Events report: Mars conjunction Jupiter March 20, 2020

Event forecast period was February 25–April 10, 2020

February 25: In New Delhi, India thirteen people are killed in the deadliest violence (Mars) seen in decades. The violence over India’s new citizenship law has religious (Jupiter) overtones, with Hindu and Muslim groups fighting each other.

February 27: At least 32 people are killed in religious (Jupiter) violence (Mars) in India.  

February 28: Tensions escalate between Turkey and Syria. Turkey calls for the establishment of a no-fly zone over Syria. NATO holds an emergency meeting – urgent (Mars) diplomacy (Jupiter) – after Turkey triggers Article 4 of the North Atlantic treaty (Jupiter).

Pope Francis (Jupiter) and IBM and Microsoft (Neptune) call for AI technologies that risk violating human rights such as facial recognition software to be regulated.

February 29: In Doha, Qatar, the US and Taliban sign a peace deal (Jupiter) to bring their long running war (Mars) to an end.

March 1: Turkey launches Operation Spring Shield (Mars) in Syria’s Idlib province; and Greece deploys its military (Mars) on the border with Turkey to prevent thousands of migrants from entering the EU.

South Korea halts religious services (Jupiter) and closes churches (Jupiter) as the number of Corvid-19 infections (Mars) there tops 3,700.

March 2: North Korea fires two short-range projectiles (Mars) from the coast of Wonsan. They land in the sea dividing the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

March 3: Four Turkish soldiers (Mars) are killed and a Syrian jet aircraft is shot down as war tensions (Mars) between the two nations escalate. (Progressed Mars was conjunction Sun in the Mars cycle.)

Fighting (Mars) resumes in Afghanistan after the Taliban ended a partial truce (Jupiter) with government troops.

In its first emergency move (Mars) since 2008 the US Federal Reserve (Jupiter) cuts (Saturn) the federal funds rate by 0.5% to a range between 1 and 1.25%; and in an emergency move the World Bank (Jupiter) commits $12bn (£9.4bn) in aid (Jupiter) for developing countries grappling with the spread of the coronavirus. (Jupiter was parallel Pluto in the sky [at peak power March 1]; and progressed Saturn was conjunction Neptune in the Saturn cycle.)

March 4: The IMF announces a $50bn financing package (Jupiter) to help emerging markets cope with the outbreak of covid-19.

Fighting (Mars) breaks out in Turkey’s parliament after an MP criticised President Erdogan (Sun) over the country’s military intervention (Mars) in Syria and accusing him of disrespecting soldiers (Mars).

March 5: In a bid to avoid a major escalation in violence (Mars) Turkey and Russia agree to a ceasefire (Jupiter) from midnight local time in Syria’s north-western Idlib.

The International Criminal Court (Jupiter) rules that an investigation of alleged war crimes (Mars-Pluto) by the US and others in the Afghan conflict (Mars) can go ahead.

March 6: At least 32 people are killed and 81 are injured when gunmen (Mars) attack a ceremony (Jupiter) in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The publisher (Jupiter) of filmmaker Woody Allen’s forthcoming memoir scraps plans to release the book (Jupiter) following criticism and a walkout by staff over a longstanding allegation he molested (Mars) his daughter.

March 7: A fire (Mars) rips through a refugee shelter on the Greek island of Lesbos as tensions over a surge in migration from Turkey continue to rise. (Mars was sextile Neptune in the Mars cycle.)

March 9: Oil prices (Neptune) crash (Saturn) by around 30% in what analysts are calling the start of a price war (Mars-Jupiter). (Progressed Saturn was conjunction Neptune in the Saturn cycle). 

Black Monday as widespread fear grips global share markets (Neptune). Wall Street plunges (Saturn) 7%/2,000 points. London is down nearly 8%. Brazilian stocks plummet 12%. Brazil’s central bank (Jupiter) intervenes twice in the currency market as the real (house 2) slumps to a record low (Saturn). (Progressed Saturn was conjunction Neptune in the Saturn cycle.)

March 11: In Russia Vladimir Putin backs a proposed constitutional amendment (Jupiter-house 9) that would allow him to seek another two terms in the Kremlin. If passed he could stay in power to 2036.

In New York Harvey Weinstein is sentenced to 23 years in prison (house 12) for rape (Mars) and sexual assault.

