Donald Trump’s forecast for 2017

After winning the US presidency Donald Trump – the man who promised to make America great again – has to prove himself.

Boastful rhetoric won’t get the job done and with litle political experience he’s got big problems. 

The biggest one involves his distorted sense of self importance.

It emerges from the Sun thought-cell group in his not-conscious mind and with Leo, his dominant sign, he’s inclined to believe that he should have a position of importance far beyond any he is capable of properly fulfilling.

Trump sees himself as the star of the show and has no interest in playing a supporting role.

His life has been a quest for power and, no matter what, he will never relinquish the political power he has now acquired.

He is versatile (Gemini) but making political, economic and social decisions of immense national and international significance will require more than business talent and the ability to make a bucket load of bucks.

Another problem is his changeableness. In typical Gemini fashion he keeps changing his mind.

To be precise it’s the thoughts streaming in from his not-conscious mind that keep changing so a thought he has on Monday can be changed by a thought he has on Friday.

And this constant changing drives other people nuts.

And then there’s his impulsive urge to tweet that has already locked in as a not-conscious habit. He just can’t help himself.

A tweet, which makes a private thought public, is a house 9 experience and house 9 in Trump’s birthchart has Aries on the cusp. 

Its ruler Mars, the planet of impulsivity, strife, belligerence and vulgarity, is in house 12 (secrets, secret enemies, secret deals and self-undoing) conjunction the ascendant (him). 

So he has this powerful urge to tweet and it’s going to get him into a lot of strife.

Donald Trump’s chart progressed to December 31, 2017trump-progressed-chartLong-time progressed aspects

Progressed Uranus is opposition birth chart Moon

Progressed Uranus in house 10 (his job as President, business interests, reputation and popularity) is opposition (separation) birth chart Moon in house 4 (his home-life at the White House and real-estate interests).

Uranus is the planet of rugged individualism, eccentricity, extreme behavior, sudden change, unexpected developments, shocks, startling revelations, protests and technology.

Its location in house 10 signs for sudden changes influencing his job, business interests, reputation and popularity.

Uranus is cusp ruler (Aquarius) of house 6 (his job performance, work environment, employees and White House staff); and cusp ruler (Aquarius) of house 7 (foreign powers, partners, open enemies and his wife). And when Uranus is activated by progression the human agency that instigates the sudden change is ruled by one of these houses and their life-matters undergo change.

The Moon is the planet of feelings, first impressions, hunches, guesses and moods.

It’s location in house 4 signs for fluctuations and many small changes affecting his home-life at the White House, real estate interests and later-life in general.

The Moon (Cancer intercepted) is co-ruler of house 11 (his friends and Congress).

And when the Moon is activated by progression his mental attitude, domestic life and everyday affairs are affected by these people and life-matters.

Progressed Uranus opposition birth chart Moon is the worst aspect in his chart. It signs for sudden changes affecting his job as president, business life and public standing; a disrupted work environment; discontentment with staff; startling revelations by employees; bizarre relations with foreign powers and extreme developments due to their actions.

The aspect reached peak power in April 2014 and has many years to run.

Progressed Jupiter is square birth chart Saturn

Progressed Jupiter – the planet of finances, plenty, trade, the legal system, courts, joviality and optimism – in house 3 (communications, newspapers and neighboring countries) – is square (obstacle) birth chart Saturn – the planet of conservatism, rear-vision thinking, protectionism, walls, work, responsibility, economy and loss – in house 11 (his friends, allies, Senate and Congress).

This aspect impairs his financial/business acumen and signs for financial losses, misplaced optimism, legal problems, planning problems, delays, big worries, fear and selfishness.

It indicates that the great wall will never be built, ongoing problems with the courts and loss due to unwise trade deals.

The US Congress and Senate will feature prominently in what eventuates.

The aspect reached peak power in February 2016 and will finish in August 2022. (Jupiter is square Saturn in the US chart.)

Trump has three Mars progressions in 2017

Mars is the planet of strife, conflict, rows, fights, belligerence and vulgarity.

Its psychological correlate is the aggressive urge and progressed aspects involving Mars attract strife, haste and energized effort.

