Your birthchart is designed for interactivity

Your life is a grand interactive adventure. You interact with a personal set of circumstances that includes people, places, objects and activities. And in the 21st-century your life is being supplemented by Aquarian Age technology that’s inviting you to interact and participate. Hermetic astrology is here too and it’s inviting you to interact with your birthchart and participate in your self-development. It’s letting you know that your birthchart is designed for interactivity.

You’ve got a life and your birthchart as a personal connection to the stars and planets provides you with another life. The chart is a moving, living architectural form of your character with layer upon layer of self-information that you can access and observe. You can observe the mechanisms of change in action and this allows you to understand the natural forces influencing your self-development and the environment in which you live. Your birthchart is a blueprint that tells your life story. It’s the story-teller and it’s inviting you to get involved and actively participate in the story.

Your birthchart is yours – you own your chart – and your job is to engage with the chart and interact and participate in your self-development. It’s a data-rich – participatory – personal resource. But before there’s interaction you have to learn the chart and understand what it is. You have to mine the data out of the chart and understand what it means. And you have to learn how to employ the chart as a self-development resource. And all this takes time. But once you have created a mental image or framework of yourself, based on the astro-image provided by the chart, you’ve taken the first step towards becoming you.

With genuine self-information you can learn who you really are and your birthchart is inviting you to become the person nature intends and to reap the highest rewards in ability development and social usefulness. It’s inviting you to live another life. It’s providing you with self-information that allows you to see yourself differently. And it’s inviting you to take ownership of yourself and reconfigure yourself in ways you never imagined.

Your objective is to interact with the astro-data provided by your chart and to use it to guide your self-development. It’s a creative enterprise that requires initiative and engagement. The chart allows you to use self-data in ways that contribute to your physical, emotional and intellectual development. And Hermetic astrology is inviting you to use the data, innovate with the data and play with the data. It’s inviting you to have a creative relationship with yourself, your family, your associates and your community. But the idea that your life came with a blueprint and a program of developmental experiences will take a bit of getting used to.

You’re surrounded by an invisible network of astrological energies and your birthchart allows you to track, calculate and tabulate what’s going on. Having access to the chart and the information it provides is very empowering. It shows you who you are and why you exist and what misguided behaviors you need to change in order to reach your highest potential. Just as a potter works with clay – molding, pummeling and transforming – you can work with your birthchart to develop, mold and transform your character.

The internet provides a vast amount of information, but there’s nothing there about you. You need your birthchart and you can view it as an interactive personal website that’s providing a non-stop flow of self-information. It’s broadcasting a personal astrology program in real time and you can interact with the program. Your birthchart is a smart technology that permits interactive self-learning. And it’s a persuasive technology that’s designed to change your attitudes and behavior through persuasion and logic – not fear and coercion. The astrology code displayed in your birthchart is a data-set that’s been downloaded into your soul and it’s downloading new data all the time. And to access this data just click: my birthchart.

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