Your chart is a self-development resource

Your character development at birth will closely resemble the astrology code pictured in your birthchart. There’s no reason to think otherwise. The chart details a personal education program and this means you can view it as a personal report card that grades your progress up to the moment of your human birth. It provides a balance sheet of constructive and destructive behaviors. These are your assets and liabilities. Now – as the self-conscious observer – you can assess the situation. Modifications to your character are taking place in accordance with the original blueprint pictured in the chart, and you continually move toward a vague but certain future, but is your behavior having a rewarding success outcome? Are you making satisfactory progress? And have you lived up to your astrological potential?

As a complete model of your character your birthchart contains astrological markers that correspond to every feature of your thought and feeling world and the astrodyne equations predict quantitative and qualitative values for all its component parts. The chart is a forecast model that captures all the qualitative properties of the original data and considers all the variations influencing this data. And the model is never wrong. When it’s updated and progressed you can use your now-astrology to forecast current data as a function of past data.

Just an economist uses an economic model to forecast future developments you can use your birthchart as a character model to forecast future developments. The chart provides a description of thought-cell activity and forecasts when and how an astrological event in the future will affect current activity. And the forecast considers the past behavior of the variable under consideration. A thought-cell group has a history that only you know about, and how it expresses currently and in the future must consider its characteristic expression. Your forecast seeks to determine how your thought-cell activity, pictured in your birthchart-model, will behave in the future. You don’t have a choice of models. You only have one birthchart. And the chart is a self-development resource that allows you to manage, monitor and track your self-development.

Self-development is an important issue. It’s basically a quest for adequate adaption to an ever-changing environment. It can be a quest for personal survival driven by selfish impulses. And what you do is primarily determined by socially sanctioned customs that can easily have adverse developmental outcomes. Your job as the thinker is to sustain your self-development and, if necessary, ignore the misguided social conventions. Your primary focus is on continual improvement. Ability is developed through effort directed at overcoming difficulties and your life experience provides the difficulties. Conventional training can be involved but most of the time it’s just your daily life doing its thing. What you do is what you know and you’ve learnt what you know through personal experience.

Your birthchart allows you to know your own mind and when you discover its developmental needs you can take charge of the development process. It involves self-knowledge building, skill-building and capacity building. Self-knowledge is the most valuable information of all. Capacity building is all about building on your strengths and improving your weaknesses through a process of behavior change. It requires best practice behavior and your birthchart details your best – and worst – behaviors. Capacity building requires the proactive application of the extraordinary information the chart provides. Your objective is to use your birthchart to create a model of constructive behaviors that foster social usefulness and personal contentment. This allows you to satisfy your personal needs and contribute to the common good at the same time. Your objective is to deliver a better, more socially useful, citizen to the community in which you live and your birthchart can guide you to get there.

Your birthchart displays your intelligence development at the time of your human birth and a future development potential. The chart provides a blueprint of the person you can become. Previous experience has laid a foundation for current performance. And at each stage of the journey you’re operating at a level of understanding that represents your current level of thought-cell development and the starting point for the next stage of development. You’re slowly progressing towards a more perfect expression of yourself as new states of consciousness are formed and consolidated. The development process is regulated by astrological laws and involves new events and conditions that add to your knowledge. Knowing these laws allows you to take a proactive role in the building of your future self.

Your astrology code details high-discord markers that mark for destructive behaviors and stressful situations. And when you realize that a discordant thought-structure in your unconscious soul-mind caused the problem you will realize that you’re to blame. You can’t go to a behavior technician and have a character make-over. And you can’t expect the other person to change their behavior to accommodate yours. And justifying your bad behavior by citing birthchart discord isn’t on either. And don’t bemoan the discord – get in there and fix it. That’s what self-development is all about. It’s important to understand that your behavior is not permanently locked in – your destructive failure behaviors can be changed – and your birthchart provides effective strategies for dealing with stressful situations.

From your character mapped in your birthchart you can determine your natural abilities and innate qualities. The chart allows you to see unrealized potential and it’s up to you to tap what you find. But to do something, or develop a quality, that’s not mapped in the chart is virtually impossible. It means you would have to build into your character a quality or ability it doesn’t have. This would require an enormous expenditure of time and energy.  It’s best to work with the qualities that your chart reveals you already have.

Your life is an unfolding potential and your pursuit of personal betterment and social usefulness – your self-development – involves the gradual upgrading of your perceptions, attitudes and beliefs. Your objective is to improve their current mode of expression. Your focus is always on your birthchart. It’s a self-development resource that you can use to guide your development right here and now. It reveals your potential self and your self-development involves potential building. The chart allows you to nurture your nature in the most rewarding and productive way.

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