March 12: Rome’s Catholic churches (Jupiter-house 9) are ordered closed; airlines (Neptune) appeal to governments for urgent (Mars) financial support (Jupiter); major sporting events (house 5) are cancelled or postponed; governments announce massive stimulus packages (Jupiter); and Princess Cruises suspends voyages of all its 18 ships (Jupiter) for two months.

March 13: Europe is now the ‘epicenter’ of the global coronavirus pandemic; 138,000 people worldwide have been infected; countries are closing their borders and taking aggressive measures to save lives; and America, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic declare states of emergency (Mars). (Mars was conjunction Pluto in the sky.)

March 14: Austria is making 4 billion euros ($4.4 billion) immediately available to deal with the economic fallout from the covid-19 pandemic; Switzerland is making 10 billion Swiss francs ($10.52 billion) available in immediate aid; Germany’s KfW state development bank (Jupiter) has roughly half a trillion euros (Jupiter) available to support its economy; the Indonesian government has prepared a 120-trillion-rupiah ($8.1 billion) stimulus package; and China’s central bank (Jupiter), for the second time this year, cuts the cash that banks must hold as reserves releasing 550 billion yuan ($79 billion) to help its coronavirus-hit economy.

March 15: To help stem a rapidly disintegrating global economy the US Federal Reserve slashes rates (house 2) back to near zero, restarts bond buying (Jupiter-house 5) and joins with other central banks (Jupiter) to ensure liquidity. (Jupiter was conjunction Pluto in house 2 of America’s Jupiter-Pluto conjunction chart.)

March 17: Spain announces a 200 billion euros ($220 billion) package (Jupiter) to help companies and protect workers; and the world’s richest nations (Jupiter) are unleashing trillions of dollars (Jupiter) to combat (Mars) the economic fallout.

March 19: In response to covid-19 hospital ships (Jupiter) are being deployed; the military (Mars) in many countries are building make-shift hospitals (house 12); and governments and central banks are pumping billions of dollars (Jupiter) into their battered economies.

March 20: More cruise ships (Jupiter) are hit by the coronavirus; the economic damage mounts; Wall St does another deep-dive down 4.5%-913 points; commerce (Jupiter) is grinding to a halt.

March 23: Colorado abolishes the death penalty (Mars-Pluto) and commutes (Jupiter) sentences of death row inmates.

March 25: Gunmen (Mars) and suicide bombers (Mars-Pluto) raid a Sikh religious complex (Jupiter) in the Afghan capital of Kabul killing 25 people before security forces killed all of the attackers.

Turkey indicts (Jupiter) 20 Saudis for the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi.

March 30: In Singapore a bid to overturn a law that criminalizes (Pluto) gay sex (Mars) is dismissed by the high court (Jupiter).

April 1: There’s mounting evidence that church services (Jupiter) and prayer meetings (Jupiter) led to coronavirus clusters and scores of deaths; China starts reporting asymptomatic cases of coronavirus and the numbers start to rise; more prisoners are being released; in America the security for Dr. Anthony Fucci (Mars) is significantly increased following death threats; and Wimbledon is scrapped.

April 2: Taiwan donates (Jupiter) 10 million face masks to countries hardest hit by covid-19; and the World Bank (Jupiter) approves an initial $1.9 billion in emergency funding for coronavirus response operations in 25 countries. (Jupiter was conjunction Pluto in the sky.)

April 3: The Swiss government doubles the size (Jupiter) of its coronavirus emergency loan scheme (Neptune) to $41 billion; the World Bank (Jupiter) releases US$150 million to support the Dominican Republic’s efforts to contain covid-19; and the United Nations food agency negotiates a humanitarian corridor to keep food aid flowing in southern Africa after many countries shut their borders to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The head of the International Monetary Fund (Jupiter) says the covid-19 pandemic (Saturn) has brought the global economy to a standstill and plunged the world into a recession (Saturn) that will be ‘way worse’ than the global financial crisis a decade ago. (Jupiter was conjunction Saturn in the sky.)

April 7: George Pell (Jupiter) wins his appeal in the High Court of Australia (Jupiter) against child sexual abuse (Mars) convictions. (Jupiter was conjunction Pluto in the sky.)

April 9: The EU agrees to a €500Bn rescue package (Jupiter); and Easter services (Jupiter) are streamed live.

Author: DW Sutton

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