Aggression is characterized by forceful action, assertiveness, impulsivity, recklessness and anger.

And with Mars conjunction the ascendant in his birth chart these traits are a permanent feature of Trump’s personality.

Mars is in house 12 – his secret life.

The life-matters it rules include secret deals, secret information, secret talks, crime, criminals, secret enemies, restriction, sorrow, disappointment, self-undoing and the influence of invisible intelligences.

(In mundane affairs house 12 rules the FBI, CIA, behind the scenes activity, secret investigations, hospitals, goals, illegals, unemployment and relief measures.)

Mars is cusp ruler (Aries) of house 9 – television, radio, social media, publicly expressed opinions, tweeting, legal matters, court cases, overseas trips, philosophy and religion; and (Scorpio) house 4 – his home life, real estate interests, hotels and restaurants.

(In mundane affairs house 9 rules the Supreme Court, constitution and legal matters and house 4 rules  the homeland, territories, housing, weather events and natural disasters.)

Progressed Mars is in house 2 (his personal finances and possessions) and when Mars is activated by progression the strife, conflict, disputation, haste and energized effort centers around the life-matters, activities and people ruled by houses 12, 2, 9, and 4.

Progressed Mars is square birth chart Mercury

Progressed Mars in house 2 (his personal finances and possessions) is square (obstacle) birth chart Mercury in house 11 (his friends, allies, Congress and Senate).

Mercury is the planet of reasoned thought, decision-making, words, language-skills and talking.

Its psychological correlate is the intellectual urge and progressed aspects involving Mercury stimulate Trump's intellectual urge and influence his cerebral activity and facility and accuracy of expression.

This high discord aspect marks for impulsive thinking, hostile thoughts, reckless decision-making, hasty judgments and unreliable advice from friends and associates and with Mars ruling house 9 his private thoughts become public via angry tweets.

Mercury rules the press, journalists and science and Trump is at war with sections of the media (the New York Times and CNN) and engaged in a war on science.

And with Mars in house 12 he’s embroiled in a conflict with the FBI.

The square aspect indicates that he’s unlikely to win any of the battles.

He’s also fighting allegations of Russian involvement in the 2016 US Presidential campaign.

Progressed Mars square birth chart Mercury reached peak power in May 2016 and will finish December 2017.

It played an influential role in his Presidential campaign when his hostile and insulting rhetoric was warmly received by an angry electorate discontent with existing conditions.

But with Mars in house 12 many of his claims and allegations will come back to haunt him.

Progressed Mars is sesquisquare birth chart Midheaven

Progressed Mars is sesquisquare (agitation) birth chart Midheaven (his honor, business and publicity).

Mars rules manufacturing and Trump has promised to revive America’s manufacturing sector.

But this Mars progression indicates that his destructive aggressive behavior is adversely affecting his honor and attracting bad publicity. 

It’s causing him reputational damage and the White House will find itself in damage control.

Progressed Mars is sextile birth chart Pluto

And progressed Mars is sextile (opportunity) birth chart Pluto in house 12.

Pluto is the planet of groups, threats, intimidation, bully-boy tactics, criminal activity, nuclear weapons and drastic situations.

Its psychological correlate is the universal welfare urge – the desire to contribute something worthwhile to the common good – and progressed aspects involving Pluto stimulate Trump’s universal welfare urge into activity and influence his life through groups, subtle force and cooperation or coercion. 

Pluto’s location in house 12 signs for coercive control of his thoughts by subtle (invisible) forces.

This fortunate aspect indicates that Trump has the opportunity to work with groups to further universal welfare.

On the world stage he’s offering to cooperate with other countries in the fight against ISIS and terrorism and to reign in North Korea's nuclear threat (Pluto), but with a powerful Uranus he’s an individualist who has difficulty cooperating with groups and the FBI (house 12) is a group.

The US media have ganged up on him (Pluto) and have divided (Pluto) into groups who support and oppose him.

This Mars-Pluto aspect has a fortunate (sextile) potential and will reap some positive outcomes but with Mars and Pluto in house 12 the success will be limited and disappointing.

Progressed Midheaven is conjunction progressed Saturn

Progressed Midheaven (his honor, business and publicity) is conjunction (prominence) progressed Saturn in house 12.

