Your chart provides a character reference

A good map specifies and simplifies the key features of what is being mapped and your birthchart specifies and simplifies the key features of your character. It profiles your whole character and this means you have little or no control over the character you brought with you to your human life experience. Experiences after birth cause your character to develop, modify and change in accordance with its original blueprint – see your birthchart – and this means that any changes that may occur to your character subsequent to your birth are not mapped in the chart.

Your birthchart allows you to make a structural diagnosis of your character. It operates in an environmental setting and you act according to your character in a family and cultural environment that has established norms, values and expectations. These norms are designed to stifle individuality, enforce compliance, curb deviance and preserve social stability. And your character has to fit in…..or else. The fit between you and your environment has to be comfortable. Mental discomfort – of any kind – marks for an uncomfortable fit and a need to adapt or change.

Character is destiny and your unique character – your characteristic manner of behaving and the distinct way you experience and deal with life – is the key to your destiny. It’s your one great personal reality and next to your spiritual ego your most precious possession.  The character you were born with determines your conduct. It’s the sum total of every mental state experienced by your soul on its evolutionary journey and the seat of your predispositions. Your birthchart details the way in which your character has been arranged by experience up to the moment of your human birth, but it’s your character right here and now – all your thoughts, feelings, impulses, desires, attitudes, ideas and opinions – and not the character mapped in the chart that is the key factor influencing your current conduct.

Your birthchart provides you with a quick and easy-to-read character scan and you should not expect yourself to have character traits and abilities that are not mapped in the chart. Your potential to develop a particular behavior or skill is birthchart specific. If it’s not in the chart you won’t develop the trait. Some character traits are stronger than others and the strongest traits direct your life. But every trait is pictured in your chart – even the weak and obscure traits. These have a reduced potential to influence your behavior and life. Your birthchart reveals what you’ve got to work with and you don’t have it all.

Your character is the dynamic building block on which your life is constructed so it’s important to like and accept the one you’ve got. The unique skill-set it displays is your working capital. Your outstanding character traits are the seeds of your future self. Your personal development occurs through a dialogue you have with yourself and your birthchart provides valuable information that you can factor into the conversation. Thanks to your birthchart you have a character development blueprint that allows you to make wiser decisions about your life.

Your birthchart provides an easy-to-read character reference, but you were not born with a perfect character. Your character has functionality and a quick glance at the chart will reveal faults, defects and imperfections. They’re your soul’s misguided responses to previous experience. As birthchart predispositions they can easily express as bad habits. But you’re not behaving badly because of your chart – you’re behaving badly because that’s how you’ve learned to behave. Hermetic Astrology evaluates character traits by their functional integrity and effectiveness and you can use your birthchart as a score card to rate your character. The chart allows you to quickly identify an ineffective character trait and then you can instigate a behavior-change strategy and fix it. Your character’s black-spots can be changed.

Character is the mental equivalent of DNA. It contains selfish, destructive traits which cause harm and misfortune and is both the behavior and its integrity of expression. The character you were born with is a legacy of previous experience – the circumstances your soul encountered on its life journey. Your birthchart details what’s happened up to the time of your human birth. It details the structure of your thought and feeling world and allows you to link powerful unconscious drivers with the environmental cues that support and sustain their development. It reveals your past and present – holds the key to your future – and your future lies in your character.

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