Your soul: Here’s what you need to know

Ideas and opinions about your soul abound. It’s a religious, rather than scientific issue, and religion assumes the existence of a vital spiritual force. It’s commonly defined as the immortal essence of a person, living thing or object and is described as: The immaterial essence – animating principle – actuating cause of an individual life – the spiritual principle embodied in human beings – a person’s total self – the moral and emotional nature of human beings – the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment – and the spiritual or moral force. 

But how do you prove the existence of a non-physical substance that’s vital to life? It’s a problem that rightly belongs to the Science of the Soul and Stars – Astrology: And Hermetic science provides the most reliable information regarding the human soul. But you might be surprised to learn that the mental dynamic identified as the unconscious mind by modern psychology is the soul.

Soul actually identifies the intelligence stored in the astral form and this intelligence – as a dynamic astral life-force – animates matter. Your soul is made of astral substance and astral substance has no physical properties. It’s frictionless, so it has no surface resistance to relative motion that occurs with sliding, rolling or rubbing; and it freely penetrates and moves through physical substance.

Your soul exists on the astral plane where velocities are approximate the speed of light and it is best described as an organized system of thoughts, feelings and impulses. It acquires feeling and intelligence through experience. You’re more inclined to call your thought and feeling world your mind, but the terms ‘mind’ and ‘soul’ – and unconscious or not-conscious mind and character – all refer to the same thing. 

A thought system consists of states of consciousness that have formed into a unified whole and your soul is a dynamic thought-built intelligence system. The system possesses organizing power and the events and conditions it experiences cause the formation of thought elements, thought-cell groups and thought-cell structures. So your soul has a definite thought structure. 

Ten dynamic psychological drivers within the system give your life direction and intent. Desire is a dynamic driving force. It’s a natural component of the mental experience and your life experience moves in a direction indicated by your soul’s strongest desires. 

All your thoughts and feelings – your care, concern, alertness, love, pride, aggression, hate, fear and hope – reside in your not-conscious soul-mind.  They’re permanently poised to express and the desire energy they possess influences their intent. The direction your life takes is determined by your unconscious-soul-desires.

Soul is the life principle and your soul is adhered to your physical body by the psychokinetic power of its thoughts. Your soul’s intelligence and ability animates your physical body and manages its biochemical activity.

Soul intelligence evolves through experience

Your soul on its developmental journey attracts, builds and repels the various forms that give it experience. It saves in memory and is indelibly imprinted with the states of consciousness acquired through experience. The resulting consciousness implies an adjustment of internal-external relations and this process of continuous adjustment is your conscious life. 

Your soul was brought into existence for a specific purpose and you are always moving forward, developing and acquiring those experiences that are necessary for the development of the abilities that only you possess. Your developmental journey provides on the job training. All your not-conscious abilities have been acquired and learnt through experience.

As a human soul you’ve reached a glorious milestone. Your developmental journey has produced sufficient ability to engender self-conscious awareness. You now have the ability to experience your own thought and feeling world and to think, reason and form opinions.

Your intelligence and ability – right now – represents your soul’s current state of learning; but you’re work in progress and new learning experiences are opportunities to acquire and develop greater intelligence; and the functionality of your intelligence is always poised to improve.

You – the thinker – operate at your soul’s current level of learning and expertise; and overcoming problems and difficulties sustains the development of your intelligence and ability. Nature abhors stagnation.

Your soul is endowed with a potential to develop feelings and intelligence – evolution permits a logical expansion of consciousness – and the evolution of the universe is dependent upon the sustained development of soul-talent.

Soul diversity

The evolving universe requires an ever increasing number of souls. Each new born human soul represents an investment in God’s Great Evolutionary Enterprise. No two are the same. Each expresses intellectual and spiritual diversity. They all differ in their character, intelligence type and ability because they’re all endowed with a distinct polarity at the time of their differentiation.

Human intelligence and behavior portrays the intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of individual souls.

Your soul is a building block of a living universe. Your life experience is the means by which you develop knowledge – love and wisdom – and that’s why you’re here. Your soul is virtually immortal and you have a twin soul of the opposite sex. It too is an off-spring of the creative living universe.

Your soul is everything that is you. It needs loving care and you need information that will allow you to take greater and greater control over your mental and emotional welfare and development.

Hermetic astrology and your birth chart provide this personalized information. Your soul is imprinted with astrological information. You have an astrology code. Your birth chart depicts your character and the special type of intelligence and ability you possess. It tells your life story. And when you’ve acquired an understanding of your birth chart and soul you can proactively participate in your mental, emotional and spiritual development. 

As a human soul you seek to make sense of your existence. You learn, remember, hope, wait and search for answers. But far more is known about your physical self than your not-conscious soul-self that built it. The claim by some biologists that the unconscious mind is genetically created is not true.

We do need more information about the soul so it needs to be independently investigated by properly trained and qualified researchers. Till then you can rely on Hermetic science to put you in the picture and rid you of the uncertainty of not knowing.

Author: DW Sutton

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