America’s December 21, 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart

Chart data is December 21, 2020 at 1.20.30pm EST (38N53; 77W01)

September 18, 2020: US Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies.

Jupiter – planet of justices and cusp ruler of house 8 (death) and the Supreme Court (house 9) – is conjunction Saturn – co-ruler of house 11 (Congress) – in house 10 (Donald Trump and his administration).

Venus (Ginsburg) is in house 8 (death) and Sun is conjunction Mercury in house 9 (the Supreme Court).

Jupiter and Saturn in house 10 (Donald Trump) are square ascendant (the people); square Mars – planet of strife and disputation in house 12 (disappointment); square Uranus – planet of unexpected developments and civil unrest and cusp ruler of house 11 (Congress); and conjunction Pluto – planet of division, coercion and drastic events.

Mars and Uranus square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction indicate that strife and unexpected developments are likely to block and disrupt Trump’s attempt to replace Ginsberg with a conservative (Saturn) justice.

September 21: Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (house 10) announces that the two white police officers (Mars) who fired into the apartment of Breonna Taylor will face no charges for her death (house 8) because their use of force was justified. 

Venus (Breonna Taylor) is in house 8; Sun is conjunction Mercury in house 9 (the state grand jury that made the decision); Mars (the police) is in house 12 (crime and prison); and Uranus – planet of protests and civil unrest is in house 1 (the people).

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction Pluto in house 10 indicate the injustice.

Ascendant is trine Sun and Mercury and square Jupiter and Saturn.

With Uranus conjunction the ascendant the public outrage over the decision could have startling, unexpected consequences and far reaching implications.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart is live till April 3, 2021.


Author: DW Sutton

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