Events report: Mars conjunction Neptune January 20, 2015

The event forecast period was January 3-February 4, 2015

January 3: Baga massacre: Islamist militia Boko Haram carry out widespread mass killings in the Nigerian town of Baga with over 2,000 people reported killed. The massacre (Mars) lasted four days from January 3 to January 7.

January 6: Ukraine: A military truck (Mars) collides with a bus carrying members of Ukraine’s National Guard killing 12 soldiers (Mars) and injuring 20 others.

January 7: Paris, France: Gunman (Mars) attack the office of Charlie Hebdo a French cartoon company (Neptune), killing 12 people. (Mars was semisquare Pluto (terror attacks) in the Mars cycle.) In France’s Mars-Neptune conjunction chart Mars and Neptune are in house 5 (entertainment-cartoons) and house 3 (magazines) is high in discord. 

Sanaa, Yemen: a car bomb explodes (Mars) outside a police college (Mars) with at least 38 people dead and more than 50 wounded;

January 10: Karachi, Pakistan: 57 people are killed when an oil tanker truck (Neptune) collides (Mars) with a passenger coach.

Mozambique: a mass poisoning (Neptune) involving beer (Mars) that was deliberately contaminated with crocodile bile or foxglove flowers leaves at least 72 dead.

January 11: Paris, France: more than three million people take part in unity marches across France after 17 people die in three days of deadly terror attacks in Paris.

January 16: Mexico: authorities arrest Felipe Rodriguez, an alleged hitman (Mars) for the Guerreros drug cartel (Neptune) in connection to the September 26, 2014 death of 43 college students.

January 17: Donetsk, Ukraine: The fighting (Mars) between government forces and Russian backed militants escalates with Ukrainian forces taking most of the area around the airport (Neptune).

January 18: Golan Heights:  An Israeli air strike (Mars-Neptune) kills five Hezbollah fighters in the Syrian sector of the Golan Heights.

Syria: 35 Syrian soldiers (Mars) are killed in a cargo plane crash (Mars-Neptune) in north-western Idlib province. The crash was due to weather conditions and heavy fog (Neptune).

Indonesia: 6 drug traffickers (Neptune) are executed by firing squad (Mars) sparking diplomatic rows (Mars) with Brazil and the Netherlands. 

January 19: Mali: The country’s health minister reports that the country is now free (Neptune) of the Ebola virus (Mars), after 42 days without a new case of the disease.

January 21: Russia: Gazprom, a Russian state-owned gas company (Neptune) announces a plan to shift its European natural gas pipeline (Neptune) from Ukraine to Turkey, through a proposed link under the Black Sea to Turkey.

January 22: Ukraine crisis: Pro-Russian forces regain the airport (Neptune) in Donetsk.  As the Mars-Neptune conjunction reached peak discord the fighting escalated. Truce talks are being rejected. 

January 23: Liberia: The first batch of an experimental vaccine against Ebola (Mars) has been sent Liberia.

January 24: Anaheim, California: A measles outbreak (Mars) involving at least 85 cases spreads to six other states.

January 26: Washington, USA: The FBI charges three men it says were spying (Neptune) for Russia and trying to recruit sources in New York City.

Albacete, Spain: A Greek F-16 fighter jet crashes (Mars-Neptune) into other planes at the Los Llanos military base killing 10 people.

January 29: Baghdad, Iraq: Bombings and shootings (Mars) kill at least 16.

Egypt: Attacks on Egyptian army and police targets (Mars) kill at least 25 people. Ansar Beit al-Maqdis claim responsibility. (Mars was parallel Mercury in Mars cycle.)

January 31: Ukraine: fighting rages (Mars) as Ukraine and Russian backed separatists conduct peace talks.

February 3: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant: Jordanian air force pilot Muath Al-Kasesbeh is burnt (Mars) alive in a cage. His execution is believed to have occurred on January 3.  ISIL’s butchery hits a new barbaric low.

February 4: Taipei, Taiwan: A TransAsia plane crashes (Mars-Neptune) into a river near the Taiwanese capital, Taipei killing at least 12 people.

Ukraine crisis: the fighting escalates (Mars) and the death toll mounts as pro-Russian rebels order a mass mobilization.  Putin continues to deny involvement. Neptune is the planet of denial.

Author: DW Sutton

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