Events report: Mars conjunction Uranus March 22, 2013

The event forecast period was March  6-April 9, 2013

March 23: The Pakistan Taliban threatens (Pluto) to assassinate (Mars) former President Pervez Musharraf (Pluto) if he returns to the country. (He returned on March 24.)

In the Central African Republic all non essential United Nations staff are removed as rebels (Uranus) and government forces (Mars) engage in running battles (Mars) in Bangui.

In Pakistan’s Punjab province 23 people are killed in a road accident (Mars).

In the Dominican Republic authorities arrest 35 people including military, police (Mars) and customs officials in a drug bust.

March 24: A suicide bomber (Mars-Uranus) in North Waziristan kills 17 soldiers (Mars) at a Pakistani military checkpoint.

In Northern Nigeria 25 people are killed in coordinated attacks (Mars) by unidentified men armed with machine guns (Mars), bombs (Mars) and rocket-propelled grenades (Mars).

In Paris hundreds of thousands of people march against proposals to legalize same-sex marriage (Uranus). The protest turned violent (Mars) when police (Mars) denied protestors (Uranus) access to the Champs-Elysees. .

March 25: Thousands of homes in Scotland and Northern Ireland are without electricity (Uranus) and many roads are closed after heavy snowfall on the weekend.

North Korea threatens to strike (Mars) targets on the USD mainland, Hawaii and Guam.

March 27: North Korea renews war (Mars) threats against South Korea and the US claiming that conditions ‘for a simmering nuclear war’ have been created on the Korean Peninsula.

March 29: North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un orders preparations for strategic rocker strikes (Mars) on the US mainland in response to the use of nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bombers in joint US-South Korea military drills (Mars). China appeals for calm on all sides.

In the United Kingdom the weather was on steroids with heavy snowfall and torrential rain; in Thailand a fire (Mars) in a refugee camp killed at least 45 Burmese refugees; and in Britain there was a meat (Mars) adulteration scandal with horse meat imported from Hungary being labeled beef.

Author: DW Sutton

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