Events report: Mars conjunction Uranus March 11, 2015

Events forecast period was February 23–March 29, 2015

Chief event: The civil war in Yemen began on March 22, 2015.

Since then thousands have died in the fighting including more than 5,200 civilians. An ongoing famine (Saturn) has claimed an estimated 50,000 lives.

February 24: Iraq: A wave of bombings (Mars) kills at least 37 people.

Nigeria: Chadian soldiers (Mars) kill over 200 Boko Haram fighters in a clash near the town of Garambu.

Northern Nigeria: Suicide bombers (Mars-Uranus) target two crowded bus stations in Potiskum and Kano killing at least 27 people.

Uhersky Brod, Czechoslovakia: A gunman (Mars) opens fire at a restaurant killing at least eight people.

February 26: Iraq: ISIS posts a video showing the destruction (Mars) of Mosul museum, the second largest in Iraq and rich in artefacts (Uranus) from thousands of years of Iraqi history.

February 27: Athens, Greece: Anti-government protesters (Uranus) and police (Mars) clash when activists hurled petrol bombs and set cars alight after a protest march. It was the first anti-government demonstration since Greece’s leftist Syriza party took power in January. 

February 28: Moscow, Russia: Opposition politician Boris Nemtsov is shot dead (Mars) outside the Kremlin in central Moscow.

Rome, Italy: Thousands of supporters of Italy's Northern League rally (Uranus) against immigration. A large counter-demonstration (Uranus) is also held.

Turkey: Jailed Kurdish MP, Abdullah Ocalan urges his followers to end a 30-year armed struggle (Mars) for a Kurdish homeland and seek a ‘democratic solution’ to the conflict.

March 1: London: The Germany-based PEGIDA movement holds its first anti-Islamisation demonstration (Uranus) in Britain, but counter-protesters (Uranus) outnumber those taking part.

March 2: North Korea: Pyongyang denounces annual US-South Korean military exercise (Mars) as recklessly confrontational and fires two missiles (Mars) into the sea. 

Iraq: Government forces launch an offensive (Mars) against IS in Tikrit. 30,000 troops and militia (Mars) are attacking on different fronts, backed by air strikes from Iraqi jets.

March 3: Slovenia: After a parliamentary vote of 51-28 Slovenia becomes 11th EU member state and the first post-communist state to legalize same-sex marriage (Mars-Uranus) and the adoption of children by same-sex couples.

Honduras: An archaeological expedition (Uranus) claims to have found the legendary White City in north eastern Honduras.

March 4: Science: Scientists report finding (Uranus) a 2.8 million year-old jawbone (the ‘Ledijaw’). If assigned the genus Homo it will be 400,000 years older than the previously found human remains.

March 5: Dimapur, India: A mob storms a jail and kills Farid Khan in custody as a rape suspect (Mars). The mob ransacks and destroys over 20 shops and torches (Mars) ten vehicles.

March 6: Iraq: Islamic State militants bulldoze (Mars) the ancient city of Nimrud founded in the 13th-century BC.  Archaeologists (Uranus) and officials express outrage.

Washington USA: The US Food and Drug Administration approves the country’s first (Uranus) biosimilar drug, Zarxio.  Biosimilars are less expensive versions of biologics drugs and are not synthesized from chemicals, but made from living cells.

Washington: Director John O Brennan announces major plans for the restructuring of the CIA including the creation of the CIA Directorate of Innovation (Uranus) which will focus on digital espionage.

Madison, Wisconsin: A police officer (Mars) fatally shoots Tony Robinson an anarmed 19-year old black teenager.

March 7: Maiduguri, Nigeria: Five Boko Haram suicide bomb-blasts (Mars) kill 54 and wound 143.

Islamic State: Following the destruction of Nimrud IS destroys (Mars) the ancient city (Uranus) of Hatra.

