune) fly into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre (house 4-Jupiter) in New York. Thousands of civilians lost their lives.

America’s chart progressed to September 11, 2001

At 8.46am EST on 9/11...

Progressed ascendant at 9 Sagittarius 37 in house 7 (open enemies) was opposition birth chart Uranus – planet of extraordinary shocks and events that change the world with cataclysmic suddenness – at 8 Gemini 53 in house 1 (the people).

Transit Neptune at 6 Aquarius 21R in house 9 was trine progressed Uranus at 6 Gemini 57 in house 12 (secret enemies).

Progressed Mercury at 1 Pisces 36R in house 10 (international influence) and cusp ruler of house 1 was sesquisquare progressed Jupiter – planet of trade – at 16 Cancer 09R in house 2 (finances) and cusp ruler of house 7 (enemies).

Progressed Moon at 21 Taurus 27 in house 12 (secret enemies) was semisquare birth chart Jupiter at 5 Cancer 48 in house 2; and transit Neptune at 6 Aquarius 21R was trine birth chart Jupiter.

Progressed Venus at 3N47 in house 11 (Congress) and the intercepted ruler of house 12 (secret enemies) was parallel progressed Mars – planet of violent attacks – at 4S29 in house 5 and cusp ruler of house 12 (secret enemies) – and parallel birth chart Saturn – planet of loss and sadness – at 3S31 in house 5 and cusp ruler of house 8 (death) and house 10 (the administration).  

Progressed Mars – planet of anger – at 18 Libra 20 and 4S29 in house 5 – was trine birth chart Moon – planet of civilians and publicity – at 18 Aquarius 08 in house 10 – and parallel birth chart Neptune – planet of aviation – at 4N10.

And progressed Sun – at 26 Aquarius 12 in house 10 and cusp ruler of house 4 (buildings) – was inconjunct progressed Neptune – planet of planes – at 26 Virgo 31R in house 5.

Progressed Moon was semisextile birth chart Mars at 20 Gemini 57 in house 1; and transit Mars at 1 Capricorn 28 in house 8 was opposition birth chart Venus at 2 Cancer 20 in house 2; transit Mercury at 14 Libra 20 in house 5 was conjunction birth chart Saturn; transit Venus at 18 Leo 37 in house 4 was opposition birth chart Moon and sextile progressed Mars; transit Jupiter at 11 Cancer 36 in house 2 was sesquisquare progressed Sun; and transit Sun at 4N24 was parallel birth chart Neptune in house 5.

The terror attack on the Twin Towers was unpredictable (Uranus) but the progressed ascendant-birth chart Uranus – house 1-house 7 – opposition aspect (activating their birth chart conjunction) indicated that something extraordinary was in the offing. 

Author: DW Sutton

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