Stable Sun – Changing Moon

From an evolutionary standpoint the Sun in your birth chart maps your oldest and most permanent character traits. And the psychologists will tell you that they are the most difficult of all to change.

Under hypnosis, or under the stress of life, your unconscious mind can be made to relinquish any other conception of itself or its functions more readily, than it can be made to admit it has no significance.

Every creature, to give it the power urge to carry on, retains the feeling that in some way it is superior. And the psychologists point out that both the superiority complex and the inferiority complex, which they find so prevalent in some degree among people, and which they claim so detracts from efficiency and happiness, are merely an over-conditioning of the drive for significance. Each is the expression of an unregulated urge moving in either a positive or negative direction.

The prominence of the Sun in your birth chart, which is determined by its astrodyne power score, measures the amount of energy possessed by the character factors which express as your drive for significance. And if the Sun is prominent, with an above average astrodyne power score, you’ll feel the necessity to attain importance though exercising personal power and governing others.

Your power urge also expresses vitality and recuperative ability; and as your will to live and struggle on it relates to permanence rather than change.

Now contrast this vital stability to the ever changing phases of the Moon.

The Sun sheds a light which is steady, fluctuating only in a slight degree influenced by the appearance and disappearance of small spots on its surface. But the Moon does not present the same countenance. In the night sky – night after night – its shape is constantly changing.

The psychologists will tell you that at all times, both night and day, there are trains of thought passing through your unconscious mind.  Impulses of which you take no objective notice are responsible for many of your acts; and to a far greater extent than is generally recognized your convictions are not the result of objective thought processes (Mercury), but arise from feeling. They derive from your changing mind or mentality which is ruled by the Moon in your birth chart.

The Moon in your chart maps the most accessible avenue through which impressions from the outside world reach your unconscious mind.  It indicates your resistance and capacity to resist disease; and as your capacity to keep on living by adapting to a constantly changing environment it relates to change rather than permanence.

Interdependent principles

The Sun rules the politicians who direct the affairs of others and the Moon rules the masses of common people who must do what the authorities say. 

It’s a fact that the Sun and Moon represent interdependent principles. A nation composed entirely of bosses, with no common people, would be as pitiful as a nation in which there were no leaders to direct its affairs. 

The heat of the Sun and the water of the Moon are needed to produce crops; and father (Sun) and mother (Moon) have a reciprocal task which neither alone can perform. And if our civilization is to rise to spiritual greatness it will not be through masculine pride (Sun) or feminine sympathy (Moon) alone.

The true man feels that his female companion expects in him a certain nobility and he strives to live up to the ideals he receives from her;  and the true woman feels that her male companion wants her to have tenderness, sympathy and elevated thoughts.

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun and responds to the thoughts he holds of her; and together, as each strives to realize the elevated hopes and expectations of the other, they mutually contribute the essential factors that constitute the spiritual evolution of the human race.


Author: Maria Major

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