Trump’s referendum: November 6, 2018

On November 6, 2018 the US midterm Congressional elections will be held.

The current House of Representatives has 235 Republicans, 193 Democrats and 7 vacancies.

All 435 seats are up for re-election.

Democrats need 24 seats to take control.

The current Senate has 49 Democrats and 51 Republicans.

There are 34 seats up for election.

Democrats are defending 26 of the 34.

They need to gain two seats to take control.

History reveals that midterm elections usually generate lower voter turnout (about 40%) and usually see the president’s party get clobbered – especially when the president has a low approval rating.

But this year Democrats are facing an uphill battle in both chambers of Congress.

It’s shaping up as a no-holds barred battle royal between the Republicans and the Democrats but it’s really a referendum on Donald Trump’s presidency.

Donald Trump

The unpredictable president leads a divided nation.

The indicators in his progressed chart – progressed Venus is conjunction birth chart Jupiter and trine birth chart Uranus – look better than good yet his approval rating hovers between 38 and 40%.

His disapproval rating is 53%.

Trump has a good economy but scores poorly on honesty, strength and intelligence.

For him the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections is crucial.

The stakes are higher than high.

Donald Trump’s chart progressed to November 6, 2018

Chart data is June 14, 1946 at 10.54am EDT (73W48; 40N41)

During 2018 Uranus – the planet of startling developments, extreme viewpoints, amazing revelations, racism and shocks – has played the lead role in Trump’s life and this highly unpredictable planet is sure to make its mark on the midterm elections on November 6, 2018.

In his chart progressed Venus (in house 2) trine (luck) birth chart Uranus (in house 10) reaches peak power and harmony on November 16, 2018.

Progressed Uranus (in house 10) opposition (separation) birth chart Moon (in house 4) reached peak power and discord in April, 2014.

In mid October 2018 progressed Moon (in house 12) moves to form a trine aspect with birth chart Moon (in house 4) and a sextile aspect with progressed Uranus (in house 10).

And these Moon progressions directly stimulate the high-discord progressed Uranus-birth chart Moon opposition and indirectly stimulate the high-harmony progressed Venus-birth chart Uranus trine.

They reach peak power on November 10 and 14 respectively.

But while the chief focus is November 6 other events of a Uranus nature that directly impact his credit and public standing (house 10) can also occur around this time.

Uranus – the cusp ruler of house 7 (foreign powers) and house 6 (employees) – signs for sudden and unexpected change that occurs through the actions of a human change-agent.

In Trump’s chart Uranus could see the tide of public opinion swing in his favor or violently against him, but he’s such a polarizing figure that it’s safe to say that his supporters and opponents are locked in and it’s just a matter of how many people take the time to vote on November 6.

America’s chart progressed to November 6, 2018

Chart data is July 4, 1776 at 12.14am LMT, Philadelphia (74W08, 39N57) as per Dr. James D. Keiffer.

America is politically divided.

Extremism, hate and animosity surface regularly.

The conservative (Saturn) and progressive (Uranus) agendas are poles apart.

There’s no moderation (Sun) and no middle ground.

Pluto – the planet of division, disunity, misinformation, harassment, threats and drastic developments – has taken charge.

He’s in house 9 (trade, Supreme Court, constitution, legal decisions and religion).

Progressed Uranus (in house 12) is conjunction birth chart ascendant and progressed Moon in house 7 (at 20S46 declination) has moved to form a parallel (intensity) aspect with progressed Uranus (at 21N29) and this stimulation to the progressed Uranus-birth chart ascendant conjunction has the American people in a highly rebellious mood that may not be overtly obvious.

The Moon stimulation to progressed Uranus commenced on August 28, 2018 and will reach peak power on June 17, 2019.

On September 7, 2018 progressed Moon moved to form an inconjunct aspect with birth chart Mercury – planet of journalists, writers and controversy – in house 3 (the press).

This aspect reaches peak power on October 6, 2018 and ends on November 4 and the stimulation to Mercury and house 3 will see the press play a lead role as the country prepares to go to the polls on November 6.

