America’s November 12, 2020 Jupiter-Pluto conjunction chart

Chart data is November 12, 2020 at 4.39pm EST (38N53; 77W01)

Jupiter – the cusp ruler of house 8 (death) – is conjunction Pluto in house 9 (the Supreme Court).

Jupiter is the planet of justices, the Supreme Court, goodwill and impartiality; and Pluto is the planet of drastic events, division and ruthless coercion. Pluto has no respect for Jupiter’s benevolence, fair play and geniality.

Jupiter and Pluto are sextile Sun (world leaders) in house 7 (foreign powers); square Moon (the common people) and Venus (women) in house 6 (workers and government employees); conjunction Saturn (the conservative right-wing); and sextile Neptune (schemes and chaos) in house 11 (Congress).

On September 18, 2020 Ruth Bader Ginsburg – jurist and associate justice of the US Supreme Court (Jupiter) – dies (house 8).

The chart reaches peak power on November 12, 2020 so her replacement is sure to be an issue that ignites political feuding and division as November 3 approaches.


Author: DW Sutton

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