March 9: Argentina: Two helicopters collide (Mars) in mid-air leaving at least ten dead including French sports stars Camille Muffat, Florence Arthaud and Alexis Vastine. (At least 3 helicopter crashes at this time strongly implicates Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky in their involvement.)

March 10: Letpadan, Myanmar: Hundreds of baton-wielding police (Mars) break up a protest pressing for education reform. Scores of protesters (Uranus) are arrested in the violent (Mars) crackdown.

Washington, USA: Following a controversy that has simmered for weeks Hillary Clinton tells reporters she used private emails (Uranus) out of ‘convenience’ during her time as secretary of state.

Tikrit, Iraq: Iraqi forces have retaken some areas of the city of Tikrit from Islamic State militants. Government troops (Mars) claim to have captured the town of al-Alam, on the northern perimeter of Tikrit.

Baltic States: Hundreds of US military vehicles (Mars-Uranus) arrive in the Baltic States and are to stay in Europe, in a mission to reassure Nato allies unsettled by Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Pakistan: Months after a moratorium was partially lifted to allow executions of terror convicts Pakistan announces it will resume executions (Mars) for all death penalty offences.  Human rights groups say more than 8,000 people are on death row in Pakistan.

March 12: Bardhere, Somalia:  A US drone strike (Mars) kills terrorist Adan Garar the mastermind behind al-Shabab who was responsible for the Westgate shopping mall attack in Nairobi in September 2013.

Ferguson, Missouri: An unknown gunman (Mars) shoots two policemen (Mars) in front of the Ferguson city police headquarters.

March 13: Vanuatu: Category 5 cyclone Pam smashes the South Pacific island nation. (4 cyclones at this time strongly implicate Mars conjunction Uranus in these extreme weather events.)

March 14: Santa Catarina, Brazil: At least 51 people die in a bus crash (Mars).

March 15: Sirte, Libya: Fighting (Mars) rages between Islamic State militants and a local militia alliance.

Lahore, Pakistan: Two suicide bombers (Mars-Uranus) blow themselves up in twin attacks on two churches with 14 people killed and 70 injured.

March 18: Tunisia: Gunmen (Mars) attack Tunisia’s Bardo National Museum (Uranus) killing 23 people, including 18 foreign tourists.

Gothenburg, Sweden: A gang related shooting (Mars) in a restaurant at Hisingen kills at least two people with several injured.

March 20: Utter Pradesh, India: A passenger train derails (Mars) killing at least 30 people with many injured.

Sanaa, Yemen:  Suicide bombers (Mars-Uranus) attack two mosques killing at least 137 people with 357 injured. Islamic State claims responsibility.

Kabul, Afghanistan: A woman accused of setting fire (Mars) to copies of the Koran is beaten to death and her body set on fire (Mars) by an angry mob.

March 21: Brooklyn, New York:  A fire (Mars) kills seven children and leaves two others critically injured.

March 22: Yemen: The UN Security Council meets to discuss the deteriorating security situation and the United States removes all remaining personnel.  Shia Houthis rebels capture parts of Ta’izz. Yemen is spiralling towards civil war (Mars).

March 24: Southern France:  A Germanwings flight crashes in a mountainous region of the Alps near Digne-les-Bains leaving 150 dead.

March 25: Saudi Arabia: The Gulf Cooperation Council announces its intervention in Yemen and Saudi Arabia launches airstrikes (Mars) on Houthi forces and installations.

March 26: Yemen: The fighting escalates (Mars) with the Saudi Arabian Air Force launching air strikes on Sana’s International Airport and Yemen’s al Dulaimi military (Mars) airport.

March 27: A Middle Eastern coalition led by the Saudi Arabian army (Mars) and Egyptian navy attacks positions in Yemen resulting in at least ten deaths in Saada Governorate.  Saudi Arabia declares it will enforce a ‘no-fly zone’

March 28: Yemen: Saudi airstrikes continue with ground fighting (Mars) in Aden.

Author: DW Sutton

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