The discordant Pluto-house 9 stimulation may express as legal challenges to election results or as irreconcilable disunity and division.

America’s Uranus cycle progressed to November 6, 2018

Chart data is January 27, 2012 at 10.42pm EST (77W01; 38N53)

The Uranus cycle is a global chart that defines events of the Uranus type only.

It would not normally be considered in relation to a political event but because Uranus has taken center stage and because the chart is highly active on November 6, 2018 it can’t be ignored.

In America’s Uranus cycle chart on November 6, 2018 progressed Uranus at 00 Taurus 00R in house 7 (foreign powers) is square Mercury – planet of talk and controversy – in house 4 (the Democrats); sextile Neptune – planet of complex situations, schemes and confusion – in house 5 (the stock market, the NFL and footballers); and opposition Saturn – planet of farmers, tariffs, protectionism, hardship and loss – in house 1 (domestic issues and the American people).

The Uranus-Mercury square starts September 25, 2018, reaches peak power and discord on October 21 and ends November 16.

It’s a high-discord aspect that signs for radical talk, extreme rhetoric and shocking revelations.

The Uranus-Neptune sextile starts October 19, 2018, reaches peak power and harmony on November 13 and ends December 18.

And the Uranus-Saturn opposition starts October 27, 2018, reaches peak power and discord on November 22, 2018 and February 20, 2019 and ends March 15, 2019.

It’s a high discord aspect (with a long time frame) that indicates widespread fear and anxiety, heavy losses, adverse events affecting American farmers and destructive weather events.

Whether these aspects in the Uranus cycle chart define events that directly influence the outcome of the midterm elections remains to be seen.

America’s Sun cycle chart progressed to November 6, 2018

Chart data is March 20, 2018 at 11.15.30am EST (77W01; 38N53)

This is a general events chart.

House 10 – President Trump and his administration – dominates.

Mercury – planet of writers and controversy, Venus – planet of women, Sun – planet of power and authority and Neptune – planet of chaos, confusion and fake everything – are there.

Saturn – planet of loss – and Pluto – planet of threats and intimidation – in house 7 (the other country) indicate that foreign powers can’t be trusted and they’re applying pressure tactics that cause hardship and loss.

The Moon, cusp ruler of house 1 (the American people), in house 11 (Congress) indicates the people are focused on Congress and the midterm Congressional election.

And Uranus – planet of change and surprising developments – is in house 11 (Congress).

The Moon in house 11 may sign for a higher than expected voter turnout on election day.

On November 6 (at 6.00pm) progressed Sun at 14 Scorpio 29 is trine the Midheaven-Sun conjunction.

Neptune is the planet of confusion and chaos and the Midheaven is the marker for publicity.

America’s new Moon chart October 8, 2018Chart data is October 8, 2018 at 10.46.50pm EST(77W01; 38N53)

This chart has a general influence on America’s domestic affairs from October 8 to November 7, 2018.

The Sun-Moon conjunction and Mercury are in house 4 – the Democrats – so they’re grabbing all the attention.

The Moon, cusp ruler of house 1 (the people), is with the Sun in house 4.

Pluto – the internet and misinformation planet – in house 7 (foreign powers) is square (obstacle) the lunation so foreign powers are interfering and trying to influence the election outcome.

Uranus – planet of extremism, outrageous claims, protests, startling developments and shocks – is in house 10 (Trump and his administration).

Our forecast

The powerful influence of unpredictable Uranus on November 6, 2018 indicates an unexpected outcome.

Trump is in for a shock – but it could be a good shock or a bad shock.

Election analysts will probably be way off the mark.

The charts can’t foresee if the Republicans will maintain control of the House of Representatives and Senate but with Uranus, the planet of discontentment, playing such a dominant role there could be a wave of support for the Democrats that turns into a tsunami.

Whatever, it will be a bitterly fought election campaign marked by sensational claims, outrageous tweets, unexpected developments and widespread foreign interference.

Author: DW Sutton

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