Saturn is the planet of fear, worry, safety measures, self-interest, caution, careful planning and failure.

Its psychological correlate is the security urge and progressed aspects involving Saturn stimulate Trump’s security urge into activity and attract work, responsibility, economy or loss.

(In mundane affairs Saturn rules the climate, weather events, floods, droughts, protectionism, coal and the farming and mining sectors.)

Birth chart Saturn is in house 11 (his friends, supporters, hopes, Congress and Senate) and is co-ruler (Capricorn intercepted) of house 5 (his children and risk-life), co-ruler (Aquarius) of house 6 (work, employees, White House staff and sickness) and co-ruler (Aquarius) of house 7 (open enemies, disputes, war and relations with foreign powers and partners).

And when Saturn is involved in a progressed aspect the work, responsibility, economy or loss that comes into Trump's life involves the life-matters, activities and people ruled by houses 11, 12, 7, 6 and 5.

The aspect’s precise start, peak and finish dates require a precise birth time but as it stands it started in November 2016, reaches peak power in January 2018 and finishes in March 2019.

Saturn is sextile (opportunity) the Midheaven in his birth chart but their progressed conjunction will attract heavy burdens that will test Donald Trump to the limit.

It signs for big losses; poor relations with Congress; loss through the actions of Congress, the Senate, foreign powers and partners; bitter disappointment and a lower than low public approval rating.

It indicates that Trump will be swamped by problems that stymie his administration.

(In the USA chart, based on its not quite precise birth time, progressed Midheaven moves to form a conjunction aspect with birthchart Saturn in December 2017.

It reaches peak power in December 2018 and finishes in December 2019.  

And this progressed aspect in both charts certainly signs for major Saturn events and developments for the country and its President during 2018.)

Progressed Venus conjunction birth chart Jupiter

On June 30, 2017 progressed Venus moves to form a conjunction (prominence) aspect with birth chart Jupiter.

Venus is the planet of social fun, love, affection, joy, mirth and aesthetic appreciation.

Its psychological correlate is the social urge and progressed aspects involving Venus stimulate Trump’s social urge into activity and influence his emotions, social relations and artistic appreciation.

Birth chart Venus is in house 11 (his friends, associates and Congress) and is cusp ruler (Taurus) of house 10 (his job as President, business activities, honor and reputation) and cusp ruler (Libra) of house 3 (his siblings and private thoughts.)

Progressed Venus is in house 2 (his personal finances and possessions) and when Venus is activated by progression his social life and affections are influenced by these people and life-matters.

Jupiter is the planet of finances, wealth, legal matters, law-makers and judges.

Its psychological correlate is the religious urge and progressed aspects involving Jupiter influence Trump’s life through abundance, increased optimism and joviality.

Birth chart Jupiter is in house 2 (his finances and possessions) and is cusp ruler (Sagittarius) of house 5 (his speculative ventures, risk-taking and children).

Progressed Jupiter is in house 3 (his private thoughts, written documents and memos and relations with the press) and when Jupiter is activated by progression the abundance, joviality and increased optimism he experiences influences, and is influenced by, these life-matters.

Progressed Venus conjunction birth chart Jupiter reaches peak power in June 2018 and it’s inviting Trump to have a jolly good time and it could be a life saver.

But Venus in his birth chart is conjunction Saturn and progressed Jupiter is square birth chart Saturn and Saturn – the planet of struggle, burdens, grievances and regret – is focusing his attention on the actions of the US Senate and Congress.

Jupiter in house 2 is the source of Trump’s financial abundance and his Jupiter thought-cells are devoted to making money.

Whether their intent translates into financial prosperity for the US remains to be seen but one thing is for certain.

Under this progressed aspect Donald Trump will be making lots of money – for himself.

On January 20, 2017 when Donald Trump was sworn in as the 46th US president progressed Moon in house 11 (hopes and wishes) was conjunction birth chart Venus. Venus is cusp ruler of house 10 – honor and high-office.

Progressed Mars square birthchart Mercury ends December 6, 2017 and there are no Mercury progressions in Trump’s chart after that date.

First published December 31, 2016; revised May 2017

Author: DW Sutton

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