Events report: Jupiter conjunction Pluto June 30, 2020

Events forecast period was May-July 2020

May 1: The International Monetary Fund (Jupiter) approves $411 million in emergency assistance for Ethiopia.

May 4: In an online summit hosted by the EU (Pluto) 40 countries and donors pledge (Jupiter) more than $8bn (£6.5bn) (Jupiter) to help develop a coronavirus vaccine and fund research into the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

May 8: Argentina will get $1.8 billion in loans (Jupiter) from the Inter-American Development Bank (Jupiter) this year to help create jobs and provide medical care to coronavirus victims; and the World Bank (Jupiter) approves $506 million in emergency loans and grants for Ecuador to help it grapple with its coronavirus outbreak.

May 12: Indigenous leaders in Brazil have asked the WHO to set up an emergency fund (Jupiter) to help protect their communities.

May 13: Over 300 lawmakers (Jupiter-Pluto) from around the world urge the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to cancel (Jupiter) the debt (Saturn) of the poorest countries and to boost funding (Jupiter) to avert a global economic meltdown.

May 22: In response to China seeking to pass a law that would ban (Pluto) ‘treason, secession, sedition and subversion’ in Hong Kong the city’s executive says that the newly proposed security law (Saturn) will not hamper judicial independence (Jupiter). The proposed law has been widely condemned with US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, calling it a ‘death knell’ for the city’s freedom.

May 23: There’s very little international Covid-19 cooperation (Pluto) going on as countries go it alone.

May 24: Benjamin Netanyahu becomes the first serving Israeli prime minister to go on trial. He’s facing charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

May 27: A recovery fund worth €750bn (£670bn; $825bn) (Jupiter) has been proposed by the EU’s executive Commission to help the EU tackle an ‘unprecedented crisis’. The package will be made up of grants and loans for every EU member state.

May 28: The US Justice Department accuses North Korea’s state-owned bank (Jupiter) of evading US sanctions laws and charged 28 North Korean and 5 Chinese citizens with committing money laundering, bank fraud and other crimes (Pluto).

May 29: US President Donald Trump announces he is terminating (Pluto) America’s relationship with the World Health Organization (Pluto) accusing the WHO of failing to hold Beijing to account over the coronavirus pandemic.

June 6: Thousands of people take to the streets in Australia, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea and America in rolling protests over police treatment of ethnic minorities sparked by the killing of George Floyd.

June 9: Cathay Pacific (Neptune) says it will get a HK$39bn (£4bn; $5bn) Hong Kong government-backed bailout (Jupiter-Pluto), as it struggles in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

June 14: The shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta ignites a fresh wave of anti-police brutality and Black Lives Matter protests in cities across America; and thousands of protesters in Tokyo take part in a Black Lives Matter march, calling for an end to racial discrimination and police abuse after the killing of African American George Floyd. Progressed Moon was semisquare progressed Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart; and Mars was conjunction Neptune in the sky.  

Covid-19: In the Philippines, Maria Ressa, chief executive of Rappler (website) and a former CNN journalist is found guilty of cyber libel (Pluto) by a Manila court (Jupiter) in what is seen as a blow to media freedom in the country.

June 15: The US Supreme Court (Jupiter) in a 6-3 decision rules that employers who fire workers for being gay or transgender are breaking the country’s civil rights laws. It’s a watershed victory for LGBT rights (Uranus) and a defeat for Donald Trump’s administration (house 10). (Jupiter was conjunction Pluto in the sky. In America’s Jupiter-Pluto conjunction chart Jupiter and Pluto are in house 10 and Jupiter rules house 9.)

June 16: The US Department of Justice files a lawsuit (house 7) to prevent former National Security Adviser John Bolton from publishing (Jupiter) his book The Room Where It Happened (house 9-Mercury) claiming it contains ‘classified information’ (house 12).

June 18: The Supreme Court (Jupiter) in the US rules against Donald Trump and blocks his bid (Pluto) to end the DACA program that protects hundreds of thousands of immigrants who entered the US illegally as children from deportation.

Facebook (Neptune) removes adverts (Jupiter-house 9) for US President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign that feature a symbol used in Nazi Germany.

June 20: A US judge (Jupiter) rejects a request by Donald Trump to stop the publication of John Bolton’s memoir.

June 24: A US appeals court (Jupiter) directs a federal judge (Jupiter) to drop a criminal case (Pluto) against Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI, handing the Justice Department a victory in the politically charged case.

Bayer AG agrees to pay as much as $10.9 billion (Jupiter) to settle close to 100,000 US lawsuits (Jupiter-house 7) claiming that its widely-used weedkiller Roundup causes cancer.

June 25: The US Senate passes legislation (Jupiter) that imposes mandatory sanctions (Pluto) on people or companies that back efforts by China to restrict Hong Kong’s autonomy, pushing back against Beijing’s new security law for the city.

June 26: The World Bank (Jupiter) approves a loan of $700 million to Colombia to help in its fight against the pandemic.

June 27: A global fundraiser raises 6.15 billion euros ($6.9 billion) (Jupiter) from the United States, the European Commission and numerous countries to fight covid-19. The Commission (Pluto) together with the European Investment Bank (Jupiter) pledged 4.9 billion euros ($5.50 billion), the United States $545 million, Germany 383 million euros, Canada C$300 million ($219 million)and Qatar $10 million. Forty governments (Pluto) took part in the summit.

June 28: Organizers of the ‘Stop Hate for Profit’ campaign go global and call on major companies in Europe to join its advertising (Jupiter) boycott (Pluto) of Facebook to increase pressure (Pluto) on the social media company to remove hate speech (Mars). More than 160 companies (Pluto) sign on to stop buying ads on Facebook for the month of July.

June 29: In a landmark decision, the US Supreme Court (Jupiter) rules that a law restricting abortions in Louisiana is unconstitutional.

Social media site Reddit (Jupiter-house 9) shuts down r/The_Donald, a forum used by supporters of Donald Trump; and Inc’s live-streaming platform Twitch (Jupiter) temporarily bans (Pluto) Trump’s official channel for violating Twitch’s policy on hateful speech (Mars).

June 30: A US federal judge delivers another legal setback (Jupiter) for Donald Trump by striking down his hardline rule (Pluto) that curtails asylum applications by migrants at the US-Mexico border.


Author: DW Sutton

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