Mars conjunction Neptune in the sky: January 1, 2017

Mars conjunction Neptune in the sky – January 1, 2017 at 6.52.51am GMT – is a major astrological event with a one month time-frame. 

It starts  December 15, 2016, ends January 17, 2017 and signs for major events and developments of the Mars-Neptune type.

Mars is the planet of mechanics, manufacturing, strife, disasters, aggressive action, provocation, saber rattling, rows, disputes, fights and fighting, war, military matters, violence, bombs, guns, knives, shootings, stabbings, torture, cruelty, brutality, massacres, militants, hot-heads, police and policing, sex, sexual assaults, alcohol, accidents, fires, fire fighters, infectious diseases, anger, hate, revenge, recklessness, vulgarity and locker-room talk.

Neptune is the planet of deception, fraud, deceit, lies, trickery, hocus-pocus, broken promises, denial, cover-ups, fake news, imposters, con artists, hoaxes, match fixing, bondage, refugees, slaves, slavery, oil (OPEC), gas, petroleum, chemicals, the pharmaceutical industry, legal and illegal drugs,  poisons, the aviation industry, airports, planes, helicopters, drones, movies, movie stars and the film industry, pornography, fishing and the fishing industry, stock companies, investors, booms, bubbles, busts, get-rich-quick-schemes, inflation, socialism, complex social issues, confusion, chaos, uncertainty, visionary schemes, breathtaking exaggeration, fantasy, Hollywood thinking, razzle-dazzle, exaggerated expectations, myths and celebrity. 

But... whatever Neptune’s scheming promises can be discounted by 90%.

Events bearing the Mars-Neptune signature include: violent attacks, alcohol/drug fueled violence, drug busts/scandals, chemical-gas attacks, gas explosions, oil disputes. oil fires, oil spills, strife involving the aviation and pharmaceutical industries, plane crashes, ballooning/skydiving accidents, refugee disasters, fishing disputes, covert policing, police cover-ups, escalating inflation, reckless investing, sex scandals and revenge porn.

Critical event days are from December 26, 2016 - January 1, 2017 when Mars is conjunction and parallel Neptune in the Mars cycle so New Year’s celebrations will be marred by violence, bombings, alcohol and drug fueled destruction, accidents and fires.

Mars conjunction Neptune chart Washingtonm-n-washington

Hot on the heels of Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election comes Mars conjunction Neptune.

At Washington it’s in house 5 and the strife, deception, complexity, visionary scheming, conflict and violence will directly impact the share market, recreation and amusement, places of entertainment, theaters, casinos, the film industry, games and gaming, gamboling, sport, children and teenagers, schools, colleges, sexual activity, risks, hazards and foreign ambassadors.

Mars conjunction Neptune chart Londonm-n-london

At London the Mars-Neptune conjunction is in house 2 and the strife, conflict, deception, visionary scheming and recklessness directly impacts Britain’s finances, financial transactions and banks.

Mars conjunction Neptune chart Moscowm-n-moscow

At Moscow the Mars-Neptune conjunction is in house 1 and the strife, aggression, violence, deception and visionary scheming directly impacts the Russian people and their health, welfare and domestic affairs.

Mars conjunction Neptune chart Beijingm-n-beijing

At Beijing the Mars-Neptune conjunction is in house 10 and the strife, aggressive action, belligerence, deception and visionary scheming directly impacts China’s administration – its policies and reputation – and the country's business (manufacturing) activity.

Mars conjunction Neptune chart Damascusm-n-damascus

At Damascus the Mars-Neptune conjunction is in house 1 and the strife, violence, chemicals, deception, lies and visionary scheming directly impacts the Syrian people.

Mars conjunction Neptune chart Canberra


At Canberra the Mars-Neptune conjunction is in house 9 and the strife, violence, disputation, deception and visionary scheming directly impacts foreign trade, air travel, tourists, radio, television, internet, legal issues, religion and clergy.


The outstanding events related to the previous Mars-Neptune conjunction that occurred January 20, 2015 were:

January 7 – two gunmen (Mars) kill 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo magazine the publishers of satirical cartoons (Neptune).

January 10 – at least 72 people are killed after drinking poisoned (Neptune) beer (Mars) in Mozambique; and in Karachi, Pakistan 57 people are killed when an oil tanker truck (Neptune) collides (Mars) with a passenger coach.

January 17 – in Indonesia 6 people accused of drug trafficking (Neptune) are executed by firing squad (Mars).

Early in 2015, the conflict in Donbas escalates.

On January 18, Ukrainian forces intensified the shelling of Donetsk and pro-Russian forces regain the airport.  

Putin denied (Neptune) any involvement.

And expert world watchers moved the Doomsday Clock forward two minutes to three minutes to midnight due to the threat of global nuclear war and climate change.

But did Neptune get it right?

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