Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky: February 13, 2019

Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Uranus on February 13, 2019 at 6.19.37am GMT.

It’s a high discord – red alert – astrological event.

Around the globe there’s a heightened risk of danger, violence and conflict.

The aspect’s forecast period is January 22, 2019 to March 8, 2019.

Mars is the planet of strife, aggressive force, war, bombs, missiles, the fight community, military, soldiers, guns, disputation, anger, provocation, haste, revenge, hate, brutality, torture, sex, vice, banditry, explosions, brawls, alcohol, gambling, fires, accidents, emergency service workers, doctors, surgeons, manufacturing and infectious disease.

Uranus is the planet of extremists, extreme situations, radical action, social discontentment, civil disorder, strikes, protests, demonstrations, liberation-independence movements, sudden disturbances, rebellions, revolutions, racism, racial tensions, exposé, reform, shocks, surprise developments, sudden change, electricity, invention, technology and the tech-sector.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction is sextile Sun and Mercury and square Pluto.

In February 2019 the influence of Uranus is red-hot.

In the Aquarian Age chart progressed Moon is parallel birth chart Uranus > peak power date is February 5, 2019.

In America’s chart progressed Moon is parallel progressed Uranus > peak power date is July 17, 2019.

In the Uranus cycle progressed Uranus is opposition Saturn > peak power date is February 19, 2019.

And on February 12 progressed Mars is conjunction Uranus in the Mars cycle.

Mars in the sky is parallel Uranus on February 9 and conjunction Uranus on February 13.

February 8 to February 13 is when planet Earth and its inhabitants will be on the receiving end of a massive influx of Mars-Uranus energy. On February 15 progressed Sun is sextile Uranus in the Sun cycle.

Uranus is the planet of radicals and extremists

Uranus advocates for change but his hard-right and hard-left political extremists want revolutionary change. He’s a radical with a rebellious attitude; a lone wolf terrorist intent on extremist violence; and a white supremacist actively spreading racial hatred.

On February 16, 2019 a general election will be held in Nigeria. Boko Haram – the world’s deadliest terrorist group – is active in the country terrorising the civilian population and carrying out mass kidnappings. In Nigeria’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart the conjunction is in house 2 – finances, banks and the people’s money. There’s a high risk of violence during and after the general election.

Uranus is the planet of discontentment and civil unrest

In 2019 civil discontentment is widespread. Social unrest easily erupts into protests, demonstrations and strikes. Garment workers are protesting in Bangladesh. Anti-government sentiment is at boiling point in France, Hungary, Serbia and Sudan. The current unrest in these countries started in December 2018 with Mars conjunction Neptune in the sky.

The Middle East is a hot-bed of tensions – violent conflict is just a stone’s throw away.

Countries with a high-risk conflict rating include Afghanistan, DR Congo, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela (the country is an economic basket-case) and Yemen.

The anger, frustration and social discontentment that permeates global society indicates that humanity is having great difficulty adjusting to the high tension energies being liberated by Aquarius.

Mars conjunction Uranus forecasts...

A surge in radical activity; explosions; bombs, car bombs and suicide bombings; violent protests; race hate; racial violence; riots, rebellions and revolutions; extreme policing; shocking accidents; extreme weather events – heat waves, electrical storms; horrific fires; disputes over electricity and electricity supply; startling developments; surprise resignations; sudden changes and a non-stop fight against the dangers posed by extremists.

Donald Trump – the Uranus president – and Russia – the Uranus country – will respond strongly to this stunning and highly unpredictable energy event. Uranus forecasts shocks, surprises and extreme developments with the Mueller investigation; the US government shutdown; the Brexit negotiations in Britain; and the antigovernment protests in France, Hungary, Serbia and Sudan. It will change the way things are.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction and you

Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky will have no influence on you personally.

What’s currently taking place in your life and what’s on your mind is primarily determined by the major progressed aspects in your chart and the local environment in which you live, work and operate.

On the world stage the chief actors involved in the Mars-Uranus events will have these planets in their birth charts scoring above average astrodyne power plus one or more progressed aspects involving Mars and Uranus.


Author: DW Sutton

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